Daily Archives: November 26, 2014

Portland Protesters Show How It’s All About Them, Not Mike Brown. Video Via Laughing at Liberals

That monolithic mass of anarchists otherwise known as the Portland Professional Protesters rioted against violence in the Ferguson, Missouri police shooting by committing acts of violence. 

Ready for his close up. Photo: Laughing at Liberals

Laughing at Liberals captured the moment the anarchists flooded onto the freeway. Listen to the hoots of pleasure from the protesters as they swarm the ramp to I-84. Warning: potty talk.

The protesters square off with the cops. Apparently they didn’t get the memo about the fact ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ never happened:

And this tolerant leftist (who’s black) calls a cop a –wait for it–a “faggot”

Nothing strikes a blow for justice for Mike Brown like taking over freeways, screaming at cops, and causing mayhem.  Except, not.