Daily Archives: May 26, 2013

Scott St. Clair: Let the IRS and the Whole Government Tremble in Fear Before the Wrath of the People

Ranking Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Elijah Cummings of Maryland, isIRS cartoon concerned that the IRS conservative-targeting scandal push back could have a “chilling effect” on IRS employees investigating taxpayers:

Good — I hope it scares the ever loving s*** out of them to the point where they cower in fear and trepidation under their desks and never venture out to harass or bully another American from now until the end of days.

I hope they become so terrified of the wrath of the American people that every IRS employee quits without noticeIRS cartoon2 and runs in fear of life and limb to parts unknown. And I hope those in other government agencies — EPA, DoJ — follow suit. I hope Eric Holder, wracked with guilt for being the lying sleaze and violator of the First Amendment that he is, pulls a Joe Payne-level breakdown as if lifted from “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington“:

I hope President Obama gets that arrogant smirk wiped off his face and he’s made to look into the mirror to see nothing looking back. And I hope he’s made to realize his does stink, stink bad and stink a lot because he’s dumped it all over the nation and the world for close on to five years.IRS PROTEST COLLAR

Government is NOT your friend. At best, its duty is to safeguard your liberty and property and maximize your freedom. We lost that type of government decades ago. Now it operates gulags, harasses citizens for not being sufficiently sheep-like, controls them and takes the fruit of their labor and increases its hold on them with a figurative boot on their necks. To those in government, their purpose isn’t altruistic — they go into it to do good, and too many do real good — but to obtain power, retain power, maximize power and quash all opposition.

Time for this?