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Gilchrist calls for citizen border patrols in 2015: “Whackos…stay home.”

Former California Congressional candidate and Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist calls for 3000-5000 volunteers in 2015. But “whackos should be staying home.”

Former California gubernatorial candidate and Minuteman Co-founder Jim Gilchrist on One America News Network
Former California congressional candidate and Minuteman Co-founder Jim Gilchrist on One America News Network urging volunteers to help secure the border

*Editor’s note: Jim Gilchrist made corrections to this story and I thank him for them. The story has been changed to reflect the corrections.

“This problem is not going away, and if the government cannot take care of it and protect us, then clearly it’s our duty and obligation to do it for them.”

Former Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist has called for thousands of volunteers to head to the border in May 2015 to stop what he calls “the tsunami of an endless flow of people” overrunning the border between Mexico and the United States. “This is going to dwarf the original Minuteman Project and I expect a number of militia groups to join.”

The Minutemen ceased  in 2010 after the Feds increased the number of Border Patrol agents patrolling the border.  But now that Gilchrist has called for the remobilization of the group, he’s looking ahead to future need which include: volunteers, 300 Ham radio operators, lawyers, captains, medical personnel, air wings and law enforcement liaisons. 

Days ago, in an interview with Graham Ledger of One America News, Gilchrist explained what it would take to mount such a huge endeavor.


Note who posted this video. The very reasonable sounding Gilchrist is marked out as a “hate” monger merely for wanting to patrol the border.