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Oregon Fail: Oregon Third Highest User of Food Stamps

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Oregon’s rate of people on food stamps is among the worst in the country. Washington’s is much better but still 1% worse than the national average of 15%. 

Former Oregon GOP chief and Governor’s candidate says, ‘huh?’

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food stamps oregon 3rd worst

Oregon’s rate of food stamp –or SNAP as the program is called –use is 21%, or 6% higher than the national average. Oregon is generous to be sure, but this is a testament to the regulatory and tax atmosphere here which makes it difficult to start and sustain new businesses and therefore create jobs. The U-6 unemployment rate is among the worst in the country at about 17%. This is not just part of the national Obama inspired malaise, this is a systemic failure of the leadership in Oregon which prefers to preserve the environment for fish more than a thriving environment for humans and jobs to sustain them.

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Oregon’s rate is worse than the state of Mississippi and the failed District of Columbia and as bad as the rates of Louisiana, Tennessee and only slightly better than Kentucky’s. 

And as horrible as the rate of people on food stamps in Oregon is, believe it or not, the rate has IMPROVED according to government stats reported in the Wall Street Journal.