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Senators Merkley, Schumer, Bennet, Whitehouse, Shaheen, Franken Sicced IRS on Tea Party Groups


Oregon Senator Merkley and Senators Schumer, Franken, Bennet, Udall, Shaheen and Whitehouse told the IRS to give extra scrutiny to 501c4 organizations to find wrong doing. They’d never done this before regarding liberal 501c4 groups, but cite Citizens United as the reason—because it freed many CONSERVATIVES to participate in moveon like organizations. They didn’t want the competition which explains why all of the signatories to this letter are hyper partisan Democrats.

Although the letter was written in February of this year while the targeting of Tea Party IRS LETTER 2 SIGNATURESgroups were underway, it only served to further underscore the politically correct targeting of these groups.

Here is the letter Merkley wrote to the IRS to sic the agency on the Tea Party groups. It’s the letter referred to in Rees Lloyd’s post at VictoriaTaft.com on March 3rd 

and which the Zero is busy transcribing his responses on how he didn’t really mean to do it and how he was “dragged into the controversy” when in fact was helping to lead it.

Merkley Letter to Irs