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Cylvia Hayes, You’ll Look Marvelous in an Orange Jump Suit.

And she may take her Rhinestone Cowboy with her.

Cylvia Hayes, Grifter.  Image Credit: Andy from Beaverton
Cylvia Hayes, Grifter.
Image Credit: Andy from Beaverton

It must be hard to admit the woman whom you’ve personally coronated ‘First Lady’ of Oregon is the same grifter she’s always been.

Her scams just keep getting bigger.

And her men keep getting dumber. Take Governor John Kitzhaber. Please

Let’s go to the Cylvia Hayes hall of shame tote board:

The scam to ‘marry’ a man for $5000.

The scam to set up an illegal pot farm.

The scam to sell the Governor’s office for personal and mutual gain. 

The scam to make money using her title and not reporting it to the government.

Wait, whoa on that last one. A ‘scam to sell the Governor’s officer for personal and mutual gain’? From Willamette Week

As WW has reported, Hayes in 2013 leveraged her position as first lady and policy adviser to Kitzhaber into private consulting contracts worth at least $85,000. On Tuesday, EO Media reported Hayes was paid $118,000 for unspecified work by a now-defunct Washington, D.C., non-profit.

WW has also reported that Hayes used state employees to help run her consulting business, and conducted private business while traveling at state expense.

Worse? She didn’t report $118,000 to the government. And the Governor didn’t report it on his ethics disclosures, either. 

There’s more, but you get the picture.

In the post modern world of moral relativism, you may not know this behavior is not just unseemly, but unethical, lawless and an assault on the consciences of all good Oregonians who have been forced to tolerate this woman much like kids forced to be nice to Dad’s fourth wife named Bambi. 

The Governor and Hayes are both under investigation by the Oregon Government Ethics Commission and the FBI. Good. Both deserve to go to jail.

Please see related nearby posts regarding Kitzhaber’s bizarre presser yesterday. 


Oregon’s Al Qaeda Training Camp: ‘Car loads’ of Terrorists Came. Where Will Master Mind Go?

The camp wasn’t a bust. It was a threat. Why weren’t you told?


For years we’ve been told efforts to set up the Bly, Oregon terrorist training camp went nowhere. It fizzled. It was a failure. Now, in stories about the conviction and sentencing of Abu Hamza al-Masri, I read in fact ‘car loads’ of jihadis converged upon the ranch of a woman–a Muslim convert–who turned her place over to the terrorists. 

Al- Masri, a British citizen, is the notorious former Finsbury Park imam who funded terrorists, kidnappings and other forms of murderous jihad. 

Here’s what the New York Post wrote about the Eva Hatley’s testimony:

But US-born Muslim convert Eva Hatley testified in Manhattan federal court Tuesday [April 2014] that after the “carloads’’ of fellow Muslims she met through her mosque arrived at the 160-acre ranch in Bly in 1999, the couple watched helplessly as their home was turned into an al Qaeda training camp.

“It wasn’t anything like I envisioned for the property,” insisted Hatley, testifying at the trial of one-eyed, hook-handed hate preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri.

Hatley, a two-time witness-protection-program flunky who prefers going by her Muslim name, Ayat Hakimah, said other Muslims from London would soon arrive on al-Masri’s orders.

Failure? Really? 

Hatley said one of the arrivals, militant Oussama Kassir, boasted about previously running training camps in Afghanistan and being a “hit man” for Osama bin Laden.

She said Kassir told her that al-Masri was his “leader” and that al-Masri sent him and others to the Bly ranch to create a “training camp” where men would learn to shoot guns, throw knives and do calisthenics along open, spacious fields abutting a ravine and desolate dirt roads.

“He said he was there to train men for jihad,” she said. “He said that Abu Hamza sent him. He intended to train them to fight.”

I’d like to ask what constitutes a failure in any of this? Foreign nationals, possibly illegal aliens, converge upon a property, take it over, and train jihadis IN OREGON. Sounds like a SUCCESSFUL training camp to me. Perhaps it was short lived, but up to now, the description of the the Bly, Oregon operation has been that it simply never got off the ground, no one was trained and little harm was done except scare to the heck out of people after the fact. Now we discover that wasn’t true. At all. 

She added that some had CDs with information on how to make poisons to “kill people” and regularly “talked” about “robbing and killing truck drivers” on nearby roads.

Kassir, she recalled, claimed there were plans to eventually dig a hillside compound at the ranch for al-Masri to hide out in.

“I was shocked,” said Hatley, who claims she fled the ranch in fear in December 1999, four months after moving in.

Now granted, she is a bit of a weirdo and twice got booted out of the witness protection program. That’s right, home girl there was in the witness protection program. Why? Because she knew the people running a TERRORIST TRAINING CAMP IN OREGON, that’s why. 

The UK Daily Mail reports:

However one arrival, a militant man named Oussama Kassir, told a particularly terrifying campfire story, boasting of running training camps in Afghanistan and acting as a ‘hit man’ for al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

…A Lebanese-born Swede, in 2009 he was convicted of plotting to help al-Qaeda build a weapons-training post at the ranch as well as distributing terror training manuals online to help recruit new members. 

Kassir claimed at the time that al-Masri was his ‘leader’ and that he had been recruited by hm to the Bly Ranch to create a new training camp where the terrorist group’s future foot soldiers could learn to shoot, throw knives, and use the open fields to practice calisthenics. 

In some of the most willfully ignorant and gullible reporting I’ve seen in quite some time, the Zero said the training camp was a big bust, indeed, it was a scam:

What emerges from the trial record is an almost comic account of passwords, night patrols and target practice. Jihad, it seems, couldn’t take root alongside the sagebrush and weeds that greeted Kassir. 

Kassir recently was sentenced to life in prison for his effort, and his two partners in the enterprise are awaiting extradition to the U.S. 

The whole set up was in fact a hustle by a petty crook from Seattle named James Ujaama.

Weird. The Feds didn’t think having ‘carloads’  of jihadis coming into train — seriously or not–was a big nothing burger or a hustle.

Then the paper reported on the bad actors involved in the ranch. 

Kassir and Aswat took refuge in a Seattle mosque and tried taking the training to the Muslims who hadn’t wanted to move to Bly. 

After a few classes, the men from London gave up and packed their bags for home. Kassir explained his exasperation to Osman. 

“I’ve been trying to train these brothers,” Kassir said. “They’re not taking it seriously.”

The Oregonian purposely tried to minimize the seriousness of the real and potential threat from this camp. I suppose they’d take it seriously when–what?–a cell from the camp had successfully carried out jihad? And, how do we know people complicit in it did not. We DO know the organizers did and were very bad actors to the highest degree. They’re going to prison for life for it. 

The Zero lived up to its name in coverage of this trial. 

Al Masri –you know, the guy who inspired this camp in the first place– has been found guilty on eleven terrorism counts, each worth a life sentence. It’s undetermined yet in what prison he’ll spend the rest of his life.

If he is sentenced to the supermax in Florence, Colorado, he’ll join these… er … people …already locked up. See my story on this for Independent Journal Review here.  Note the bad guys who are scheduled to get out in the next few years. I’m sure they’ll be trade bait for President Obama in the future. Watch. 

Revealed: Why This NBC Host Didn’t Get Arrested for Breaking the Law Live on TV.

Why wasn’t NBC’s David Gregory jailed? Anyone else would have been locked up for this.

From my story over at Independent Journal Review:


A two-year-long legal battle to find out why David Gregory was never arrested for breaking Washington, D.C.’s strict gun laws–live and flagrantly on NBC’s Meet the Press–is over.

The result, according to the attorneys from Legal Insurrection blog and Judicial Watch is this: Gregory knew he was breaking the law, flouted it on TV and, even though D.C. Metropolitan Police INVESTIGATORSwanted him arrested, they were ordered to stand down.

Head over there to find out WHY the DC Metro police failed to arrested then host of NBC’s Meet the Press. Here’s the document obtained by Legal Insurrection Blog and Judicial Watch for why Gregory should have been arrested for possessing that large capacity magazine. 



Portland is Named ‘Kinkiest’ City in the Country. Next Stop, World Domination.

Portland has the highest ‘kink identified’ population in the country which should surprise no one who’s paying attention.

Image Credit: Bike Portland

I’ll get back to this at more length soon, but ‘thanks’ to the moral relativists running this candy store called Portland, the City has been identified by a bunch of S & M enthusiasts as the ‘Kinkiest City in the U.S.’. Gee, maybe Mayor Charlie Hales will fete them, too with a big city hall celebration

Here’s the list. More later. 


The 5 Ways “Whistle Blower” Edward Snowden Made the World a More Dangerous Place

Snowden is no ‘Whistle Blower’. He’s a traitor. Here’s why.


As I wrote this piece for Independent Journal Review yesterday about how Edward Snowden won’t use this gadget because the NSA can spy on it at will, I included remarks about what else he’s told us about that you don’t hear about everyday. Those comments were struck from the piece for brevity, but I’ll include them here in quick fashion for you.

Last year, Andy McCarthy and James Woolsey took part in a debate on Ed Snowden for Intelligence Squared. I know Andy, he’s been a frequent guest on my radio show over the years and I read his plentiful pieces in the National Review Online on law and national security among other things. James Woolsey is a former CIA chief and Ambassador. They are my sources for this information.

  • Snowden released 1.7 million documents and had no clue what was in all of them. He released them to the world–including our enemies. To be considered a whistle blower by government standards, you must do your expose for a specific reason, among other things. There sheer volume of Snowden’s document dump clearly demonstrates he did not. 
  • Snowden released information which showed the biggest purveyors of cyber warfare, China, how the U.S. used Beijing’s malware against them. When he did that, we lost that advantage.
  • The man who took an oath to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, released information showing how the U.S. spied on the email and media communications of Al Qaeda in Iraq–later known as ISIS. Those lines of communication were subsequently shut off. Imagine if we’d had that advantage with Al Qaeda before 9/11.
  • As a result of his document dump, Snowden also betrayed to terrorists and other bad actors, the ability we (that’s the U.S. for those of you uncertain of who the good guys are in all of this) had to bug phones and follow the bad guys. 
  • In Latin America, the good guys were getting finally able to spy on the communications and gain knowledge of logistics of human sex traffickers. As a result of his document dump, Snowden gave away the game to the operators of large scale slavery rings–keeping women and children in chains.

The world is a more dangerous place because of Ed Snowden. 


KXL: Portland’s ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Protesters Take Cop Training; Get ‘Killed’

‘Hands Up’ ‘cops’ threatened bad guys with ‘pistol-whipping’ and shot ‘unarmed’ suspect in the back.

Cop Training

Hands Up, Don’t Shoot/Black Lives Matter/Occupy activists Fahyim Accuay and Jesse Sponberg took on KXL’s challenge to undergo police training at the Clackamas County Sheriff’s training center to get a taste of what it’s like to be a cop. Sadly, they ‘died’.

Don’t feel bad, fellas, when I took some of that same training, I ‘died’ too. But, unlike Sponberg, I came away from the experience with a bunch more respect for a cop’s job.

KXL reporter Jim Ferretti posted his well done and exclusive report Life and Death Decisions here.  He ‘died’ a couple of times too.

Ferretti posted video of both activists in their scenario training.

First up: Fahyim Accuay:

Then Sponberg showed his prowess which included trying to grab a perp when he was beating a victim with a crowbar shouting death threats. After the bad guy chased and hit Sponberg with the crowbar, the perp began running away and Jesse shot him in the back (2:43 in the video).

In the after action meeting with the Clackamas County Deputies, Sponberg made a good point about cops having too few options to subdue bad guys. Often, they have only the choice of life and death, complained Sponberg, who, during his training tried to scare would be killers with his fists (yeah, doesn’t work), threats of a taser which was deployed (and ripped out ) but didn’t use his ‘gun’. 

Cops don’t have four hands. They can’t simultaneously deploy a night stick, pepper spray, taser and a gun. They have to choose which one will keep them safe. Yes, that’s right, cops lives are worth more because they’re under the color of authority and have been authorized with state police powers. 

But he also repeated the canard about how every ‘couple of days’ an unarmed black person is killed by a police officer.

Sponberg is wrong. Instead of doing his own homework (and while you’re at it, Jesse, check out the whole lie about Hands Up, Don’t Shoot) he would have known the claim has been debunked multiple times. It was first uttered by activists–one prominently featured in a debate with Larry Elder on CNN– and based on a ‘study’ if you can call it that, by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement.

I have little use for Politi’fact’ but here’s what the fact check outfit found:

The report is not an academic, unbiased representation of these deaths. It was put together by one volunteer researcher and details 313 deaths based on news clips and police reports. It arrives at one death “every 28 hours” by dividing the number of hours in a year, 8,760, by the number of deaths, 313.

[N]ot all of the “unarmed” people are analogous to Brown’s case or were killed by police.

Included in the unarmed tally, for instance, is Trayvon Martin, the Miami Gardens teen who was killed by a neighborhood watchman named George Zimmerman. In other cases, whether someone was really “unarmed” may depend on your definition. In nine cases, police said they shot at suspects because they were charging at them from behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Another case to make the list is Rudy Eugene, the Miami man who attacked a homeless man and gnawed his face before police shot him to death.

We also found several “unarmed” deaths that were due to accidents, many car crashes as officers sped to a scene. In another example, one woman was killed at her birthday party, hosted by an off-duty police officer, when she hugged the officer from behind and somehow set off his gun.

To those people like our, uh, ‘friend’ who flipped off Citizen Journalist Daylight Disinfectant for simply asking these folks a few on-point questions about cop killing chants, these facts will be ignored.

But my message to these cause du jour protesters is this: You’re less like iconoclasts and rebels and more like sheep. You’re being used by professional protester organizers and big money backers. See my piece for IJReview about it here. 

Do you know how unarmed blacks can stop being killed by cops? Stop attacking police officers. Let’s start there.

I’ll give them one thing: These protesters were willing to at least try to find out what it’s like to be in the shoes of the people they consider the enemy.

Torture-Murderers Turned ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Charlatans Sentenced for Execution Murders of Two White Teens

A Duo of Black Killers Who Killed White Teens Appealed for Sympathy and a Little Pre-Prison Street Cred by Invoking ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ Before Sentencing

Detroit Douchebag Murderer

When he had a chance to apologize for the robbing, torturing and murdering  two white teens who had been in Detroit trying to buy drugs two years ago, Fredrick Young didn’t bother.  Instead ‘apologized’ to the families of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, according to Fox News Detroit: 

“I’d like to say sorry to the families of Aiyanna Jones, Michael Brown, Eric Garner,” Young said. “And I want to apologize to them for not being able to get justice for their loved ones who was murdered in cold blood – and in respect for the peaceful protest, I want to say hands up don’t shoot. Black lives matter – that’s it your honor.”

People in the courtroom reacted in disbelief. But still – the message from the families of Jacob Kudla and Jourdan Bobbish was one of forgiveness.

The parents of the victims talked of sorrow and forgiveness–to the backs of the killers who refused to turn and face them.

“Everything just aches and it’s just a totally senseless crime,” said Mike Bobbish, Jourdan’s father. “And how you could march someone out in the middle of a field and execute them – we’re not a third world country. Sometimes I wish it did happen in a third world country because it would be a lot different outcome of this whole thing.”

Virgie Kudla, Jacob’s mother then spoke.

“Not only did the defendant take away my son’s future,” she said. “He took away my future – my future as a mother – my future as a grandmother.”

“I have sorrow in my heart, soul and every fiber of my being today and I will carry that with me for the rest of my life here on earth,” said Carrie Bobbish, Jourdan’s mother.

Fox 2 News Headlines

The Grand Jury and now reportedly the Eric Holder Justice Department itself have found Officer Darren Wilson was within training protocol when he shot Michael Brown. In fact, according to witnesses who were not friends of Brown, he never raised his hands in the ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ manner. That is a bald faced lie. The man who used it in a Detroit courtroom is the very symbol of this vacuous bunch.

Too bad, too. The wholesale take over of this ‘Black Lives Matter’ astro turf group by the Lisa Fithians and George Soroses of the world, has meant the lost the support of people who have always believed–and still believe– in citizen involvement and the need to push back on government overreach, whether it happens on the street by cops or by the IRS going after conservative groups.

You’ll Be Seeing A lot of This Poster in Washington Today; Meet Its Creator.

A year ago I saw photo of a sign carried at the March for Life and put it out on Twitter, writing, “Somehow I don’t think the left never expected pro lifers to borrow this.”

It went viral.

Now, the woman who says she designed that beautiful sign has gotten in touch with me. Though I’ve tried to track her down to get more comments, sadly, her email didn’t work. So here is her message:

Hey Victoria! My name is Kelly Davenport and I created the “coexist” pro life sign you had posted in Jan of last year. That picture was actually taken by someone (no idea who) in DC in 2013. I created the sign for myself for our 40 Days campaign in Hanover Pa in 2012. Later that year we moved, my dad got sick, we moved again…. Life! We always wanted to promote the image – and it seems many have gotten there ahead of me 🙂 – but we’re finally up and running at and on Facebook at Signs of Life. Thanks for posting the image! We’ll be back in DC this Thursday. Come say hi if you happen to see me! Kelly

I love it. 

Like a Parent Who Bails Out a Kid Who Blows His Allowance, the Legislature May Bail Out Portland to Fill Potholes

They funded bike paths, light rail, zoo bomber statues, counseling sessions and ignored their jobs–like filling potholes.


Good for the Oregonian for putting the lie to the phony game being played on taxpayers about the road tax fee surcharge  rip off. And good for the taxpayers who called out Charlie Hales for pulling a bait and switch on voters, scuttling the proposed street ‘fee’ and income tax plan for Portland. 

But now we learn the State of Oregon might bail out Portland for its demonstrably bad spending habits. And all of Oregon will get stuck with the tab.

The Portland Business Journal reports:

Mayor Charlie Haleshas opted to not kick a measure to voters in May following a conversation with Governor John Kitzhaber and state lawmakers. In February, the 78th Oregon Legislature will consider a transportation package that could include the repairs.

But wait for it:

According to OPB, Mayor Hales’ spokesman Dana Haynes indicates the repairs could be paid for through an increase in the state gas tax, changing the law to allow cities to charge a vehicle registration fee, or a fee on studded tires

This will about cover the taxpayer screw over:


One of the humorous aspects of the latest bit of pothole politics are the comments by former Portland Commissioners who freely admit to using road money for other stuff. But the ‘best’ comment comes from Commissioner-turned-Congressman Earl Bow Tie Blumenauer who, in his role on Capitol Hill, has done everything for bikes and light rail and little for roads, unless there’s a bike path involved.

I’m not trying to second-guess everybody for the past 20 years. That’s not fair for me to do,” said U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., who as a member of the City Council in 1988 championed Portland’s transportation funding policy. “But I think doing a better job of keeping current would have avoided some of that long-term deterioration.

Insert laugh track:

I remember when Charlie Hales said he’d fill the potholes if elected mayor. He felt his predecessor, Sam Adams, selling the asphalt trucks to fill the potholes was a bad move

Unavailable for comment is former Mayor Sam Adams who’s skedaddling out of town for a new global warming job in DC. I can imagine he’ll bring the same intellectual firepower to that gig as he did to his job as mayor. 


When PDX Anti Cop Protest Leader Is Confronted With Group’s ‘Kill Cop’ Rhetoric Her Reaction Tells You Everything You Need to Know About Her Disdain for the Truth.

It appears ‘Don’t Shoot PDX’ leader Theresa Raiford has more disdain for Daylight Disinfectant than the ‘kill cop’ rhetoric of her buddies.

Image Credit: Daylight Disinfectant
Image Credit: Daylight Disinfectant

But why are we surprised she doesn’t repudiate it when confronted with the facts by Citizen Journalist Daylight Disinfectant?

When DD asked her to repudiate the death to cops rhetoric chanted by her protesters, she at first tried to deny it, and then seemed to fall into a vat of word vomit blurbing and blaming people ‘staying in hotels’ for it.

Watch the exchange and then watch Mayor Charlie Hales’ reaction. There is none.

*VIDEO* Westboro Baptist ‘Church’ Gets TKO’d by Laughing at Liberals, in Mano-a-Mano Confrontation in Portland

The Westboro Baptist Church Family Cult Comes to Portland and Their ‘God Hates Fags’ Act Wears Thin With Portlanders

Image Credit: Laughing At Liberals
Image Credit: Laughing At Liberals

The crazies of the Westboro family cult came to Portland to flash their anti homosexual signs in front of the Moda Center before the Portland-Miami basketball game Saturday night. Their usual loud, obnoxious protest ensued one year after the Blazers announced support of same sex marriage. Perhaps Westboro’s year-long delay of the protest is due to inbreeding. Be that as it may, the WBC crowd was counter protested, heckled and eventually turned tail and left. See the video below.

Now, there’s intolerance-light and there’s real intolerance. Though many have tried to shut them up, the Westboro nutters hurt only feelings, they don’t hurt people. Contrast that with the Taliban, ISIS and Al Qaeda’s crackpots who murder, maim and behead anyone who dare reveal a gam from under their their Islamic death cult burqa.

Take Paris as an example of what real intolerance looks like. The Westboro crowd are pikers. Yet there are those who treat them as if they’re as dangerous as the Haqqani network.

Wake up.

That is not to say opponents can’t have a little fun at their expense. Judging by this video, Citizen Journalist Laughing at Liberals was having a big old time with the Phelps family:

As fellow Citizen Journalist Leo Stratton discovered, the Westboro bunch could take only so much before they fled from the Moda Center:


We are repulsed by the hateful approach the WBC crowd takes and they were rightly mocked Saturday night, but we should support their right to say it. That elevates this country far above those who would shut up their rivals, whether it be in court, via the IRS, or by the sword.

Thriller Author Brad Thor Writes a Scathing Narrative Following Paris Terrorist Attack

And he did it all on Twitter. I began to notice when Thor started posting the #RespectforIslam hashtag with a photo of the Madrid Train bombing in 2004 and then took in the entire thread. The result is Thor has been targeted as a hater (as have I for simply commenting on his tweets) by pro terrorism groups. So, if anything happens to me, you’ll know.

Herewith is Thor’s narrative. I’ll start at the beginning when he began hijacking the #RespectforIslam hashtag:


I like the way Thor engages with the common folk and then stands his ground. Buy his books. I do.

Click here to buy them.