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Democrat Washington state lawmaker calls Arizona, “desert, racist wasteland” after Seahawks loss to Cardinals

H/T Tom Thurman

Democrat Washington state lawmaker Joe Fitzgibbons will have some explaining to do after his damning tweet calling the entire state of Arizona a “desert, racist wasteland.” The tweet was picked up by Associated Press reporter, Mike Baker, who screen capped the offensive tweet before Fitzgibbons could delete it.

After being called out for damning an entire state, he posted,

Meantime, at least one other lawmaker, JT Wilcox, was doing some damage control,

Eventually Fitzgibbons tried to do his own damage control, blaming the twittersphere for taking his original, now deleted, tweet too seriously,

Fitzgibbons’ attempt to lay his anger at the feet of the tough Seahawks loss (it was) and then heaping scorn on Arizona over the issue of illegal aliens was feeble, not to mention incoherent.

Dude, we know you’re a Democrat, but could you please remember that as a lawmaker you’re SUPPOSED to act like a grown up, um ‘kay? Just wondering where Phil Robertson can go to get his reputation back. 

Bob Filner voted America’s worst boss of 2013

fILNER grope“I’m a hugger”–Bob Filner

The website ebosswatch.com has named former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner America’s Worst Boss. All the “top” vote getters share this dubious distinction in this year’s voting,

The managers who made this year’s list of America’s Worst Bosses were named in workplace lawsuits filed by their employees or were accused of workplace harassment and/or sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and/or creating a hostile work environment.

And these boorish, buffoonish, mean (mostly) boys also cost a lot of people A LOT of money,

To date, the 2013 America’s Worst Bosses have cost their employers over $52 million in monetary damages and lawsuit settlement payments.  Of this amount, the 33 bad bosses in the public sector have cost their respective taxpayers over $21 million.






Herewith is the partial list of America’s Worst Bosses:

America’s Worst Bosses 2013


Boss Organization Location
1 Bob Filner City of San Diego San Diego, CA
2 Derek May Four Amigos Travel and Top Dog Travel Largo, FL
3 Raphael Olivo New York City Department of Correction Rikers Island, NY
4 Fred Fuller Fred Fuller Oil Company Hudson, NH
5 Maurice Wightman Simmons Institute of Funeral Service Syracuse, NY
6 Samy Bouzaglo andAmy Bouzaglo Amy’s Baking Company Scottsdale, AZ
7 Artur Zbozien Mangia 57 New York, NY
8 Bob Delaney St. Clair County Belleville, IL
9 Dr. Josef Fischer andPaul Levy Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Boston, MA
10 Ed Eiswerth Peachtree City Fire Department Peachtree City, GA
11 Bill Latham Kroger Texas L.P. Plano, TX
12 Dr. Gerald Berke UCLA Los Angeles, CA
13 Larry Wippert Jr. National Food Corp. Lind, WA
14 Sgt. Randy Hoffmaster Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Van Nuys, CA
15 Sheriff Johnny Hatter Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Livingston, AL
16 Tomi Peck Sophia Police Department Sophia, WV
17 Christine Qualls Help at Home, Inc. Hillsboro, MO
18 Kostantinos Raptis,Nikolaos Raptis andAndrew Xenos Angelo’s Pizza & Grill Rouses Point, NY
19 Mauricio Gaytan The Spud Seller Inc. Monte Vista, CO
20 Sue Padilla Doña Ana County Las Cruces, NM

OrBamaCare robocalls Oregonians: You’re now Un-Covered, Oregon

The indignities of Cover Oregon–OrBamaCare–continue apace. First, the government bobbleheads smuggly insisted Oregon’s early adaption to ObamaCare would be the best thing for all Oregonians. Then, they began having fun with logos, marketing and expensive commercials,

Then they pretended everything was fine, until, it turns out it wasn’t. There was no product to sell because the website wouldn’t work. No worries, said Cover Oregon chief Rocky King, we’ll do it alllllll by hand! We’ll have people fill out their health histories and wallet biopsies by hand and input it that information, uh—where are we inputting that information again? Oh, yes! the website that doesn’t work! Rocky is on “medical leave” with a case of the sniffles and now the CIO of the website is gone–fired this week. Did I say fired? I mean resigned. And the governor has called for a review of a program he didn’t bother to review himself. Finally now we have the coup de grace which basically is: remember that program you thought you signed up for? Yeah, about that…

From HotAir,

How did Oregon manage to go from one of the most enthusiastically pro-ObamaCare, gung-ho exchange-builders in the country to these shambles of lost administrative dignity? Two of their highest-ranking officials in charge of coordinating what they for months advertised as what would be a smooth, online, and hipster-friendly insurance-buying experience are already on the outs, and the 400 or so navigators they hired when they realized (too late) that they were in over their heads haven’t been quite enough to cope with the logistical struggle of signing people up for government-run insurance minus a functional website.

Er… why are they just telling insurance-seeking Oregonians this now? If they really have 11,000 people now enrolled in private plans, then they have been making some very slow but steady progress on the larger heap of applications they have going over the past week or so — but they must have known for awhile now that there was no way in heck they were going to be able to process the lot of the applications submitted by December 23rd in time to begin coverage January 1st, what with the slow and often erroneous processing that is part and parcel of doing things via paper application.

Merry Christmas! Remember when you could just buy your own insurance?