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Obama Halloween: “That’s My Candy, I Worked Hard for It.”

But if I take it from you and give it to others then you'll all have the same! "This is my candy. I worked hard for it."
But if I take it from you and give it to others then you’ll all have the same! “This is my candy. I worked hard for it.”

What happens when a redistributionist takes over Halloween? You get a hilarious video from Steven Crowder and a lesson on confiscatory taxes. Ah, out of the mouths of babes…

Kitzhaber Dodges Daylight Disinfectant Questions on Or-BamaCare Fail

Oregon is “O for October” in Or-BamaCare sign ups.

kitzhaber exit

Citizen Journalist Daylight Disinfectant confronted Governor John Kitzhaber about the abject failure of his signature reform: and his handlers didn’t like it.

That failure Or-BamaCare is being highlighted by the national media. The National Review’s Jim Geraghty writes how one party rule removes the ability of the Democrats to somehow blame the Republicans for this debacle.

Oregon is one of those spectacular examples that demonstrate the silliness and falsity of the Democrats’ effort to shift blame to Republican obstructionism. In this state, there was no Republican obstructionism — there wasn’t even that much Republican opposition.

In 2011, all 30 state-house Democrats and 18 state-house Republicans voted to set up the system; 12 state-house Republicans voted “no.” In the state senate, 14 Democrats and 10 Republicans voted to set up the system; two Democrats and three Republicans voted “no.”

Democratic governor John Kitzhaber, a doctor, signed it into law. He appointed the director of CoverOregon, Rocky King.

In Oregon, Democrats got what they wanted, all of the authority they wanted, all of the funding they wanted, everything they said they needed.

And they’re 0 for October.


Geoff Ludt Statement About the Status of the Oregon Tea Party

Tea party April 15 enhanced group

Statement Regarding the Status of the “Oregon Tea Party”

by Geoffrey Ludt

Having personally experienced financial difficulties during this “Great Recession,” I sympathize with John Kuzmanich’s private financial predicament and was shocked by his public exposure and humiliation in the pages of Willamette Week and disappointed that his personal matters were damaging the Oregon Tea Party brand (Jaquiss, Nigel (2013, October 16). Where’s John Kuzmanich. Willamette Week. 

I know firsthand that financial stress is dispiriting, it damages relationships (it is especially hard on marriages), it’s a lonely space that drains zeal, judgment and actions.

When coordinating Tea Party events, the commitment burns the candle at both ends — every moment spent on activism costs family time and earnings. Initially, you can rationalize the commitment’s costs — after all, when justice and liberty are at stake, what price is too high? Eventually however, nature course corrects and personal and financial obligations come home. I found myself at this point a few short years ago — John Kuzmanich was there and grabbed the baton (and I am thankful that he was).

In recent times it has been pleasing to see the inspiring work of “Citizen Journalists, Lobbyists, and Activists” — ordinary people working to give us a voice in the media and in the halls of government. The work of promoting good candidates and changing the composition of our local representation has not been as effective. I recently read that the assumed business name “Oregon Tea Party” and entity registration “Liberty Coalition PAC” at the foundation of the work to promote candidates went dangerously un-renewed and dissolved two years ago — anyone (including Tea Party opposition) could have read the same column and, for $150, registered the name with the state and used it. Fortunately, I was able to register “Oregon Tea Party LLC” and the assumed business name “Oregon Tea Party” in every Oregon county before something like that happened (McCain, Bruce (2013, October 19). Who’s Tea Party. Oregon Oracle.  With the dissolution of the “Liberty Coalition PAC” the entity underlying the “Oregon Tea Party” brand ceased in October of 2011 — all accountable leadership and past actions receded into history. There has been no formal “Oregon Tea Party” entity or leadership in the State of Oregon for two years.

Today, aside from the aforementioned LLC and assumed business name registrations, the only two other Tea Party-related registrations are: Oregon Tea Party State PAC, which is just a political action committee (not an entity) and John Kuzmanich’s federal “Liberty Coalition Pac DBA Oregon Tea Party” (despite the fact that the “Liberty Coalition PAC” was dissolved for failure to file and the DBA “Oregon Tea Party” failed to renew).

Between the Tea Party’s birth in February 2009 and today a lot of water has passed under the bridge. In the weeks ahead a constellation of stakeholders will communicate and flesh out some reasonable expectations regarding the Oregon Tea Party LLC’s formal future. There may yet be a next chapter for a formal “Oregon Tea Party”, anchored in a board accountable to local Tea Party aligned organizations or, perhaps, there will not be any formal use of the “Oregon Tea Party” brand at all — which may be how it is supposed to be, the Tea Party belongs to everyone after all.

Take THAT, Michelle Obama! Black Market Hamburgers Sold in a So Cal High School

McDonaldsDollarBurgerWhen government intrudes too much in our private lives, people have a funny way of fighting back.

In an unnamed Southern California high school, students there have begun dealing in contraband in defiance of the Michelle Obama “Let’s Move” healthy lunch program.  Students have become dealers. Not in crack, meth, weed or any other illicit drug. They’ve become black market dealers in HAMBURGERS.



And the student has a pretty solid business plan according to the father of a student at the school in question who also is a columnist,

He buys them in bulk in the early morning and has a group of carefully selected minions deal them out to students at a 200% markup. All of his cohorts have to have a GPA of 2.0 or more, because he figures they are less likely to be watched, and he cuts them in on a percentage of their sales. In spite of these transactions being strictly verboten, at the end of the morning there is No Burger Left Behind.






60 Minutes Looks at the Benghazi Debacle. The US Knew. And Did NOTHING.

benghazi bloody hands2

Three big take aways from the CBS 60 Minutes story on Benghazi and why then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton deserves ever shred of blame for her lack of action are these:

1. The US knew Benghazi was a target.
2. The US decided to send no help.
3. One of the perpetrators was an Al Qaeda who’d been released from Guantanamo; another was the Embassy bomber.

The US Ambassador, Chris Stevens, his aide Sean Smith and two former Navy SEALS, Ty Woods and Glen Doherty were killed in the attack.

The Crux of the ObamaCare Problem

Millions of words have been written about ObamaCare. Word garbage has been spewed. And there seems to be no understanding of what the real problem is by folks in the mainstream media and therefore the masses.

It’s not about the website not working, although this Tweet seems to sum up the collective eye-roll by the masses due to yet another government computer program gone wrong.

The real issue is what youngster reporter Ezra Klein puts his finger on, albeit I believe unwittingly,

The problem is precisely that the people who really need insurance will be patient and persistent. The people who don’t need insurance as badly may not be.

The Washington Post wunderkind then predicts what will happen due to people making their choice,

And if that happens, then in year two, costs are going to rise sharply for those sicker, older people left in the exchanges.

It comes down to choice.

The people who don’t need insurance as badly may not be.

ObamaCare fails if not enough younger people cannot be coerced into buying insurance. Actuaries knew this. My hairdresser knew this. These are the same people who did not buy insurance in the first place because they would rather spend their dollars on something else.

In 2009, Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute tracked down the numbers of “uninsured.” Here’s what he found (see piece here):

For example, roughly one quarter of those counted as uninsured — 12 million people — are eligible for Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP), but haven’t enrolled.

This includes 64 percent of all uninsured children, and 29 percent of parents with children. Since these people would be enrolled in those programs automatically if they went to the hospital for care, calling them uninsured is really a smokescreen.

Another 10 million uninsured “Americans” are, at least technically, not Americans. Approximately 5.6 million are illegal immigrants, and another 4.4 million are legal immigrants but not citizens.

the Congressional Budget Office, found that 43 percent of the uninsured have incomes higher than 250 percent of the poverty level ($55,125 for a family of four). And slightly more than a third have incomes in excess of $66,000.

And most of the uninsured are young and in good health. According to the CBO, roughly 60 percent are under the age of 35, and fully 86 percent report that they are in good or excellent health.

Finally, when we hear about 45 million Americans without health insurance, it conjures up the notion that all of those are born without health insurance, die without health insurance, and are never insured in between. The reality is that most people without health insurance are uninsured for a relatively short period of time.

Only about 30 percent of the uninsured remain so for more than a year, approximately 16 percent for two years, and less than 2.5 percent for three years or longer. About half are uninsured for six months or less. Notably, because health insurance is too often tied to employment, the working poor who cycle in and out of the job market also cycle in and out of health insurance.

When all is said and done, it turns out there are fewer than 10 million people in a country of 380 million who couldn’t truly afford insurance. Why would you structurally change the health care delivery and insurance system of the entire United States of America to accommodate those relatively few uninsured? Why wouldn’t you just cut a check to these folks and tell them to buy insurance?

It comes down to choice. It’s not about health care, friends.

Just as Ezra Klein noted,

The people who don’t need insurance as badly may not be [in a hurry to buy it].

What do you see there? The government has taken away their choice to buy health insurance. It used to be a choice, now it’s a diktat.

That is the biggest problem with ObamaCare. One that the MSM refuses to acknowledge because they refuse to see.



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Portland State Students Take Hand Gun Training on Campus

Guns Students for Concealed Carry logoFresh over the transom from Citizen Journalist Portland Metro Liberty:

Portland State University students held a concealed handgun license class this week to, as one organizer put it, teach students that not everyone who carries a gun is a ‘crazy psycho.’

The class was free and for both students and faculty and taught by top instructors from “At a Moment’s Notice.”

The student led group is planning another training session in the future. Here’s their Facebook page. 



The Oregon Tea Party Returns to its Roots.

Oregon Tea Party founder Geoff Ludt assumes OTP leadership.

tea party feb 27 geoff and jeff

Geoff Ludt invited me to the first Oregon Tea Party held on February 27, 2009. There were maybe 100 of us with a bull horn, a treasure chest containing tea and some hand made signs repudiating the huge amount of government spending. Most of us had never protested anything before.

We rallied on the steps of the historic federal courthouse building across from Pioneer Square because we’d been told we couldn’t have a gathering in “Portland’s Living Room” without forking over money none of us had.  So across the street we went, much to the amusement of the security detail. 

We dumped the tea in the Willamette River and a movement was born.

tea party feb 27 2009 b w

We decided after that to get more people involved.  With Geoff and his talented, hard working committees of dozens of activists, we held the April 15, 2009 Tea Party in which upwards of 6000 people crammed the entire Pioneer Courthouse Square. Hundreds of man-hours were spent on that event. I was convinced that this was a group that matched my values and was worth being a part. 

Tea Party April 15 group 1

Things were picking up steam. I would attend meetings of the Oregon 9/12 organization, Clackamas County AFP, give air time to You Choose events and spend time talking to folks from the Tea Party on my radio show. All of these groups sprang from that Tea Party event in April of 2009.

Tea Party folks began embedding themselves in current political groups and running for office–a clear win. To make a difference you’ve got to be in the arena. John Kuzmanich and Jeff Reynolds, the administrators for the OTP Facebook page, have done the hard work and run for office. Occasionally you’ll  hear a Tea Party person on OPB or interviewed for a news story. 

All the other groups are still going strong but when leadership of the group changed hands as Ludt left to take a second job to take care of his growing family, the Oregon Tea Party began to fade away.

What is the Oregon Tea Party anymore? 

It appears to be just a Facebook page. 

Now Facebook pages are fine, after all that’s all the left’s Blue Oregon is. There’s no movement at Blue Oregon, it’s just a bunch of rantings by Carla, Kari and that crotchety coot with the creepy videos, with an occasional panting of, ‘did you hear what Daily Kos said today?’ 

But we’ve got to do more. Everything in Oregon is run by far left Democrats. Their point of view pervades everything in the state. The Oregon Tea Party should become the defacto large-and-in-charge counter narrative. 

Some stories have surfaced about the leadership of the Tea Party which Willamette Week has pointed out (here) and Blogforce member Bruce McCain has investigated  here and here.  

But those concerns are moot now that the torch has passed. Geoff Ludt is in charge of the OTP brand legally in the state of Oregon and the Tea Party will begin its next phase.

And that’s a good thing. These folks are great American PATRIOTS. 

To you and especially to those who were there that first Tea Party on February 27, 2009 I say to you, “Freeeeeeeeeedom!!!!!”

Braveheart meme





The Tea Party is Crazy and Racist. Read This and Find Out Why.


Founder of the Oregon Tea Party, Geoff Ludt, pouring TEA into Portland's Willamette River.
The founder of the Oregon Tea Party, Geoff Ludt, pours Tea into Portland’s Willamette River.

It’s fashionable now to simply dismiss as nutty the people who ally with back to basics views: Fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. It’s only been recently that those solid American values have been labeled as crazy and racist by Democrats. 

Do I believe all Democrats believe those values are nutty? Naw. Just the ones engaged with the political process and influential in the Obama Administration. See, the idea is that if you besmirch and label your detractors, ala Saul Alinsky, pretty soon the labels will permeate the political water table.

It’s working. 

I’ve had discussions with intelligent, but uninformed people who believe this stuff. I’ve been told to distance myself from these values because aligning with “Tea Party” values is impacting my ability to get a job.

So, knowing that these otherwise intelligent people don’t have any significant  time to do any research on their own, here, in short bites, is a the brief and rocky overview of the Tea Party and why they’re racist and crazy.


Tea Party Feb 27, 2009 Stimulus PackageObama Admin: On top of Bush’s bail outs and passing over billions more to us for TARP, we’ll spend $800 billion plus to ‘stimulate’ the economy by funding “shovel ready” jobs.

Tea Party: No! Stop the spending! Our grand kids will have to pay for all the spending. We’re Taxed Enough Already! Let’s have a Tea Party!

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: I’ve never heard of the Tea Party>>Who’s the Tea Party>>They helped conservatives win in 2010! >>Kill the Tea Party.

Tea Party: Whoopee! We won! Let’s do it again!

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: You’ve got to argue with them and get in their face [sic]. Fox News isn’t a real news agency. The Tea Party are racists. Go get Rush Limbaugh. Koch brothers! FreedomWorks!

Tea Party: Picking targets for your union and community organizers to go after is wrong and unbefitting a President of the United States. Who are the Koch brothers?

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Let’s have socialized health care. We’ll start with this bill nobody’s read that will create a

Democrat Congressman, Alan Grayson, uses KKK burning cross to malign the Tea Party
Democrat Congressman, Alan Grayson, uses KKK burning cross to malign the Tea Party

hybrid program called the Affordable Care Act.

Tea Party: Kill the bill! No more entitlement spending! Kill the bill! No government-run health insurance! Kill the bill! Have you read the bill? Kill the bill!

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Uses IRS to target Tea Party, Patriot and other similarly named groups to target for years’ long scrutiny.

Tea Party: You did this to keep our money out of 2012 election cycle! We’re born free American people and we’ve come to tell our government that it has forgotten its place.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: #NSA culls through calls and emails of Americans.

Tea Party: More control over lives, privacy and property!NSA SCANDAL GRUMPY CAT

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Spies on Associated Press reporters, going through hundreds of reporters’ phone calls, to find source of Administration leak.

Tea Party: This is a scandal and is wrong.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: We don’t know who hacked into CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson’s computers at home and the office.

Tea Party: Attkisson reported on two of your Administration’s biggest scandals, we think you’re likely to have done it.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Considers filing charges against Fox News reporter James Rosen for reporting on classified documents and then culls through his electronic records. Eric Holder lies to Congress about signing affidavit targeting Rosen as a potential criminal.

Tea Party: George Orwell, pick up the white courtesy phone. Oh, he’s not there? Well then, is Richard Nixon there?

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Adds $6 tril to debt.

Tea Party: You’re spending too much & borrowing too much! Stop it.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist. And greedy. Really greedy.


Obama Admin: “Walks” sniper rifles, AK 47’s, and FN semi automatic pistols across US border to give to narco terrorists in Mexico to trace them back to US. Loses track of most of them. At the same time Napolitano, Obama and Clinton give speeches about curbing gun use and blaming US for sending guns to Mexico. Hundreds of Mexicans are killed with Operation Fast and Furious guns. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata are killed with those guns. AG Eric Holder lies to Congress about his knowledge of the operation.

Tea Party: Operation Fast and Furious is a scandal and needs to be investigated.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: No electronic record keeping will be done for first year to qualify people for ObamaCare subsidies. If they ask for money, we’ll give it to them without question.

Tea Party: The federal government health care computers aren’t ready. Stop this now.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Businesses will get a one year reprieve on ObamaCare mandates.

Tea Party: If you’re going to give companies a break, why not individuals? Hey Ted Cruz, tell them!

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: We refuse to negotiate on giving individuals one year reprieve on ObamaCare fines.

Tea Party: We’ll start our negotiation with defunding or delaying ObamaCare. 

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Religious institutions must comply with ObamaCare insurance which funds abortions.

Catholic priests arrested for protesting ObamaCare's infringement on Freedom of religion and worship.
Catholic priests arrested for protesting ObamaCare’s infringement on Freedom of religion and worship.

Tea Party: The first amendment. Try reading it sometime.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson attempts to elude Freedom of Information Act scrutiny by sending emails using a phony name.

Tea Party: The “most transparent administration” ever, ever, is not. When does the investigation start?

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Does end run of Congress and changes immigration laws by declaring the Dream Act in full effect.

Tea Party: There’s this thing called the Separation of Powers in that thing you lectured about at the University of Chicago called the Constitution…?

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: We’ve created millions of new jobs!

Tea Party: Most of those jobs are part time and millions more have been so dispirited they’ve dropped out of the employment pool at record rates! We must do something to free the private sector and create jobs!

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Does not secure American Mission in Benghazi, Libya.

Tea Party: How dare you not secure American Mission to protect our Ambassador!benghazi bloody hands2

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Does not send help when American Mission and then CIA outpost come under sustained, hours-long attack, leaving four dead and seven injured.

Tea Party: How dare you not do your duty and protect our people!

Democrats: A video did it! There wasn’t enough time! The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: A video is responsible for the Benghazi attack.

Tea Party: On September 11th? You expect us to believe that? Really? How dare you not do your duty and protect our people! Where’s the investigation?

Democrats: This is a non story. The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin. Jails the film maker.

Tea Party: This is outrageous. This man is a political prisoner.Benghazi film maker arrest 2 good

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: We’ll make government shutdown, “as difficult as possible.” We’ll close parks we’ve never closed before and shut the military memorials—even to those old coots in wheelchairs coming to the open air WWII Memorial.

Tea Party: Hey, the House sent you a bill to keep that stuff open, why won’t you pass it?

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.


Obama Admin: Why would we want to help that kid with cancer?

Tea Party: Why don’t you pass the bill the House sent you to fund NIH?

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.Govt shutdown great sign


Obama Admin: Ousts elderly couple from their Lake Mead home because it’s on federal land and they’re shutting it down.

Tea Party: This is outrageous. They have a contract and this is an abuse of power.

Democrats: The Tea Party is crazy and racist.

ObamaCare Fallout: Radical SEIU Union Goes for More Control Over Oregon Hospitals

The entire state of Oregon is under ONE SEIU bargaining unit. SEIU is the category killer of unions.
The entire state of Oregon is under ONE SEIU bargaining unit. SEIU is the category killer of unions. Local 49 is for health care workers.

One of the same unions that just  paralyzed San Francisco Bay area commuters now wants to take more control over Oregon health care and hospitals. And low information voters, sadly, are dumb enough enough to let them.

According to the Zero (here) the SEIU will soon begin signature gathering to place several measures on the November 2014 ballot that they call “Act for a Healthy Oregon. According to the paper, the measures would install, 

  • Executive compensation caps limiting hospital chief executive salary to 15 times the salary of the lowest­-paid employee
  • Requirement for hospitals to spend a minimum of 5 percent of service costs on charity care for low-income patients
  • Requirement for hospitals to publicly post their typical costs for common procedures.
  • Price limits for larger hospitals.
  • Requirement for public posting of quality of care data by hospitals.


SEIU proposes to take over what’s left of the autonomy of hospitals after ObamaCare and begin dictating where and how much the hospitals may spend the money. Then, the measures would institute price and executive wage controls as a paean to the Occupy crowd.

Hospitals already give away millions of dollars in free care, although the Oregonian reports that figure has dropped significantly during the recession. But SEIU is hoping that by floating this idea, everybody will forget about all the self serving stuff the far left union is proposing.

These guys want to be in charge of your hospital and health care.

SEIU has one thing in mind: getting more members and more power. 

Here’s what they claim on their website:

  • We are one of the biggest defenders of Medicaid and Medicare funding
  • We played a pivotal role in winning the landmark Affordable Care Act, which is bringing quality, affordable healthcare to all Oregonians.

The first bullet point is ridiculous. Doctors advocate most for Medicaid and Medicare funding. The second is the reason these people can’t be trusted with your health care. 

Would you like the purple shirts of SEIU  to have more control over your health care? The Governor has already given his blessing for union stewards in all Kaiser hospitals, pushing our health care and health care and hospital costs into the grasp of the most radical union this side of the wobblies. 

Here’s a highlight reel. Remember when they attacked the black Tea Party guy selling T shirts?

These are the people who want more control over Oregon’s hospitals. And if they don’t get what they want? 

Or would YOU like more control over your health care? Liberty loving folks would say the latter. To do that you’ve got to get government out of it. Getting rid of ObamaCare is for starters. And second? Keep these far left, violent unionistas out of your hospitals and away from vulnerable patients. 

Do NOT sign their petitions.

Alan Grayson, D, Crazypants, Fla Fundraises on Burning “Tea Party” Cross

This photo illustration was used in an Alan Grayson email fundraising appeal.

Amazing, isn’t it? This photo illustration was included in the email by Democrat Alan Grayson and shows the new and improved civil discourse we can expect to see from him as he gets closer to the 2014 election. See his entire appeal letter below.

I’m not sure what we ever did to the man who puts the ‘duh’ in Florida, but he probably figures he can pile on the Tea Party because everyone else is.

Grayson is so far on the fringe, he could outdo Bob Macke styling a combined Liza Minelli, Lady Gaga and Cher show.

This is nothing less than bile. It certainly objectifies and dehumanizes people–Americans–who identify with the constitutionally based group.

It’s a new low, even for the hyperbolic Grayson. The Weekly Standard points out that Grayson has “called a woman a “K Street Whore,” and said Republicans want Americans to “die quickly.”

This is so bad that the usually unflappable conservative columnist and author Jonah Goldberg commented,



This is the best reason yet to do everything we can to send this guy packing. Again. 

So far there’s no official Democrat repudiation of this hateful flyer. It shouldn’t be hard to ignore considering the head of the Democrats, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, lives in Florida.

From an Alan Grayson fund raising email.
From an Alan Grayson fund raising email.