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Boston Marathon Bomber Plays it Cool After Bombing

Dzhokhar’s (pronounced ja-HAR) friends in the dorm at school recognized his photo when the FBI released the Boston Marathon bomber’s photos, 

“We made a joke like – that could be Dzhokhar,” she said. “But then we thought it just couldn’t be him. Dzhokhar? Never.”

After the bombing was done and before his brother died in the shootout with the cops, Dzhokar went back to UMass Dartmouth where  he was, according to the media, alternately studying medicine, nursing, engineering and marine biology, and partied with his coed soccer team buddies.

He tried to play it cool on social media,

boston marathon tweet jahar stress free enhanced




Here’s one where he alludes to his devout Muslim life –wearing a beard–and putting people at ease who thought he was what he was, a terrorist,
boston massacre tweet jahar exploding beard




So their “sweet” friend, who was failing at school because he spent most of his time sitting in the common area of the dorms playing video games and, when he wasn’t doing that, partying and smoking up with his friends, was a terrorist.

Consider this for a moment. The local colleges and universities were on lock down and this guy just went back on campus as if nothing had happened without a bit of scrutiny. The only people who could have done that were his friends–WHO RECOGNIZED HIS PICTURE but couldn’t believe it. They were the only ones between him and a dead and wounded cop.

This is what it looks like, folks. Get used to it. And then be ready to call the cops next time.

Boston Marathon Bomber’s Friend React Where They Live: Twitter

Even on Thursday after the bombing, Suspect Number 2, the 19 year old college student, Dzhokhar (pronounced Ja-HAR) Tsarnaev was on social media trying to look normal. See the post above.

But when his friends found out he was one of the Boston bombers, they were stunned.






Then they began to be amazed, stand by him, disapprove of him and call for “his story to be heard” (apologies for the potty talk but I think it takes away from the message to censor them):
















































And there’s more from The Verge (here). Note the last one:

Boston Marathon friend tweets5















Well spotted.

Boston Massacre Bombing: FBI Director Issues Note of Praise

boston marathon fbi commentThis doesn’t happen very much so I thought you might want to see the note that FBI Director Robert Mueller sent out to commend the quick work by the FBI and other law enforcement in killing and capturing two terrorists who bombed the Marathon on Monday.

During this long week, we have seen an extraordinary effort by law enforcement, intelligence, and public safety agencies. These collaborative efforts, with the help and cooperation of the public, resulted in the successful outcome we have seen tonight. The investigation will continue as part of our efforts to seek answers and justice, and there will be no pause in that effort. But tonight, I wish to thank all those who worked so tirelessly throughout the week in the pursuit of safety and justice.

It’s too bad the FBI didn’t intercept this plot and turn it into a prosecution. Here’s one of those times that political correctness triumphed over sanity. The feds did not deport the oldest brother after his domestic violence prosecution,  in addition to not pursuing why the now adult went to Chechnya for six months. 

I’m sure the people who have to live without legs or their child may have a different take on the political correctness. 

President Bush was right when he said multiple times, “…[I]n our efforts to discover and stop attacks, we have to be right every time; the terrorists only have to be right once.”

Unfortunately, the feds got it wrong this time.