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Great Dane! Missing socks mystery solved!

Oregon Great Dane pooch ate 43-1/2 socks and wins prize in national veterinary contest!

H/T Jason Taft

Photo by Dove Lewis via AP
Photo by Dove Lewis via AP

I’ve spent many an hour at Dove Lewis, Portland’s emergency animal hospital. For example, a few years ago, we came home to find our Bullmastiff foaming at the mouth with labored breathing. He was in a bad way. We whisked Max off to Dove Lewis where we learned he’d eaten a supposedly ‘safe’ version of a nylabone. It turns out, swallowing an entire bone without chewing will cost you $3,000.00 to get loosed from a sphincter. There’s your pro tip for the day.

My Maxie died from cancer a few years later. He was good boy, a rescue, who would wake from a dead sleep at the sound of  a hard boiled egg cracking on the counter. He was a world class beggar and totally devoted to his mama (there might be a connection there, but I’ll never admit it). Fond memories my red-fawn colored boy came back today when I heard about the record breaking sock eater.

Last February, Dove Lewis surgically removed 43-1/2 socks from the gut of a Portland area Great Dane. At first I was stunned to learn there was another animal dumb enough to swallow without chewing, but memories of a recent trip to the mall food court put that concern into context.  

The dog, whose name has been kept secret because somebody might think its that Bella, is doing well now. 

Dove Lewis spokeswoman Shawna Harch said “it’s perhaps the strangest case in the hospital’s history” according to the The Oregonian. As NBC News reports, the case was so strange “the hospital entered last February’s tale, complete with X-rays, in an annual contest sponsored by the vet magazine, Veterinary Practice News, and won a prize. Fittingly enough, the contest is called “They Ate WHAT?”

I wonder if they ever entered Maxie in that contest. 

*Secret Video* Perps ID’d in stolen minimum wage signature petitions

Signature sheets stolen from a signature gatherer in support of putting a higher minimum wage to vote are returned. SDPD knows who the perps are.

From the pro vote group’s Facebook page

When the San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria surrounded himself with the purple shirts of SEIU and other unions to stop his city minimum wage increases from going to the public vote he promised,  he took command of a formidable army. 

San DIego City Council President, Todd Gloria, surrounded by SEIU and other union members announces efforts to stop you from signing petitions to put minimum wage on the ballot. Photo: 10News
San Diego City Council President, Todd Gloria, surrounded by SEIU and other union members announces efforts to stop you from signing petitions to put minimum wage on the ballot. Photo via 10News

An army whose thug tactics are as ubiquitous as their purple shirts. And their mission? Stop people from signing the petitions to refer the minimum wage to voters, an action to which he, the unions and his allies on the council–including former mayoral candidate David Alvarez–were opposed. 

After saying he would take minimum wage to voters, Todd Gloria reversed himself. Now Gloria and the SEIU and other unions are vowing to stop people from signing referendum petitions. Gee, what could possibly go wrong?
After saying he would take minimum wage to voters, Todd Gloria reversed himself. Now Gloria and the SEIU and other unions are vowing to stop people from signing referendum petitions. Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

And, as predicted, thuggery ensued. One signature gatherer had four sheets of signatures stolen with a note left behind reading:

Sorry Bud! It’s all fair in love and war. 

  Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 8.42.31 AM

Well, actually it’s not a fairness issue as it turns out. It’s a crime. This 10News report records the theft of the four sheets–130 signatures in all–by opponents of the public vote.

      But the identity thieves and election fraud perps apparently had a change of heart–after they realized they’d been fingered. From the pro vote small business group’s chief, Jason Roe,

The two that stole the signatures were spotted at Clairemont Target last week and police were notified.  Police found them, got their info, and informed them that the case would be referred to the DA.  The next day, the signatures magically reappeared at one of our locations, propped against the door.

What happened to those signatures, by the way? I wonder if this episode would intimidate any future signers if they know their personal information will become the stolen fodder for union folks who might work for the city? Were those people’s information compromised in any way like the homeowners’ who crossed paths with the San Diego County worker recently? 

And the thuggery continues. Watch this secret video from the pro vote group of how the SEIU and other union members scream and yell to intimidate people into NOT signing the petition putting the issue to a vote. 

Can you imagine being a shopper at the store with one guy asking you to sign a petition with one person yelling and another positioning their sign by the signature gatherer calling him a liar? Me? I’d tell off whoever was in my face, but not everyone can do that. SEIU is expecting you to act meekly, even if they do not hew to the same standards. 

That *bleeping* Gert Boyle video is pretty funny

The Columbia Sportswear doyenne appears in Knight Cancer Institute video to challenge other givers with a toast, “Let’s kick cancer’s ass.” Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 8.03.23 AM

It turns out Gert Boyle is the big $100 million dollar donor to the Knight Cancer Institute. Since the information was outed, she and the head of the Institute Dr. Brian Druker thought they’d have a little fun by turning this lemon into lemonade: 

Dr. Brian Druker, director of the Knight Cancer Institute, called Gert Boyle last week to let her know some possibly unwelcome news: Willamette Week was about to publish a story saying she was the person who gave a $100 million anonymous gift to the university to fight cancer.

“Gert said, ‘Don’t lose any sleep over this,’” Druker said.

While the university wouldn’t comment on the reports identifying Boyle last week, they eventually came to the decision that if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.”

There’s much more to the story over at the Portland Business Journal here

California’s plastic bag ban & fee heads to Gov Brown; pro choice backers react

The Democrats’ plastic bag ban deprives you of choice and charges you for the free bag they haven’t banned–yet.

plasticbagimages_thumb_180x160 First the bag banners said bags were killing marine life by the hundreds of thousands. When that proved untrue, the bag banners pivoted to ‘garbage island’ that churned with plastic bags in a gyre “twice the size of Texas” just off “the Oregon coast.” When we busted them for lying, they came back with new nomenclature. They were no longer merely plastic bags, they were ‘single use‘ plastic bags which MUST BE STOPPED! When people examined their lives and determined that can’t be right, I use those bags to pick up Skipper’s poop from the yard or on our walks, they pivoted to another whopper: there are drifts of evil, single use, plastic bags EVERYwhere.

Except not.

For example, when I asked listeners to KOGO Radio to call me with a litter report, a bicyclist said he’d been keeping track of litter on the side of the road. His report? Drink containers outnumbered bags at least four to one. This kind of result happens all the time. Do your own survey and you’ll discover this is just puffed up claim to sell the ban. Another ‘look over there’ move to decoy you into thinking something important is going on here. And it’s not.

If drink containers (in Oregon it was fast food bags) outnumber plastic bags Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 11.35.58 PMon the sides of the roads and in parks, why aren’t these elected geniuses banning that stuff? Because you’d get really po’d at them, that’s why. You might actually show up to vote and turn them out.  It’s a power grab to reduce your choices, it’s a low risk bill that, to some, looks like something but is no more substantial than the bag they’re trying to ban.

I’ve written endlessly about this issue here, here, here, here ad nauseum. Been there, done that. Now you will too, California.  Unless you stop them.

Here’s the reaction to the passage of the Assembly Bill by the pro choice folks at the American Progressive Bag Alliance:

The American Progressive Bag Alliance (APBA) issued the following statement from Executive Director Lee Califf after the California State Assembly voted 44-29 to advance Senator Alex Padilla’s statewide plastic bag ban, SB 270, which now moves to the State Senate floor for a concurrence vote.

“It’s disappointing that members of the Assembly voted to advance a bill that threatens 2,000 California manufacturing jobs, hurts consumers and puts billions of dollars into the pockets of grocers – without providing any benefit to the environment.

We hope the members of the State Senate exercise better judgment by supporting California jobs and working families and voting down this terrible bill.”