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Rees Lloyd: End Disgrace of 900,000 Unprocessed Disability Claims of Vets

military waiting for health care 2It is a national disgrace that while the Ever-Expanding-Government in Washington, D.C., has built up the most enormous debt per capita in the history of the country, over 900,000 service-connected disability claims of veterans remain unprocessed by the Veterans Administration bureaucracy — with an escalating number of veterans dying with their claims unprocessed. They die not knowing what will become of their families when they are gone.
Meanwhile, the National Government in the Era of Obama churns out billions for pet “social justice” [i.e., socialist] projects; or bankrupt and near bankrupt “green” energy fiascos like Solyndra; or the mammoth private-sector-job destroying government takeover of healthcare by Obamacare;  or the myriad of duplicative failed “social justice” programs the Obama administration is spending money on. That is spending not like “drunken sailors,” as that old slur goes, but like what they are —  “drunken Democrats,” drunk on power, and Liberal Progressive Neo-Socialist Kool-Aid.
Here’s an irony:  While veterans disability claims remain unprocessed, all across the country, due to Obama’s fiscally and medically care-less Obamacare, state, county, and city governments are retraining welfare bureaucracy employees to prepare for the influx of millions of new Medicaid applicants when Obamacare is fully implemented. 
Many of these will be, of course, illegal aliens (the government doesn’t ask and doesn’t tell).  Democrats are now breathing hard to “legalize” with the misnamed “comprehensive immigration reform” (sic), which is naught but amnesty in disguise, millions of illegal aliens who will be heading straight to the welfare offices. Indeed,  Democrats are salivating at the prospect of all those millions of new Democrat Party government-dependents marching to the polls like lemmings, with food stamps in one hand and instructions how to vote the Democrat party line in the other. It is Mexican and other Latin patronismo come to America as the American culture is “transformed” by Obama as he promised.
It is estimated that near half of all the millions who will be added to the Medicaid roles will, of course, discover they are also “entitled” (sic) to Food Stamps; or, rather, entitled to Food Credit Cards so that they won’t be embarrassed by not having a credit card as they market shoulder to shoulder with American taxpayers who actually pay for the food for themselves, their children, and the healthy-bodied foodstamp possessors, legal and illegal, in the same check-out line.
What is distinctive about these new illegal alien Entitlees is that , to a man and woman, they have never served a day in defense of the  American people from whom they now are “entitled” to be fed, clothed, housed, and medically and dentally cared for, at Americans’  expense, as if by “right.” Social injustice in the name of “social justice.” 
The truth is obvious: Mexico does not owe Americans who illegally enter their country anything, not food stamps, not medical care, and most definitely not Mexican citizenship. Conversely, America does not owe Mexicans who illegally enter our country anything, not food stamps, not medical care, and most definitely not American citizenship. 
An American who would deliberately break the laws to enter Mexico to suck off its economy or its welfare system, is not an “undocumented immigrant.” He or she is an “illegal alien” — “alien” being a legal term, not a racial slur– and, to put it bluntly, he or  she would be an illegal alien leech. So, too, the reality of illegal aliens is not changed by a change in the name that AP or other media put on them; the reality is only disguised.
However, Americans are admonished now to believe illegal aliens — a description encoded in law — are but “undocumented immigrants,” and that that it is but “social justice” to provide them with all manner of welfare, food, clothes, housing, medical and dental care, and, of course, to respect their “right” to remain Mexican citizens, even if they receive the unearned gift of American citizenship. They will be enrollees in the American welfare state and the Democrat Party and anyone who objects is a racist. 
The largest industry in America is now the government welfare industry in one form or another. The aim of education is now a government job, not the risks of free enterprise. This is the description of a third-world culture. The National Government and the president thereof, as in the Third World, is the great providing patron, who is to be approached with hat in one hand, the other hand out, all in an attitude of worshipful thanks to the great patron, provider through government to a nation of dependent adult children. 
An example of this American cultural devolution was given recently by Jesse Jackson, the race-baiting shakedown-artist  who adopted the title “Reverend” without bothering to attend seminary for more than a semester or be ordained (which is not to deter the media from addressing him as “Reverend” in doglike obedience, since Jesse is, after all, Black). 
In a recent demagogic speech, that Jesse Jackson,  addressing a large audience of government dependents, instructed them in condescending, soothing, reverential tones as if teaching an elementary life lesson to helpless children:  “Let us all now give thanks to President Obama for providing all of this to us.”
Americans used to give thanks to God for their food before meals, and many still do. In the “transformed” America of the Obama Era, Americans  are being taught by Jesse Jackson and other race exploiting Democrats to give thanks not to God for their food, but to Obama for their food stamps.
There is, of course, nothing at all “new” about this: Dictators and would-be dictators, shrouding themselves with rhetoric of their good intentions and devotion to social justice, have from the beginning of time promised goodies from government and ended up as totalitarian monsters, masters of those who took the bribe of welfare for freedom.
Our own time is replete with examples of such self-proclaimed “socialists” become totalitarian monsters, including the “national socialist” variety like Mussolini in Italy and Hitler in Germany, and “international socialists like Lenin and Stalin in the Soviet Union and Mao in Red China.  Casting themselves as deliverers of the workers and poor from oppression by  the greedy rich, those heroes of socialist social justice substituted government for God, promising utopias for the “working class” and abolition of poverty. They delivered instead totalitarian servitude to government and abolition of freedom.
So now comes Obama, Sol Alinsky-trained (“His rules are burned into my brain,” Obama has said), self-proclaimed liberal “progressive.” He is the direct descendent of the arrogant not-so-closeted socialist Woodrow Wilson, a “progressive” president who openly declared the American Constitution to be outdated, no longer useful and in need of replacement; a document which must be interpreted as  as a “living constitution” that can mean whatever liberals want it to mean in light of modern developments rather than the expression of enduring principles of freedom needed to sustain a republic that the Founding Fathers thought they created.
Thus, billions upon billions can be spent by Obama on various social and economic faddish follies and failed programs because they are made holy by intoning “social justice.” This includes now providing de facto if not de jure all the rights of citizenship to millions of illegal aliens who knowingly broke American law to invade the country in order to suck off of it, without ever serving to defend it, and, truth be told, never dropping their allegiance to the country from whence they came: It is the flag of that country that they wave while demanding rights in this country; and it is to that country they will return by just tippy-toeing across the Rio Grande or hopping a fence if the welfare and “jobs Americans won’t do” dry up.
Now, millions of them will be transformed from illegal to legal, enrolling in Medicaid, and picking up food stamps on the way to free medical care,” while following race hustler Jesse Jackson’s instruction: “Let us all give thanks to President Obama for providing all of this.”
How nice. “Social justice.” Millions of potential Democrat Party voters. What Democrat neo-socialist could ask for more?
But what about that near million disabled American veterans, who were rendered disabled in military service in defense of America, but whose disability claims the Obama regime just can’t seem to be able to process despite the greatest expansion of government, government “stimulus” spending, and government debt in the history of the country.
The problem is not money — Obama is spending it as fast as he can take it from the little more than half of the country that pays income taxes and give to the half that does not pay income taxes.  Obama is also borrowing it from Communist China to such an extent that forty cents of every dollar spent is actually borrowed to China. He has made America the greatest debtor nation in the world–but can’t seem to get around to getting processed the 900,000 backlogged disability claims of veterans at the VA.
Again, the problem isn’t lack of funds–the problem is priorities. Veterans in general and veterans with service-connected disabilities in particular are at the low end of the Obamacrat priorities. Better a half-a-billion dollars on failed “green” follies like Solyndra or adding a million or more illegal aliens to Medicaid and free medical care than fulfilling the duty to act on almost a million backlogged disability claims of veterans.
For but one other example: Obama recently announced, with Croesus like disregard for the realities of disabled veterans with unprocessed claims and Americans without jobs, that Obama will “invest” (i.e., spend) $100,000,000 in taxpayer funds to have a new study of how the brain works. Perhaps the first brain to be studied should be his own.
After all, it is not rocket science to conclude that the over 900,000 unprocessed disability claims of veterans might well be processed if that $100-million was used to get done the duty to process those disability claims before those veterans die. How hard on the brain is that to figure out, even if that brain has been damaged by exposure to Sol Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” and the Black Liberation Theology of James Cone and socialist  Rev. Jeremy Wright of “God D— America” fame, in whose pews Obama was marinated in Wright’s racist views for some twenty years.  
It is unmistakably manifest: The Obama regime’s failure to process the over 900,000 disability claims of veterans is not a matter of money. It is a matter, pure and simple, of Obama and Democrat Party priorities. 
I respectfully suggest that every veteran, every patriot in this country, should contact Congress, the Senate, and the White House to demand that before that $100-million is spent on yet another study of how the brain works, before another dollar is sent to totalitarian America-hating Islamic dictatorships from Egypt to Saudi Arabia to Somalia, before Obama spends another hour on Air Force One at $180,000 per hour to fly off to play golf or raise money for Democrats, before another dime is spent on illegal aliens, the priority should be to spend each of those dollars instead on ending the disgrace of over 900,000 veterans’ disability claims going unprocessed, as many of those disabled veterans lay dying.
(Rees Lloyd is a long time California civil rights/workers rights lawyer, a veterans activist, and a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce)

Scott St. Clair: There Is No Grassy Knoll in Boston. Conspiracy Theories and Finger Pointing in the Wake of the Boston Marathon Tragedy

boston marathon explosionShocked and appalled, most of America watched images from Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing with horror. Others, however, took to social media and cable news outlets without a shred of evidence to weave conspiracy theories claiming it was an inside job or to try and convict their favorite partisan political targets as the party responsible. Can we stop the grassy-knoll craziness and remember that we’re supposed to be a nation of laws with a presumption of innocence where courtroom-competent evidence matters?

The race, the nation’s oldest marathon dating back 117 years to the late-19th Century, is an annual event held on the third Monday in April coinciding with Patriot’s Day, a Massachusetts state holiday that celebrates the Battle of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775

Within minutes of the first bomb explosion at around 2:50 pm EDT, loons at both ends of the political spectrum and on cable television were scurrying around in every conceivable direction pointing fingers and claiming superior insight.

One of the first out of the box was certifiable crackpot – she’s been one for years — and former Democratic  Georgia congresswoman and Green Party candidate for president, Cynthia McKinney (her website disappeared – conspiracy?), who tweeted her ignorance by claiming how the conducting of bomb drills on the same day as the race by Boston police  somehow conclusively proved it was an inside job. Did she mention that in a post 9-11 world, that might be a standard operating procedure? Hat tip goes to Victoria Taft for being one of the first out of the box to report on McKinney’s tin-foil hattedness.

tinfoil hat
Cynthia McKinney’s Tin Foil Hattedness

Not to be outdone, fringe-right commentator and radio host Alex Jones was hand-in-glove with McKinney intimating the bombing was a set-up, inside job with his use of the Twitter hashtag #falseflag more than implying that he believes public officials at an as yet undetermined level were responsible for setting the bombs in an effort to blame some other group. Probably the best historic example of a false-flag operation was the 1933 Reichstag fire that was set by the Nazi government who then blamed communists in an effort to justify wholesale repression of opposition and dissent.

We know only in hindsight looking through the lens of concrete evidence that the Reichstag fire was a put up job. McKinney and Jones, however, are gifted with the ability of divination – psilocybin peas on opposite ideological ends of a hallucinogenic pod — to make an open-and-shut case out of thin air that coincidentally also happens to further their personal interests and line their pockets.

Cable-news crazies weren’t left out of the Kool Aid party. MSNBC’s favorite flapdoodle Chris Matthews had it all wrapped up as an attack against the Democratic Party and then as a tax-protest domestic plot because it occurred on April 15:

Query: would that mean those who protest because taxes are too low or those who regard them as too high? And the answer IS:__________(you fill in the blank).

It’s one thing for an empty TV talking-head to spew will-o’-the-wisp theories, but when a former senior advisor to President Obama picks it up and runs with it, then it becomes scary. But that’s what David Axelrod did implying he was stating the president’s view:


Hey, David – save the conjuring for Halloween or an episode of “Ghost Hunters,” and confine your comments to what the evidence shows, not who your politics loathes.

The Boston Marathon, which happened to be on April 15 this year, is what brought out the crowds thus giving a bomber or bombers a target-rich environment. But was that obvious fact considered in a mad dash to affix blame by using the calendar as evidence of a nefarious intent?

Then there was CNN security analyst Peter Bergen who opened an on-air segment with Jake Tapper by saying, “Of course, we don’t want to speculate,” thereupon he proceeded to speculate without a shred of evidence that “right-wing extremists” could be at fault.

Not to be outdone, Tapper’s CNN colleague the always-ready-to-blame-the-right Wolf Blitzer used his skyhook to connect dots between Patriot’s Day and whomever. 

Had it happened on Easter, would he have editorially indicted bunnies? >

Yes, there were crazies on the right too. Sometime Fox News contributor and commentator Erik Rush was ready to go on a killing spree against Muslims. ““Yes, they’re evil. Let’s kill them all.” He subsequently sought to backtrack from the comments claiming they were sarcasm.  Good taste and bad timing combine to quash his defense.

While there are plenty of bones to pick with the Muslim world, the newest and not the least of which are the vile and bloodthirsty celebrations of the bombing currently under way in some quarters, that’s not evidence of guilt. Nor is the fact that authorities are guarding a 20-year-old Saudi Arabian national who was injured in the blast and whose apartment was searched by the FBI who removed several plastic bags of material from it. All anyone has to do is remember Richard Jewell, the Atlanta security guard who was initially viewed as a prime suspect in the 1996 Centennial Olympic Park bombing, an event similar to what happened at the Boston Marathon. Jewell was nearly convicted in the press because it was easier to lynch him rather than wait for substantive evidence, which was subsequently uncovered clearing him and proving the guilt of another.

 All of them rate right up there with the fictional Capt. Queeg of “The Caine Mutiny” the semi-mad paranoid who was always blaming others for his own incompetence and always looking for a duplicate key to the wardroom to explain the missing strawberries:

Notice Queeg’s use of ball bearings rolling in his hand. Some say ball bearings were used in the Boston bombs. This MUST prove a connection, right?

Can we all step back and take a breath as local police and the FBI do their work? They’ve solved similar terrorism attacks in the past, and there’s no reason to believe they won’t do it again. Of course, many of the conspiracy theorists won’t be content even then since they’re in it not for the truth, but to substitute reality with their cloudy illusions.

There’s an old saw that’s part philosophy and part common-sense that’s missing in all this. Hanlon’s razor teaches us,  “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.” Right now what we don’t know about what happened is what we know. It’s pointless and stupid to sit less than 24 hours after the incident to speculate as to who did it or why.  For now, I’ll attribute the musings of the crackpots and crack-pundits to stupidity rather than malice. If they keep it up, I might change my mind.

Boston Marathon Terror: Who is That Guy on the Roof?

Today the FBI called on all Bostonians to turn in their video or pictures from the scene before and after the attack on the Boston Marathon yesterday. And then this picture emerged from a witness. He didn’t initially detect the extra person on the roof of a nearby building when he showed the image to the cops, but now EVERYONE wants to know who that guy is.

boston marathon 9 man on roof

From ABC News:

College student Dan Lampariello told ABC News he was taking photos along the race sidelines when he happened to capture the moment one of the bombs exploded. But his original picture also showed the unidentified person walking on the roof of a building near the site of the second bomb explosion, which launched a debate on Twitter over whether the mystery person was involved.

I just double checked to see if there’s an update on this story. Nothing yet. 

Boston Marathon Terror: President Says We Need to Know “Why.” No, We Don’t.

We must remain ever vigilant against the dark forces who move against us whether they be foreign or domestic or a mixture of both. 

The President says he wants to know ‘why’ they did this to the people at the Boston Marathon, I suppose on some level that’s helpful, but it assumes that we *DID* something to deserve it. What would that be, exactly?

It doesn’t matter why they did it, they’re all evil and the must be vanquished.

For the jihadis we’re the Great Satan. For the anti government/anarchist types there’s too much central control.

So, what to do about it? Hew to our Constitution and  founding principles, be people of integrity and stand up for what’s right.  Be of good cheer and remember upon Whom you rely.

That is all.