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Post Boston Marathon: Cops Give Portland Anarchists, Occupiers and Illegal Aliens Security Pass

You’d think Occupy Portland anarchists who have

would be under a bit more suspicion by the Portland Police Bureau during yesterday’s May Day march. You’d think that illegal aliens gathering together to demand a free ride from our government in a big crowd such as this would be under a bit more suspicion–especially after The Family Tsarnaev’s  Boston Marathon Terror. But by all appearances, you’d be wrong. 

In fact, when I talked to one police officer, the one pictured below on the left, and asked him if they were checking back packs and unattended bags, he told me ‘no’, then quickly amended his statement adding, “Well, I’M not checking bags.” Indeed, no one was. 

May Day 2013 unattended cop I asked about it.
Me: Are you checking backpacks and unattended bags?
Cop: No.
Me: Why not?
Him: Well I’M not checking bags.
Truth: No one was checking bags, unattended or otherwise.


Now how can I make such a statement? Well, for openers I spent a few hours at the May Day event yesterday (see nearby posts). The uniforms were on the sidelines across the street watching and commiserating. No one was showing interest in bags, checking bags or combing O’Bryant Square for unattended bags. When the anarchists showed up I pointed them out to one of the bike cops. He laughed and said basically, ‘well they’re here all the time, no big deal.’ I got the impression they consider the anarchists a benign presence, treating them almost as pets. 

So after the march got underway and the police escorts–both car and bike–were helping the protesters, I went back to O’Bryant Square to see what was left unattended. 

Take a look at these pictures. Looks to me as if Portland cops don’t remember just a couple of weeks ago when an unattended back pack bomb in Boston killed three and wounded nearly 300 more. Seems to me as if the Portland Police Bureau doesn’t remember that this lot threw a bomb at one of their own, sending him to the hospital; tried to shove one of their own under a moving bus and threw a molotov cocktail at the World Trade Center. Even after all of the violence by anarchists, they still don’t take them seriously.  Seems to be the Portland Police Bureau and Commissioner Charlie Hales have some explaining to do–that is if anyone bothers to ask. 

May Day 2013 unattended gas cans
Gas cans left unattended at O’Bryant Square in downtown Portland. Nothing to see here.
Happy Boom Day.
Happy Boom Day.


Don't worry, there's no pressure cooker inside.
Don’t worry, there’s no pressure cooker inside.
Leaving a bucket of--what, behind?
Leaving a bucket of–what, behind?

Laughing at Liberals: Scenes of Anarchy from Seattle’s May Day. Hey, Police, If You Need Evidence, We’ve Got it Here.

May Day Seattle 1 May Day Seattle 2
Laughing at Liberals went back to Seattle to see what the anarchists were up to on May Day. They put on quite a show. Note, as you head over to his You Tube page or look at the videos below, that there are more and more spectators hoping to capture the perfect anarchy shot than there are anarchists. They like to call themselves monkey wrenchers and critical mass.
Folks, we’ve reached critical mass and point of diminishing returns for the anarchists.