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‘Bring It, Baby!’ East Portland Man Helps Lead a Movement to Secede from Portland.

One thing you can’t do is ignore Pat Edwards.

Pat Edwards Image Credit: KOIN 6 News
Pat Edwards
Image Credit: KOIN 6 News

Back in the day, Pat Edwards would call the Victoria Taft Show. His signature sign off would be, “Bring it, Baby!”

The phrase was a throw down; a dare-you move and marker the-now East Portland resident would toss off as he signed off. He hasn’t changed. He’s a git-her-done kind of guy.

Pat’s an extraordinary man. After getting out of the Marines, he became an entrepreneur, fast-car fanatic, went back to school and re-calibrated his career. He’s now eased into life as an East Portland resident and can’t believe how this part of town gets such a short shrift.

KATU reports Edwards is now part of a group of East County residents trying to secede from the rest of the City:

According to the group, East Portland has since been forced to deal with drawbacks like an increase in crime, and an inequity in spending on services, roads and park development.

Movement spokesman, Pat Edwards, says, “We’re finding that it’s becoming very difficult as a citizen in this community to have a quality of life based upon the amount of taxes that we contribute to the city of Portland.”

Image Credit: KATU
Image Credit: KATU


He’s part of an effort by the East Portland de-Annexation Movement to collect 31,000 signatures to put the secession to a vote in November of 2016.

A Facebook page has been set up to call attention to the effort.

Pat is a fair minded, independent thinker. You should pay attention to him.

That BPA Fire Is Bananas! Andy From Beaverton With Video!

That explains the flickering lights.

Image Credit: KOIN TV
Image Credit: KOIN 6 News

The fire at the substation near Hillsboro started hours ago and it’s still burning. Officials say the better part of valor is to let it burn out.

People are feeling the lack of power, including Andy from Beaverton who captured this video hours after the fire started!

Andy’s not the only one who’s feeling it:

Kitzhaber & ‘Shady First Lady’s’ Garbage Dump Relationship (!) & Run Are Investigated

We want to see the video and objects from  Kitzhaber and Cylvia Hayes’ dump run.

Image Credit: KGW TV
Image Credit: KGW TV

John Kitzhaber went to the Bend dump the other day with his Shady First Lady (thank you UK Daily Mail) and the dump workers called the cops.

One of the inescapable conclusions we can draw from this means the guys who work at the dump are smarter than the guys who worked for the Governor. At least they can identify when something looks hinky and call in law enforcement.

The Bend Bulletin reports the ex Governor, forced to retire when he attempted to cover up his and his Shady First Lady Cylvia Hayes’s reputed influence peddling, visited the dump Friday last, spent a few minutes emptying their load and then called attention to themselves when Hayes’s credit card jammed the system.

The dump workers, seeing  who they were dealing with, called investigators because they were worried the two were trying to destroy more evidence in their case.  

They looked like any other people who were cleaning out their garage or cleaning out a rental. It was just stuff,” [spokesman Timm] Schimke said. “They weren’t manipulating the stuff. They were just tossing it out and they were only in there for two or three minutes and then they left.” 

Schimke said Hayes went to pay for the items the two dropped off when the landfill’s computer system malfunctioned. 

When employees reset the computer, they identified the person who was trying to pay as Hayes, the subject of a federal and state investigation at the time

It looked to me like they were cleaning out a garage, I guess,” Schimke said. “Campaign signs when she was running for office years ago. A mattress or a box spring.

Schimke says the whole thing looked odd:

It just seemed strange that they were at a transfer station dumping waste so soon after him resigning and them being under investigation.

Investigators picked up the items. 

But now we learn federal investigators are looking into Hayes’s relationship with the dump and another project she was working on. 


Guess Which Oregon & Washington Democrats Are Boycotting Israeli PM Speech

President has asked Democrats to turn their backs on our Democratic ally in the Middle East.

Earl Bow Tie Blumenauer meets with a cartoon character on Capitol Hill. It beats actually doing the people's real business. Image Credit: Politico
Earl Bow Tie Blumenauer meets with a cartoon character on Capitol Hill. It beats actually doing the people’s real business. Image Credit: Politico

The people who call for the boycott of Israel because for any number of conjured reasons are once again boycotting Israel as its representative, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaks to a joint session of Congress tomorrow.

The Obama Administration representatives have asked their allies in the Black Congressional Caucus and assorted crack pots (eg. Earl Bow Tie Blumenauer and Baghdad Jim Mc Dermott) members to boycott the Netanyahu speech, because, well — PROTOCOL!!

When it’s pointed out this is the same President who is consorting with Ayatollahs in helping them build a nuclear bomb that would be used against Israel and who gave back the bust of Winston Churchill to the Brits when he took office they say, well, ok then — racism!

Here’s the list of the Congressional Reps who apparently are more afraid of President Obama than of a compromised Israel. 

netanyahu boycott

Bow Tie Blumenauer is Baghdad Jim McDermott is Peter Defazio is Bernie Sanders is Keith Ellison is Patrick Leahy is Charlie Rangel.

Please don’t forget when you vote.