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VIDEO* Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen on Gun Ordinances: Pass Them Even If They Don’t Make a Difference

jeff cogen2Laughing at Liberals has it here.  Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen admits passing these gun ordinances won’t make a difference to criminals.

“I believe the Second Amendment is an important part of our Constitutions, but like all the other parts of our constitution, like all the other bills and rights that are integral to our freedom, have to be viewed in context of peoples’ rights as well as their neighbors’ rights.”

That is just ridiculous. Municipalities, of course, have the ability to place time, place and manner restrictions on rights–for instance first amendment rights, such as when they allowed Occupy Portland to squash the rights of the Portland Marathon or allowed them to destroy the two downtown parks, but I’ve never heard that you having gun rights under the Second Amendment necessarily deprives someone else of their safety is an outrageous, dangerous and incorrect assertion. 

“People have the right to have to put in place reasonable limitations that keep the community safe.”

But do these ordinances do that?

“The notion that this won’t fix everything is absolutely true. We’re not going to pass this ordinance and suddenly have no gun violence.”

And then arguing from reductio ad absurdum, claims that these laws should be passed because why bother to have laws at all? 

“But the notion that criminals won’t look at this law and follow it, we shouldn’t pass it, that notion would undermine the notion of having any criminal laws at all.”

The ordinances would according this story,

It largely adopts language approved in late 2010 by the city of Portland in making it unlawful to fire a gun within the county. It also bans possession of a loaded firearm in public, makes failing to report the theft of a gun a crime and makes it illegal to allow a child to possess a gun without the owner’s permission.

In addition, it establishes curfews for minors, including a 7 p.m. curfew for juveniles who have been convicted of a gun crime.

The ordinance does not apply, among others, to those with concealed handgun licenses, hunters, people defending themselves, retired or off-duty law enforcement officers or those on their own property as long as they aren’t endangering others.

In fact, according to one man who testified at the hearing where the Board unanimously passed the new ordinances, it would make him an automatic criminal.

Portland resident Rick Gilmore told commissioners he would be violating the new law any time he slaughtered a hog or steer on his property off Northeast 53rd Drive.

“These proposals are aimed at regular citizens who try to do the right thing,” he said. “It will make criminals out of them.”

When Cogen said Gilmore would not be affected by the ordinance on his own property, Gilmore replied, “That’s what you say it will do, but what it actually says it something different.”

What the passage of these ordinances do, however, is highlight the political grandstanding of a far left political body which has little stomach for actually enforcing the laws on the books and locking up the criminals–young and old–who break them.