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Take over: Obama lawlessly orders insurance companies to change ObamaCare—AGAIN–without Congress.

After Obama’s latest move, why don’t we just call this what it is: A take over of the health insurance industry.

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The Obama administration, in an 11th-hour change, announced significant exemptions for people who recently lost their insurance coverage and are struggling to get a new plan — drawing immediate criticism from the insurance industry and Republican lawmakers. 

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius confirmed the changes, which include letting those individuals skirt the law’s individual mandate, in a letter to senators. She said she would allow people who got cancellations and could not find affordable new coverage to qualify for a “hardship exemption” in order to avoid a penalty next year for not having insurance. 


They–insurance companies–and we are being whipsawed by the whims of the ideologues running the failed ObamaCare program who are too afraid to look like the incompetents they are, so order the insurance companies to do their every bidding–regardless of how unlawful it is and how destabilizing it is to the industry and the American people. 

Lets be honest here, ok? It’s hard to stand up for insurance companies, but when the government abuses them while at the same time scape goating them even as they have an eye toward extinguishing them altogether via single payer, you have to say something. 

War on Christmas *NOT* a hot war, people! Bell ringer assaulted for saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”

Salvation Army kettle bell ringer slapped for failing to say “Merry Christmas”

Arizona Walmart kettle bell ringer is slapped for failing to say Merry Christmas
Arizona Walmart kettle bell ringer is slapped for failing to say Merry Christmas

From ABC News
A Salvation Army worker was accosted Monday for trying to avoid any Christmas controversy by wishing people “Happy Holidays,” ABC reports. Kristina Vindiola said a woman punched her while she was ringing a kettle bell and collecting money for the Salvation Army charity outside a Walmart in Phoenix, Ariz. The woman asked Vindiola if she believed in God before correcting her, “You’re supposed to say Merry Christmas,” followed by the physical attack.