Daily Archives: May 15, 2013

Palin Shoots Verbal Missile at Obama and Hillary

Former Vice Presidential candidate and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin fired a rhetorical missile at the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton today with this tweet:

Obama Scandal Palin Tweet





Palin gets points for cramming four different ideas in one 140 character missile, referring to the President’s penchant for blaming other people for his screw ups; Hillary’s presidential ad against Obama in 2008 about which one was qualified to lead in a crisis that comes at 3am (I think the verdict is in: neither); Obama’s real 2am phone call on Benghazi in which he did nothing to save our men under fire AND equating the Administration’s current scandals with ¬†Watergate in which Hillary ¬†was then a junior staffer for the Watergate Committee which resulted in Richard Nixon’s impeachment charges and resignation.

Now THAT’S economy of words!


White House Spox “Appreciates” Reporters Questions 131 Times

White House Press reporters have been so far up the President’s skirt for five years that it’s extraordinary to see them actually ask decent questions and put one of their former collegues turned Obama spokesman, Jay Carney, on the defensive for a change.

But before we get to the fun of seeing Carney on his heels due to the Obama Benghazi, IRS and AP scandals, remember that they didn’t get upset when the President singled out, oh, let’s say “Joe the Plumber,” or Tea Party Patriots for example, In fact they mocked them. They’re ticked off now because the President spied on their kindred at the Associated Press.

Remember that.