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*Video* Murrieta protests bring out Atzlan Reconquista brown shirts

“Are you one of those La Raza guys?” “The way you’re saying that, I don’t understand.”

Murrieta Brown shirt mask In my post yesterday (here), I linked up an old video about Atzlan, the “nation” which is the old Mexican territory until it was “stolen” from them by, you know, losing wars, entering treaties, Ok’s by El Presidentes, etc. Remember the Alamo? Battle of San Jacinto? Mexican-American War?  That stuff of history doesn’t matter to these guys. This land is the land of the ancient Aztecs and all whities–or “crackers,” as one of their number called me Monday– should clear out.  They ally themselves with the group La Raza. La Raza means “the race.” It refers to the superiority of Hispanics. It’s taught in school groups such as MEChA. Fellow talk show host Lars Larson calls these acolytes the ‘Tan Klan’. He’s onto something there.  The ADL describes the Atzlan movement as,

“The Nation of Aztlan (NOA), first organized in the early 1990s, is a California-based Hispanic nationalist organization that claims to represent the desires and aspirations of the Hispanic community. The organization calls for the United States to return “Aztlan” territory – Aztlan being the mythic homeland of the Mexican people, or Aztecs, which according to legend is found in the American Southwest or Northern Mexico. The group’s nationalist message is blurred by frequent appeals anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, homophobia and other expressions of hatred.”

It is troubling, therefore, that activists in this movement have shown up to counter protest those who believe in rule of law, borders, open government and sovereignty. The brown shirted activists claim they’re there to “protect the children.” Since the group favors open borders and “repopulation” of Atzlan via “migration”, there’s no legal or illegal immigration, sovereignty or borders. 

A counter protester aligned who joined with the brown shirts at Murrieta, California Border Patrol Station protest.
A counter protester who joined with the brown shirts at Murrieta, California Border Patrol Station protest.

In short, they’re there to make sure protesters don’t block the roads to buses filled with illegal aliens from Central America as they successfully did on July 4th. I talked with a pleasant enough member of this group at the Murrieta protest on July 7th. Oddly, the man, whose uniform matched those of others in attendance, claimed to be there independently and not as part of a group. I tried to get details on the group of which he is obviously a part. At one point he pretended not to understand what I was saying. You say La Raza, I say La Raza. You say superiority, I say raaaaaaacist.

Murrieta protest organizer: As long as it takes.

William Satmary believes the group he’s a part of is responsible for the Feds diverting buses away from Murrieta in Riverside County

Photo by Channel 8, KFMB TV.
Photo by Channel 8, KFMB TV.

A total of 75 protesters (and counter protesters) turned up Monday afternoon at the Border Patrol station in Murrieta, California in an effort to turn back buses bringing illegal aliens. Murrieta has been ground zero for protests against the Obama Administration’s smuggling of children and families from Central America into the United States.

Agents block the entrance to the Murrieta, California Border Patrol facility on July 7th. Photo by Victoria Taft for
Agents block the entrance to the Murrieta, California Border Patrol facility on July 7th. Photo by Victoria Taft for

Satmary has helped organize what he calls the ‘ad hoc’ protests and told me they’ve been successful so far.

This organizer told me she was horrified the president is using children as human shields for his unpopular immigration policies.

Reporters from as a diverse a group as Southern California’s Eyewitness News, Alex Jones’ “Infowars” acolytes, to The London Times were there to record whatever happened. Some of the brown shirted, anarchist bandana wearing, “Atzlan” supporters (see post here) attempted to pick fights with the peaceful protesters and got things spun up, but there was no violence or arrests of the sort that occurred July 4th, when some of the brown shirts clashed with cops.

Although the activists received earlier word the buses wouldn’t be coming yesterday, protesters stayed and actually grew in number as the day wore on. Perhaps it was the media presence there. Perhaps it was a mistrust of the federal government’s promises not to bring the buses that day. Whatever it was, on a dusty, wind whipped, 97 degree day people came and they stayed. 

As Satmary, a retired Lt. Col. in the Marines told me, we’ll stay as long as it takes to send the message.


Rees Lloyd: Obama’s illegal alien dumping, “Ya Basta!”

Cesar Chavez’s former attorney says Obama is using “the children” as battering rams to penetrate American borders and sovereignty

Photo by 10News San Diego
Photo by 10News San Diego

Because of President Obama, children of illegal aliens who are already unlawfully in this country are being brought in by the tens of thousands in deliberate violation of the law by their illegal alien relatives, with the complicity of their home countries and the utterly corrupt Mexico whose agents let them bribe their way through.

These “poor” immigrants “who are living in the shadows” are reportedly paying narco “smugglers” between $5,000-$8,000 to bring their children into the country illegally–and to overwhelm the system by their sheer numbers, to create a crisis.

Meanwhile, thousands of other people equally desirous of coming to the United States obey the law, wait their turn, and then see news of how they are being victimized as the Obama regime does nothing to remove the those who have illegally invaded.

Obama, who created this situation, calls it a “crisis,” and blames Congress for not having “comprehensive immigration reform,” i.e., amnesty for the legal aliens already here who show their contempt for America by bringing their minor relatives into the country in deliberate violation of the law.

The “crisis” at the border is not the result of a “broken immigration law” system that needs reform. The problem is (a) illegal aliens who break ” immigration laws” and need reform; and (b) a President who will not obey his oath to “faithfully enforce the laws,” including the immigration laws, not just the laws he likes — or “rewrites” by “Executive Orders.”

Photo by Channel 8, KFMB TV.
Photo by Channel 8, KFMB TV.


The stark fact is Obama is exposing American children to small pox, swine flu, tuberculous, and other once eradicated communicable diseases with which these children of illegal aliens are infected.

A counter protester aligned who joined with the brown shirts at Murrieta, California Border Patrol Station protest.
A counter protester aligned who joined with the brown shirts at Murrieta, California Border Patrol Station protest. Photo by Victoria Taft for

These children are being used as pawns by their own parents and relatives; by narco “smugglers” who are profiting by smuggling them in and at the same time diverting the Border Patrol from stopping narco trafficers; and by the Obama regime to create a “crisis” in which to push the country into accepting immigration reform which is but disguised amnesty, rewarding illegal aliens for their illegality.

This is a shameful situation, but it is not a “humanitarian crisis.” A humanitarian crisis arises when humans suffer harm due to circumstances over which they have no control. This is a crisis in which those responsible have complete control, deliberately sending their children into this country illegally, despite the danger to those children — and to American children.

Counter protester at Murrieta Border Patrol station held a sign which read, "Migration is a Human Right."
Counter protester at Murrieta Border Patrol station held a sign which read, “Migration is a Human Right.” His hat reads, “Us Versus Them.” Photo by Victoria Taft for

It is therefore, as Victoria Taft argues, a “manufactured crisis,” a crisis in failed governance, the manifest malfeasance in office of Barak Hussein Obama. No country in the world under competent government would allow its borders to be rendered utterly useless in protecting its citizens from harm as has the Obama administration. His first duty is the defense of America. In that, Obama is a complete and utter incompetent failure, as is evidenced, again, by “Obama’s ‘Manufactured Immigrant Crisis’…”

Ya basta!

Rees Lloyd is a Veterans activist, civil rights attorney, Cesar Chavez’s attorney for more than 20 years and is a member of the Blogforce.








Murrieta Border Patrol protest racists: “Your cracker ass.”

I found the racists at the Murrieta illegal alien protest on Monday.

Brown uniformed "Chicano Power" men came to protest to "protect the children." Photo by Victoria Taft
Brown uniformed “Chicano Power” security men came to protest to “protect the children.” Photo by Victoria Taft

A quartet of counter protesters, some wearing uniforms of brown shirts and some wearing brown bandanas over their mouths, appeared at the protest in front of the Border Patrol station in Murrieta, California on Monday. The brown shirted men said they were there to “protect the children” spirited from Central America and hauled in buses and dumped in the United States by the Obama Administration. Protests (and media coverage) kept the buses at bay. They were diverted to a San Diego County Border Patrol installation instead. 

The brown shirts wore berets and shirts similar to the Guardian Angels of old. That’s where the similarities end, however. A patch on the front pocket depicted a Mexican flag, the beret bore a patch reading “Atzlan,” and another shirt patch spoke of “Chicano Power.” Others wore brown bandanas over their faces ala Occupy anarchists. Members of the group were arrested during the July 4th protest for, among things, jumping a cop, according to witnesses. For a primer on the Atzlan reference, see this old video on the movement. Grab a sweater, it’s chilling.

I was there to cover the protest for and to get a first-hand view for back ground for working on San Diego talk radio. While collecting photos and video, I came across one of the brown shirted men who came to engage and instigate conflict with the more peaceful anti illegal immigration protesters. Unprovoked, he called me a ‘dog’ or ‘bitch.’ I came back to ask why he’d attacked me like that.

The 75 or so protesters says they’ll keep coming back until the Obama Administration stops using Murrieta as a dumping station. See nearby posts. 

Obama’s manufactured “immigrant crisis” at border: Media follow along

“Imagine there’s no countries [sic], it isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for. And no religion too.” Imagine, John Lennon

Photo by 10News San Diego
Photo by 10News San Diego

In John Lennon’s communist inspired love song to the world, sovereignty, borders and independence only produce despair and war. In the left’s world, there should be no borders and we should all, as Lennon put it, “be as one” so “the world will live as one.” The left would like you to keep these unachievable, incoherent, not to mention mutually exclusive goals in mind as more attention is paid to the manufactured illegal alien nee “immigrant” crisis in Arizona, Texas and San Diego. 

Murrieta, California
Murrieta, California

The left would like you to believe unless these planes and busloads full of alleged fugees from Central America are allowed to storm the borders, we’re not a caring, sharing country. We should welcome with open arms the people who arrived covered with lice and scabies who were told to be here by our president.

Never mind this country welcomes actual emigrants by the hundreds of thousands every single year. Never mind that we welcome people who work to become a part of our country. Never mind that people who have actually worked to become US citizens are cheated and cheapened in this mess. No, the left’s thinking goes, America should just lower our standards–not to mention the border fences–and let anyone in. People who showed up to protest this presidentially contrived crisis were just being mean and nasty. How dare they turn away those illegal alien filled buses in Murrieta, California?! Sheesh, can’t we just “live as one”? Ask Al Qaeda if they’d like to come and “live as one” in the United States of America as it is. The unequivocal answer would be, ‘”No religion too?’ Where would you like my sword to cross slash your neck, infidel?” 

When they’re not trying to keep crosses off mountaintops in San Diego and the Mojave desert to honor war veterans, the left, in the form of Occupy, was in Murrieta quoting Bible verses encouraging people to take care of the aliens in our midst. Between screeching at protesters, quoting the Bible and encouraging people to “live as one”, a handful were arrested for breaking the law. The LA Times coverage scandalously wrote a story leaving the impression the pro-LEGAL-immigrant, pro-America crowd had been hauled off. 

Have you noticed the United States is one of only two countries ever asked to put border, health, national security on stand down? Israel is the other. How come Mexico is never asked to “shar[e] the world”? You can’t even own property as a non citizen in Mexico. These “immigrants” are coming through Mexico to break into the United States and Mexico does an Ole!

The president and his minions have created this chaos at the border in order to force a change in immigration policy. In doing so, President Obama “aids and abets”, in the words of a border patrol agent, the breaking of our laws. He has put children and families at risk for his and his party’s political gain.

Note how the media have played a big role in the selling of this “immigrant” crisis. 

Check for yourself. Search google for stories in “the newspaper of record” New York Times for any word of the parade of horribles plaguing these poor children from Central America starting, let’s say, in January. You get stories about environmental concerns, a former strong man going on trial and that’s about it. Then exchange May for January and BOOM! you get stories about the how these children and families have escaped these countries because of intimidation. One of the groups they’re fleeing reportedly is the notorious gang MS 13. 

Let’s just consider this for a moment. First, there’s an MS 13 presence in the US. If they’re afraid of intimidation or retaliation, why would they come to the US? Second, if they’re afraid of bands of thugs, why are they using NARCO GANGS to transport them? I know Central America has been afflicted with discord and renegades but why is this a crisis now? Color me confused. And unconvinced. 



Merkley laughably accuses Wehby of war on women; reveals his own.

Jeff Merkley accuses opponent, neurosurgeon Dr. Monica Wehby, of coming between a woman and her doctor. Hilarity ensues. His prejudices are exposed.

GOP nominee Dr. Monica Wehby and Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Oregon.

Oregon’s Accidental Senator, Jeff Merkley, will never be asked to bring sandwiches to a MENSA meeting, that much is clear. Merkley is a me-too partisan. He co-signed the letter siccing the IRS on Tea Party groups. (See our posts here, here, here). The newspaper of record has given him a pass (Read this with a straight face if you can).

His staffers have their work cut out for them but, in truth, they aren’t much better. Staffers fill Merkley’s man-purse with the tools of his trade: a cheesecake photo of Fauxcahontas, Elizabeth Warren, talking points from Democratic Underground and White House and a meme maker. Now they’ve transcribed the latest talking points into this post on Merkley’s Facebook page.

Jeff Merkley shared a link.
June 30
There’s a clear choice in this election. Monica Wehby has sided with conservative Supreme Court justices who believe CEOs should stand between a woman and her doctor. We know that’s the wrong way forward, and we’ll keep fighting to allow women to make their own health care decisions.


Let’s unpack Merkley’s hilarious claims. 

* Merkley invokes War on Women talking points against a woman

*Merkley claims Wehby, a woman and a doctor, is in favor of someone else coming between a woman and her doctor. 

*Merkley implies Wehby, a female neurosurgeon, who works with patients every day helping people make real health care decisions, is an agent against a woman making her own “health care decisions”.

*Merkley implies a ‘CEO’ coming between a woman and her doctor is worse than the entire government, IRS, police coming between a woman and her doctor.

Let’s savor the stupid for just a second. Jeff Merkley thinks a woman who chose to go into what was a male dominated field–medicine, who sought even more schooling to become a neurosurgeon in an even more male dominated field; who is the very definition of female empowerment; who literally makes life or death decisions every single day in her job on behalf of both men and women; for whom the word ‘choice’ in all aspects of life is a given, now favors standing between a, uh, woman and her, uh, doctor? Isn’t this the very definition of conducting a war on women? Isn’t this what Merkley is doing to his brighter, more accomplished female opponent? 

Remember that old story designed to test prejudices? It went something like this:

A man and his son are driving in a car one day, when they get into a fatal accident. The man is killed instantly. The boy is knocked unconscious, but he is still alive. He is rushed to hospital, and will need immediate surgery. The doctor enters the emergency room, looks at the boy, and says…
“I can’t operate on this boy, he is my son.

You’re asked to solve the riddle. The answer is: the doctor is the child’s mother. It’s an answer we all know. Except Jeff Merkley. 

Republicans, if you’re stupid and weak willed enough to let this guy get away with this you deserve to lose. 





Must See Video: Cop “Lying his a$$ off” goes viral

Trucker appears to best Illinois State Patrol officer during bizarre stop


This is one of those ‘did you see that?!’ videos. A trucker honked at a state patrol officer for speeding while holding a cell phone on “wet pavement.” The cop turned around and pulled him over to hassle him about it.

You have to stick around for the pay off at the end. While my friend Q Madp, who drew my attention to this, thinks there might be something hinky with the timing on the trucker’s counter–not to mention the Guy Fawkes/Occupy mask on the seat–he thinks this is the real deal. Decide for yourself.

And remember: cops are required to live by the exact same laws you do–even when they’re working (except emergencies)

Things to think about:
*Cops cannot “use technology” while they’re driving any more than you can–unless they’re on an emergency
*It’s not a good idea to get snotty with a guy with a gun–especially a cop. You can respectfully make a point. They won’t like that, either.
*The trucker is smart in that he does not give the cop anything to give him probable cause. He didn’t admit to speeding. If he had, this would be over. As it turned out, he had proof he wasn’t.
*Yes, there really is a statute covering ‘unlawful use of horn.’ One time I was honking in support of people protesting a Pioneer Courthouse Square and, while stopped at a stop light, an officer told me I was illegally using my horn. Occupy could burn the place down, but I might be brought in for unlawful use of horn?
*It was smart to inform the officer he was being recorded. The officer has been informed which is in some states required.
*Note the cop hassling the guy for other information which is wholly beside the point. They’re hoping you’ll curl up and get scared. This trucker knew his rights and had proof on site.
*Note this thing is OVER right after the trucker told the cop he captured him on his dash cam. Game over.

Lesson? Record it. And don’t be an idiot and grab your camera when the cop is coming to your car. He’ll think you’re grabbing for a gun.