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Oregon Bee Funeral Publicity Stunt: Rest in Peazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

bee dead funeralTaking a page from the publicity stuntsters at PETA, a bunch of typical Oregon environmental animal general naked activists are holding a funeral todbees deaday for a swarm of bees accidentally killed by a pesticide used by landscapers working for Target.

Activists are gleefully planning the stunt because they now have a corporate villain to demonize. Thus, the publicity stunt, er, “service” will be held at Target in Wilsonville at 2pm today. Target, you may recall, doesn’t usually allow Girl Scouts, Salvation Army bell ringers and others to use their property so it could be interesting to see what they’ll do when people use their property for this stunt.

On Sunday June 30, 2013 at 2:00 PM, please join us at the site where an estimated 50,000 bees were killed by humans who sprayed the toxic pesticide, Safari. We will memorialize these fallen lifeforms and talk about the plight of the bees and their importance to life on Earth. If you are passionate, concerned, or curious about this situation, this will be a good opportunity to communicate with others.

Farmers and others have been concerned about the bee die off recently but there’s never been a, ahem, funeral for the dead bees. Now that there’s a corporate face to put on it, sit back to watch the international coverage of it. 

bee Rozzell Medina2
Here’s Rozzell’s Twitter pic.
bee Rozzell Medina
Here’s Rozzell’s PSU pic.

The person organizing the publicity stunt is Rozzell Medina who is straight facedly asking people to eulogize the bees according to a news story featuring the nearby headline,

Those who cannot attend are encouraged to send Medina a personal eulogy which will be read at the service.



bees Rozzell psu chiron studies

 Medina is an activist, military hater (judging by a recent FB post seen nearby), and ‘teacher’at Portland State University’s “CHIRON Studies” Department (see the description of the department nearby). bees Rozzell anti military


Here’s a wild guess: Betcha he’s never protested abortions of humans. 

Thank You, Bette Midler.

bette midlerLet’s face it, she hasn’t been on my political hit parade lately, but she did a wonderful thing for a woman who was dying and wanted a visit from her idol.

We don’t have many opportunities in life to get it right. We mess up and lambaste ourselves for failing to say the right thing at ‘that’ moment, but Bette Midler showed humanity and grace at a time that meant the most to another person and succeeded spectacularly! What a moment. Share this with others. You will bless them.

The GOP Needs to Embrace This Message: “I TRUST You” NOT “I Will GIVE You.”

keep-calm-and-i-trust-you-3Every once in awhile comes along a special politico who telegraphs his love of country more than obeisance to his Party.  A person who knows that he or she is a servant, not a dictator to the entity that is the center of this Representative Democracy: The Individual.

Those kind of people can fill a thimble. Michele Bachmann, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio (most of the time), most any military Veteran in office, Ronald Reagan and Scott Walker come to mind.  

What do these people have in common? They’ve always kept their eye on the needs of the country and resisted the feints by adversaries to change the subject to the latest political fad. They know the difference between the “want-tos” and the “have tos.” They’ve kept their eyes on the priorities of government, or, as Coach Pat Riley might say, they know that The Main Thing is the Main Thing.

For those of you who wonder how one becomes that kind of politico, I would direct you to one single phrase, “I trust you”.

We can’t exist as a sovereign nation unless we trust our next door neighbor.

We all know people who shouldn’t be trusted, but the majority of the folks we know are at least as trustworthy as you used to be. Instead of what the government statists assume of us—we’re too stupid to run our own lives—we should embrace the idea that we should encourage people to trust themselves because the rest of us are depending on them.

I often tell my kids when they are afraid of taking a step out into the arena that they ‘should fake it till they make it’ because EVERYONE is timid about growing up. Everyone.  I tell them to act like you know what’s up, be humble and willing to learn and you’ll figure it out.

Why do we not assume most grown up Americans can do the same?

How do we demonstrate this trust? There are laws to ensure safety and then there are these nit picky legalisms handed down from above. I direct you to recent news stories in which government has chosen the ‘you’re too stupid to run your own life route’ and penalized the innocent. To wit:

  • A California man driving in Fresno used his iPhone 4 traffic app to navigate around a traffic jam. He was given a $160 ticket for using his cell phone while driving (he was stopped at the time).
  • The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled in the Proposition 8 case that citizens may have the power of the initiative in many states, but they don’t have standing to fight for it in court.
  • New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg got the idea that it was his job to be the P.E. monitor for Masters of the Universe and janitors alike.
  • Oregon recently passed a law that says parents can’t smoke in their own cars if there are children present.
  • President Obama is spying on us—and reporters.
  • An NFL player is arrested for—fireworks possession.

Everywhere you look there are examples of government apparatchiks who think they’re smarter than we are just because they’re, well, government apparatchiks.

What is going on? I’ll tell you what’s going on, they don’t trust us.

Now instead of driving this column into the government-is-too-big polemic, which of course is true, let’s consider this to be an opening for the conservatives to trust the people.

Hey, Republicans, don’t tell people we’ll take care of you. Tell Americans we’ll trust you. It’s easy to be Democrat-lite, but it’s much harder and more honest to say, we trust you to do the right thing for yourself and our country.

  • We trust that you know how to feed your own child. If you can’t, we’re here for you, but if you can, stop depending on everyone else to do it for you.
  • We trust you to drive your car safely.
  • We trust you to buy your own health insurance. We know if you’re smart enough to buy your own data plan for your cell phone and pick out your whether you want Game of Thrones or the Food Channel on cable so you’re smart enough to figure out what health coverage you need.
  • We know you’re smart enough to know that your local school isn’t working for your kid and you should be able to choose another one.
  • We trust you to drop a dime on taggers and gangsters who predate upon your children and will help the cops defeat them.

WE TRUST YOU. It’s all you have to give, frankly. You can’t keep giving everyone else’s fruits away. 

That is a message that can win elections and reign in government.

Now, can we trust you electeds to do this?

Lead the way.

We trust you when you trust us.

If you can’t, we have lost our country.

The “Zero” Goes to Three-Days-a-Week Delivery; Publishing Everyday. Staff Layoffs.

oregonian-o-logo-240wMore thoughtful comments later but the Oregonian–the big O–the Zero–is going to three day a week deliveries but will continue to publish everyday. Considering its journalistic kin in the Advance Publications, Inc. newspaper family have already done this, it’s not a big shock, but it’s sad.

Creative destruction is reducing the impact of “newspapers”, but not journalism, let’s hope. 

Sadly, more Oregonian workers will be out of a job today, too. From Willamette Week,

Publisher N. Christian Anderson III informed readers at 10 am that the paper will continue to publish seven days a week, but will only offer home delivery on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. He also announced that newsroom layoffs are imminent. 

We’ll see how this shakes out but Willamette Week saw this coming,

WW broke news June 14 that The Oregonian Publishing Co. filed an application in May with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for protection of a new brand name: Oregonian Media Group. This morning, Anderson confirmed in a press release that the state’s major daily newspaper has started a second company, Advance Central Services of Oregon.


“Jihad” Graffiti in Florida. Is Your Neighborhood Next?

jihad graffiti2There are a few things to note in the following story about this 20′ high graffiti seen on a jihad graffitimajor freeway in Florida.

It’s about the Muslim “jihad.” That it’s so large and in this public place that one must deduce it’s not the ‘internal’ jihad being referenced. And there are some other things interesting about this story which you can see for yourself below:

  • It’s big.
  • It could have been done by anyone, since there apparently are no pictures of the culprit, although there were spray cans left over.
  • It’s characterized by the media as an anti American piece of graffiti.
  • The story isn’t so much about the graffiti as about a fight over it.
  • The man who stops to yell at people gathered says they’re “brainwashed”, that it’s “just a word” and that they’re overreacting.
  • The angry man who stops claims “there are no f****** terrorists.”

 A group of people collected near the sign to hold an impromptu protest. They consisted of black and white people. But, of course, the reporter brought up the issue of race. This is what the man told the reporter,

“That guy was white. These women are black. I’m white. I’m Jewish. I have Christian friends, OK? This is about an ideology. It’s time for people to wake up before we have another Boston Marathon bombing, before we have another 9/11.”

Of course, if this is the message from Jihadists, the man who says we need to wake up is absolutely right. And about the drive by man who claims there “are no ******* terrorists?” He’s a VERY low information voter.

See the story here:


Scott St. Clair: James Gandolfini, R.I.P.

james galdofini1Yesterday we lost one of the great characters of all time when James Gandolfini, the actor who portrayed him, died of a massive heart attack while in Italy. 

What made Gandolfini’s Tony Soprano a work of art was both excellent writing — junk is still junk even when performed by a great actor — and his ability that only the best actors have of creating empathy for a character. That’s what Gandolfini did as well as anyone and better than most.

Tony Soprano was a loathsome sociopath and hardened criminal of the worst sort. In real life, we would be demanding his arrest and imprisonment. But because we were allowed to see him up close and personal we cared about what happened to him. That doesn’t mean we cared for him — what sane person wants to hang around with a guy who bashes the face of someone on a wooden chair and then goes to a counseling session with his serially cheated upon wife only to find a tooth from his beating victim in the cuff of his slacks?

Instead, he became a multi-dimensional, complex individual whose fate mattered to us. We saw Tony in good times and bad (mostly bad) making his way through the day never certain when the next vulnerability-shoe would drop. Whether it was his chronic panic attacks, his struggles with a mother who had borderline personality disorder and who projected her needy loathing of her dead husband upon him, or his struggles with his children, the only two people who could check and confound him at will.

In one episode, Tony is in bed with his wife Carmella (he spent more time in the beds of other women, but that’s beside the point) and expressed to her their common frustration with their children Meadow and A.J. saying, in effect, that if they really knew how little power they, as parents, had over them then they’d really make life hell. This from a man who, earlier in the day, had killed people in the furtherance of a massive criminal enterprise that he headed that netted millions and controlled businesses, unions and politicians. 

“The Sopranos” is rare in that it is timeless — the first episode is as fresh today as it was when first broadcast over 15 years ago. In that respect, the series is like the first two movies in “The Godfather” series, it’s cinematic genre equivalent from the preceding generation. You can watch them over and over and over and always get a new insight or perspective not only on the characters, but also on life in general. And isn’t that the purpose of great art — to teach us about ourselves as well as about the artist?

No more visits with Tony and his crew at Satriale’s pork store, the Bada Bing, the pizza place or Nuovo Vesuvio, the high-end Italian restaurant owned by his childhood best friend Artie Bucco, an alter-ego to Tony who had similar self-loathing and doubt while lacking his animal instincts and fierceness but at least had a legitimate business.

Celebrities of minimal consequence die every day — great artists who have enriched our lives with lasting contributions to the culture do not. When James Gandolfini passed, so did a great artist, and that is a loss to be mourned. 

White House: Obama $100 Million Africa Trip Costs “Consistent With What We’ve Paid…In the Past.”

Photo: Mediaite

Look at this lame attempt to justify the White House expenses for this trip to Africa by Chief of Staff Denis McDounough.

Here are his chief arguments:

The “We’ve spent fantastic amounts of money on trips before so we should keep doing it,” excuse:

“The Washington Post also said that price tag was fully consistent with the cost we’ve paid for similar trips in the past,” McDonough said, before pointing out that Africa was a center of investment and economic growth.

And the “I’ll answer a question he never asked and is wholly beside the point and sound indignant so he won’t follow up,” excuse:

“Is it right that we should just let the sequester sit in place?” McDonough continued. “Absolutely not. That’s why we have aggressively been reaching out to Republicans and Democrats to underscore the though choices that this president is willing to take to underscore long term investments to return growth and opportunity to middle America.”

Oh, and if this passes for a “grilling” as Mediaite put it, then the word has no meaning anymore.

Rees Lloyd: The Flag Amendment: Stop Desecration by Defecation

Protester poops on flagShould the American people have the right to decide by vote, a “right to choose,” so to speak, if the act of defecating on the American Flag is a form of “speech,” as five of the nine  lawyers on Supreme Court ruled in the landmark case of Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989)?
The proposed Flag Amendment, which would give the American people the right to vote on that question for the first time, has been introduced (re-introduced) in the Senate by Sen. Orin Hatch as Joint Resolution 17.                                               
The Flag Amendment  consists of a single sentence, “The Congress shall have power to prohibit the physical desecration of the flag of the United States.”
All it does is to allow the American people, through their elected representatives, to democratically decide by vote whether legislation may be adopted to protect the Flag from desecration.  The Flag Amendment does not dictate how that should be done. It only authorizes Congress to enact laws protecting the Flag from desecration in the democratic process.
forsaleAs stated by James Koutz, National Commander of the American Legion, in support of the Flag Amendment: “This amendment is often misunderstood. It does not protect the U.S. Flag. It merely returns to Congress the power to pass legislation that would protect the flag, a power that was taken away from them by the Supreme Court in 1989.  It is time to correct this mistake – now.”
The American Legion, the largest wartime veterans organization in the world with some 2.4-million members in over 14,000 Posts, has been a leader in the fight for the Flag Amendment through its Citizens Flag Alliance (see,
For more than a decade the Legion’s fight for the Flag Amendment  was led by one of America’s greatest living military heroes, Maj. Gen. Patrick Henry Brady, Medal of Honor (Vietnam), considered to be America’s most american legion logodecorated living veteran.  Under General Brady’s leadership, the Flag Amendment was consistently passed by a large majority in the House, and came within one (1) vote in the Senate of being adopted and sent to the States for ratification. Now, there is another opportunity.
Gen. Brady, a columnist for and author of the memoir “Dead Men Flying: The Legend of Dust Off: America’s Battlefield Angels” (WND.Books), has continued to advocate the Flag Amendment to allow the people to vote. Condemning as outrageous the judicial finding that the Founding Fathers actually intended to protect defecating on the Flag as constitutionally protected “speech,” Gen. Brady has scathingly observed that “the greatest threat to American freedom today is not Al Queda, it is the contemporary American judiciary.”
The Flag Amendment is necessary because the Flag cannot be protected by a law established by Congress. That is because our unelected, unaccountable, politically-appointed, life-tenured robed masters of the Judicial Branch, lawyers-in-dresses ruling like Feudal Lords dictating to peasant serfs, have pontificated that burning the Flag, stomping on it — and even “defecating” on it — is a form of First Amendment “speech.” Any law passed without the Amendment would be immediately struck down by lawyers in the judiciary.
crazy-judgeI suggest that any lawyer sitting as a judge — since only lawyers can serve in the Judicial Branch, lawyers having usurped one-third of our  tripartite government for themselves  — who believes that defecating is a form of “speech” that Gen. George Washington and the other Founding Fathers had in mind when they created the First Amendment, is himself or herself speaking out of the wrong orifice.
If we send Americans to give their lives in military service under the Flag defending the freedom it symbolizes, if we drape their coffins with the Flag under which they served, then we should have the courage to stand up against the progressive liberal politicians and elitist totalitarian social-engineers epitomized by the ACLU and like-minded lawyers sitting as judges, and demand that Congress pass the Flag Amendment and send it to the States for a ratification vote as the Founding Fathers provided. If the American people reject it, so be it. If the American people adopt it, then do it.
The same government which sends Americans to fight and die in foreign lands so that the people there may have the right to vote on how they will be governed, should at long last let the American people vote on whether the American Flag should be protected from desecration.       
 (Rees Lloyd, a long time California civil rights lawyer and veterans activist, is a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce.)

Scott St. Clair: Edward Snowden and the NSA: Love the Sin but Hate the Sinner

Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old high school dropout media darling de jour, turns an old evangelical maxim on its head: With him, it’s love the sin but hate the sinner.Scott Prism

An instant celebrity for outing the National Security Agency’s snooping into the phone records of millions of Americans and its PRISM program that sees what you post on the Internet almost before you post it, he’s become the adored hero of the anti-American left and perennially adolescent Ron Paul sycophants nationwide.

I despise the very notion of what the NSA and other federal intelligence and law-enforcement agencies have done in the name of security, and I’m glad their abuses of process and civil liberties are coming to light. I don’t care if a majority thinks intrusive snooping is hunky dory, or if there’s bi-partisan congressional condemnation of the leaks. This is less going after terrorists and more going after law-abiding Americans.

This is the same government that thinks it’s fine for the TSA to grope your grandmother and bully your three-year-old disabled daughter to tears. This is the same government that uses the IRS to target its political opponents for harassment and persecution. This is the same government where the most senior law enforcement official thinks nothing of rooting through the emails of journalists and their parents.

Scott Obama SnoopThis is the same government where the NSA says it can be trusted not to engage in illegal spying on Americans, but in the same breath admits to illegal spying on Americans. Go figure.

Do we trust these people? Not on your life.

Tuesday’s Washington Post editorial page is filled with smug rationalizations for the snooping programs, and D.C. insiders like Diane Feinstein are irritating in their self-righteousness condemnation of the leaks.


But pardon me If I don’t jump on the adore Eddie Snowden bandwagon. I have something else in mind: Should Edward Snowden be flogged?

Inconsistent, you say? How can I be in favor of disclosing details about what government snoops are up to and not support the purported whistleblower who leaked the information? I have news: I have no obligation to be consistent, nor am I alone in being conflicted. See here, here, hereScott Obama Dream

I don’t like him because self-appointed messiahs and saviors who adore themselves above all other personages turn me off. On that score, he’s no different than Barack Obama – they are equally untrustworthy. And I especially don’t like them when they’re chickens.

Try sitting through his self-aggrandizing justification for what he did issued from a luxury hotel in Hong Kong and how he’s convinced that he’s now the number one star on the CIA’s hit parade:

It’s all about him and what he decided was in the best interests of the country and how he gets to pick and choose what’s good policy and what’s not. It’s a smug attitude that says I’m going to save you no matter your thoughts on the subject.  

In asserting he could be “rendered by the CIA” or become a target should someone “pay off the Triads,” he flatters himself and exposes his own vanity and naivety toward what he describes as the beneficent governments of Hong Kong, which is under the authority of China, and Russia. The Chinese have taken electronic hacking, snooping, spying and eavesdropping to its highest level as an art form, and they’re not above grabbing someone to squeeze information.

What’s the difference between his attitude of self-indulgence and Sandra Fluke’s during the 2012 Democratic National Convention with her insistent demand for free birth control?

Gallant that he is, Snowden appears to have abandoned his alleged “girlfriend,” a pole dancer (stripper?) who followed him to Hawaii where he lived. Maybe he and the equally narcissistic Fluke should date? They could adore themselves while in each other’s company.

Snowden is a chicken because the instant his name was associated with the leaks, he split. And then after his Hong Kong interview, he split again for parts unknown.  When it comes to standing his ground, a Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. or even Sheralyn Andrews (who?) he is not.

In 1922, Gandhi, leading India’s struggle for independence from Great Britain, went on trial for sedition. Rather than defend himself against the charge, he defiantly admitted his guilt and demanded to be punished:

“I should know the consequences of my acts.  I knew them.  I knew that I was playing with fire.  I ran the risk; and if I am set free, I would still do the same…I am, therefore, here to submit not to a light penalty but to the highest penalty.  The only course open to you, Mr. Judge, is, as I am just going to say in my statement, either to resign your post or inflict on me the severest penalty.”Scott Question Authority

If you want to expose injustice or unlawful behavior, stand your ground when those seeking to maintain the status quo come after you.

In his Letter from Birmingham Jail , King said that to criticize Birmingham’s Jim Crow and police brutality, he had to do it in Birmingham so he could stare down those responsible even if it meant getting thrown in jail.

Then there’s Sheralyn Andrews, a former employee of the Washington State Department of Corrections who slipped me documents showing official departmental paperwork misconduct in the case of Lakewood, Wash. cop killer Maurice Clemmons. After unsuccessfully trying to get the attention of her superiors, she came to Washington state’s Freedom Foundation, where I was an investigative reporter, to uncover and report on what happened. Because she insisted that she go on the record in order to enhance the credibility of her story she was fired for her trouble.   

If Snowden cared as much as he claimed, he had alternative whistle-blowing options, one of which was to contact a member of Congress with his concerns and data. Certainly, former Texas Rep. Paul, to whose presidential campaign he made multiple contributions, would have been interested. Or when the elder Paul left office, his Kentucky-senator son, Rand Paul, whose track record in favor of limited government, transparency and civil liberties is well documented, would be all ears.

 But he can’t have it both ways – he can’t be the nation’s savior and abandon the nation at the same time. That’s arrogant cowardice. When he surfaces we can thank him for letting us know, but then tie him to a tree because he’s deserving of the lash.

Oregon Rep Dennis Richardson: We Can Restore Forests AND Rural Economies

Dennis RichardsonOregon’s happy Republican warrior, Dennis Richardson, a State Representative from Central Point, has made a video (see below) outlining a plan to help Oregon’s rural communities and at the same time help our forests. It’s a good plan. Oregon’s cadre of radical lawyers teaching in our law schools and populating the enviro law fare machine will probably kill it.

Environmentalists have used Oregon’s trees as a testing ground for dubious legal claims for decades now. They’ve gone to court to stop logging renewable crops of trees to ‘protect’ spotted owls, old growth, salmon and watersheds. They’ve outlawed roads to keep people out of the forests because they might start forest fires.

They’ve taken their enviro-religion, put the imprimatur of legitimacy on it by going to law school and expect the rest of us to swoon at their cleverness.

The impact their legal success sadly has had a devastating impact on another species: humans. The effect has all but financially ruined many of Oregon’s foresters, loggers and millers.

The environmentalists couldn’t be happier about it. 

This devastation has been done intentionally over the years in the name of global cooling, ozone holes, greenhouse effects, global warming and climate change. With each new fad comes a new wave of scary predictions. Of course their predictions didn’t include the news that in fact spotted owls don’t need old growth forest to live. That spotted owls were actually being picked off by barred owls. Their predictions didn’t mention that if you let a forest fire burn, then their hated CO2 stored in the trees will be released into the atmosphere and cause cooling, holes, warming or change. That trees have a life cycle and die like every other living thing and when they do start circling the drain, release all the CO2 the enviros claim will cause us to burn up and die. That when you don’t manage forests and allow other species to invade them, it makes ALL the trees more susceptible to fires and insect devastation. That when when their goddess Gaia (Mother Nature) started a forest fire they’d battle in court to prevent it from being fought and then go to court again to stop loggers from salvaging what was left over. 

Sheesh, and they claim folks on the right don’t believe in science…

I think the enviros have done some good. I like clean air and water. They should take a victory lap for that. However, when they start making wild claims (see owls, trees, LNG and coal trains), plant a protected flower on the site of a reviled California development project and tamper with water samples to frame a Hood River business owner, then they should be laughed out of polite society and ordered to sit in the dunce chair with the rest of their Democracy Now! and Earth Liberation Front fellow travelers.

Now we’re left to argue over the scraps of Oregon’s once mighty timber industry. Representative Dennis Richardson has a plan to reclaim part of the economy that environmentalists have sought to close off. He deserves to be heard. Whether he will be is up to you.

Scott St. Clair: What Do Castratos, Eunuchs and The Washington Post Have in Common

In the 18th Century it was common in Europe to cut off the testicles of promising male singers prior to puberty in order to retain their feminine-like singing voices.  They were called castratos.

 From the time of the ancient Greeks until the Renaissance, Byzantine and Asian rulers cut off the testicles of harem guards to prevent them from succumbing to temptation. They were called eunuchs.

In post-modern America, people cut off their ethical testicles at the snap of Attorney General Eric Holder’s fingers to attend a lap-dog press briefing where only Holder-approved reports can be published.  They are called Washington Post editors and reporters.

Revelations of Holder-authorized Justice Department rooting through confidential communications of reporters and journalists for the Associated Press and Fox News are causing an inside-the-beltway meltdown in the Obama administration the likes of which hasn’t been since the resignation of Richard Nixon’s attorney general, John Mitchell.Funny obama phone calls

Who was assigned the task of looking into the matter? None other than Eric Holder himself: Holder investigating Holder who reports back to Holder who then reports to President Obama. Think of the savings in personnel costs. A Twitter rumor has it that in self-investigating Holder failed to give himself a Miranda warning, thus making him immune from potential prosecution.

While the Obama administration and the Justice Department sought to justify its snooping on national security grounds, the better case is that it was political payback for making the president look bad in the papers. If you don’t do it their way, there’s hell to pay – in this case the FBI rooting through your emails, or, in the case of Fox’s James Rosen, your mother’s emails.

A damage-control press briefing was hastily called to smooth things over, with Holder demanding that it be off the record.  Most news organizations – Fox, the AP, CNN, The New York Times — refused to attend under those conditions, but The Post was Johnny on the spot, notebook in hand and eager to have its reporting on the meeting censored by Holder. In The Post’s own words:

“The 90-minute meeting was attended by a small group of journalists after several news organizations objected to the Justice Department’s insistence that it be held off the record. The participants, however, reached an agreement with the Justice Department under which they could describe what occurred during the meeting in general terms. The Justice Department is expected to meet with other news organizations and media lawyers in coming days“(emphasis added).

In other words, Post copy was redacted of specifics and blue-penciled into “general terms” by Holder and crew – The Post acquiesced to government control and censorship of the press.

funny holder

When the shoe was on the other foot in Richard Nixon’s day, The Post was hell bent for leather to publish leaked classified material. The 1971 Pentagon Papers Case, in which The Post was a party, involved classified information on United States involvement in Vietnam that was leaked to The New York Times. The government sought to enjoin The Times and The Post from publishing it, but the Supreme Court called that effort “prior restraint” and turned thumbs down.

“Prior restraint” is when the government tells you that you can’t publish information in your possession either through ordering you not to or insisting you must obtain government permission.

Funny obama ha

“Under the First Amendment, prior restraint is almost always unconstitutional. But the Constitution has never bothered the Obama administrationin the past, so why start now?

 When someone is thrown in the clink for producing a video that angers Muslims, or when a U.S. attorney threatens to punish anyone who engages in anti-Muslim speech, should freedom of the press be any less destroyed than freedom of speech?”

 What’s changed since the Pentagon Papers days isn’t governmental highhandedness and desire to subvert constitutional rights – that’s always happening, and that’s why we have the Bill of Rights.  No less an authority than Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers in the first place, agrees when he criticized President Obama’s efforts to control the press.

No, what’s changed is The Washington Post has gone from defending the Constitution and freedom of the press to washington post upside downdefending governmental subversion of the Constitution and control over the press.  And it did so voluntarily and in its own words.