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Illegal Aliens and Occupy Portland Plan May Day Melee

Occupy Portland MayDay 5-1-13Illegal aliens, rabble, anarchists. Yep, another typical May Day in Portland.

Droves of people with no jobs will put down the video game controllers, get off the couch and in full bravado declare they’re conducting a “General Strike.” 

Tomorrow’s celebration of anarchistic excess will feature an unpermitted  (natch) take over of the streets near Terry Schrunk Plaza called, ahem, “Roads are for Revelry.” The organizer/s of the event miss.sarah.andrea.amy@****.com” promise an “OMG big surprise at noon!”

Occupy May Day 2011 featured smoke bombs.
Occupy May Day 2011 featured smoke bombs.

The only thing these folks could do to surprise me is get a permit.

Governor Do Over: John Kitzhaber will headline a “let’s give illegal aliens driver’s licenses to show how unbelievably stupid we are” rally in Salem on the steps of the capitol. Pandering will be in plentiful supply. See nearby post.

Back in Portland from from 2-5pm,  Occupiers,  illegal aliens, students (who plan to storm the School Board meeting for inexplicable reasons) and other folks plan to hit the streets for a “General Strike,” read, stop traffic in downtown Portland to punish the people who are subsidizing their welfare checks. 


occupy may day sea smoke bomb 4

Gosh, maybe she'll be back. Luck be a lady.
Gosh, maybe she’ll be back. Luck be a lady.

They’ll start at O’Bryant Park, aka Paranoia Park,  where they’ll march for and end to crony capitalism and not making enough money and “ongoing attacks on people..and our right to organize.”

What, are the Occupiers now seeking to organize their–rock throwers or molotov cocktail makers or professional screamers?

Our response to this onslaught against humanity is to organize and FIGHT BACK!! People Over Profit!!

Wow, thanks for that. It would appear that Occupiers are “fighting back” against all the people who are just trying to get through a day filled with a job they’re grateful to have and want to get home to their kids. That’s speaking truth to power. What’s that you ask? That’s the sound of one hand clapping.

You tell 'em, Sparky.
You tell ’em, Sparky.

I’d be more impressed if they actually held the man they voted for accountable for the horrid decisions which made what could have been an 18 month long recession into five years and counting. I’m not holding my breath, though. 


Illegal Aliens Win Driver’s Licenses; Celebrate May Day as “Latino Spring.”

May Day Latino Spring enhancedIt’s hard to determine what’s more galling: giving people who came to this country driver’s licenses after we finally plugged that national security hole post 9/11, or a group of illegal economic opportunists putting themselves on par with people who have suffered the tyranny of despots. 

I say this is a jump gall.

The organization that purports to speak for illegal aliens in Oregon, CAUSA, is calling the annual May Day show of force (see post nearby) the “Latino Spring.”

The word that set the tone and gave meaning to a movement, “Prague Spring”– the (momentary) thawing of the authoritarian Soviet rule in Czchoslovakia in 1968–and which was misused during the disastrous “Arab Spring,” is being misused again by the La Raza set.


May Day latino springIn order for there to be a “Spring” there has to be a “Winter,” a tyrannical crackdown on the rights of citizens which sets off a rebellion. A government or military force that stomps citizens’ freedoms by the heel of a jack boot.  How can a collection of people rebel against the lack of freedom and rights if they’re not people who would ordinarily enjoy those rights anyway? Because, after all, isn’t the first requirement that you be a citizen?  If the government moved against a person’s rights, doesn’t it connote you’re entitled to those rights in the first place? If Latinos who are illegally in the US believe our government is a tyrannical force, shouldn’t they flee?

The last big immigration rallies in 2006 featured union members paid to be there.
The last big immigration rallies in 2006 featured union members paid to be there.

Against which tyrannical force would the “Latino Spring” be rebelling? A country which they broke the law to get into? Don’t you usually run AWAY from the tyrannical forces not TOWARD them? And what tyranny would they be pointing to, the rule of law? Our need for national security or orderly immigration policies? 

Using the “spring” moniker is almost as insulting as the illegal alien lobby’s demand for citizenship of people who jumped the line in front of a bunch of doctors and scientists who have waited patiently to receive their citizenship.  

They broke the law to be here, undoubtedly committed identity fraud to become employed, and have just won the privilege of getting United States ID–an Oregon driver’s license– in a country that has done nothing but look the other way during the commission of all these crimes. 

Against what governmental tyranny would they be rebelling? One of their own making. 

The immigration system is in need of a 100,000 mile overhaul but that overhaul should be done by citizens, not this annual extortion. 

CAUSA is advertising the fact that Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber is expected to sign the illegal alien drivers license bill during the “Latino Spring” march and rally.  

Oregon State House has passed SB833–Oregon’s Driver’s Card Bill. It will be signed into law by Governor Kitzhaber at a ceremony at May Day in Salem at 11am

And the Democrats running this country and this state have only one thought in mind: get those future voters to the polls muy rapido. 


I’ll Take Conspiracy Theories for $1000, Alex (Jones). Info Wars’ Reporter is Served in Boston. “Alex Jones is YOUR Jim Jones.” NSFW (Potty Talk)

H/T Hot Air via Right Scoop I like to run a clean blog around here and if I had a cleaned up version of this I would put it here instead, but this guy, Boston Marathon Alex Jones reporter ownedwhoever he is, who filleted an Alex Jones acolyte/reporter before a Boston news conference, is one to simply sit back and appreciate–especially out of the earshot of children. The trash talker so thoroughly takes down the conspiracy theory reporter that if that guy had dry panties by the time this was over I’d be surprised. 

In case you don’t know, Jones is the Info Wars website operator who has shopped every kind of wing nut conspiracy theory that the left LOVES such as that 9/11 was an inside job. He’s now out with the theory the FBI or CIA bombed all those people at the Boston Marathon in a ‘false flag’ operation. 

The trash talker seems to believe Jones is a right wing nut, but I must posit here that the only people I’ve ever heard who have bought the Alex Jones line are lefties, from Roseanne Barr to Rosie O’Donnell. You decide. 

Rees Lloyd: April 29, 1975: Vietnam War Infamy

      vietnam fall of saigon nyt      The philosopher George Santayana, famously wrote, in his  book The Life of Reason:
“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
            It is apt to remember Santayana’s wise observation in contemplation of April 29, 1975, for what happened on that date in the Vietnam War should be remembered  as a day of infamy, in order to prevent its ever being repeated.
            I note on this April 29, 2013, that my youngest daughter will be in her sophomore high school class in a government school today. There, her liberal progressive politically-correct, cultural-relativist government  NEA mis-educators will make no mention of the significance of April 29, 1975, or the Vietnam War.
Or, if they do, it will be to condemn it.
            They will, as per progressive-liberal self-righteous perversity, also condemn the American veterans sent to fight it, even though those veterans were told and believed they had been sent to war for a noble cause: To defend freedom and prevent the spread of totalitarian communism in Southeast Asia — Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.
            The lies of liberal progressives about what American military men and women did in Vietnam, spouted most prominently by such despicable self-promoting political liars as John Kerry and Jane Fonda, have lingered and lived longer than the truth of how those Vietnam veterans factually ought, and why they fought.
            For those still caught-up on a John Kerry-Jane Fonda propaganda time warp, one curative memoir describing the ignored humanitarian acts of American troops in the Vietnam war is Medal of Honor recipient Maj. Gen. Patrick H. Brady’s “Dead Men Flying—The Legend of Dust Off: America’s Battlefield Angels,” recently published in a new edition by WND Books. (
            For my daughter’s generation, then, the Vietnam War is as remote a historical war than was the First World War for my generation; maybe as remote for her generation as the Civil War.
            Her overwhelmingly liberal progressive government teachers in this the era of Progressive Liberal Obamaism, are also overwhelmingly composed of Americans who never served a day in defense of their country.
            They will, therefore, justify  their non-service in that war, Iraq, or Obama’s present war in Afghanistan, by following the liberal progressive John Kerry-Jane Fonda-Barack Obama line that the Vietnam War was a shameful war, a stain on America’s greatness.
            They will condemn it not because it was not fought to win it, which was shameful, but because it was fought at all.
            They will also fail to teach the nation’s children what was particularly shameful about April 29, 1975, an infamy which should never repeated.

This is the Last Helicopter out of Saigon. It stands with little distinction at the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, formerly known as Top Gun.
This is the Last Helicopter out of Saigon. It stands with little distinction at the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, formerly known as Top Gun.

          It is with a heavy heart that I report on April 29, 1975, because I am a patriot and I love my country; and  I did serve when called, though I was never deployed to Vietnam. It is painful to write of it of April 29, 1975. Therefore, with thanks to William J. Bennett and John T.E. Cribb, I report it in their words as written in their very valuable “The American Patriot’s Almanac:”

            “The events unfolded half a world away, but the last days of April 1975 were dark ones in American history.  The United States had withdrawn its forces from Southeast Asia, leaving the Communist North Vietnamese army to overrun South Vietnam. On April 29, as North Vietnamese troops encircled Saigon, American officials began a helicopter evacuation to get thousands of U.S. citizens, South Vietnamese allies, and others out of the capital city. On April 30, South Vietnam surrendered.
            “Just days earlier, a similar though smaller-scale evacuation had taken place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, as forces of the Communist Khmer Rouge moved in on that capital.  As U.S. officials fled the country, the American ambassador asked Prince Sirik Matak if he would like to leave. Matak’s response is difficult for Americans to read:
            “ ‘ I thank you very sincerely for your letter and your offer to transport me towards freedom. I cannot, alas, leave in such a cowardly fashion.  As for you, and in particular for your great country, I never believed for a moment that you would have this sentiment of abandoning a people which has chosen liberty. You have refused us your protection, and we can do nothing about it.  You leave, and my wish is that you and your country will find happiness under this sky. But mark it well, that if I shall die here on the spot and in my country that I love, it is no matter, because we are all born and must die. I have last helicopter out of saigon 2only committed this mistake of believing in you.’ ”
            “When the Khmer Rouge seized Phnom Penh, they shot Matak in the stomach.  Unattended, it took him three days to die. During the Khmer Rouge’s four-year reign of terror, some 1.5 million peopled died from execution, starvation, and forced labor.”
            I weep for my country that the words of Prince Sirik Matak ever had to be  spoken by one who believed in us, and was betrayed by us; who died for loving freedom over life, and died because he trusted us Americans. I hear the echo of Matak’s words in the word’s of the late Gen. Norman Swartzkropf who led our troops in the later Desert Storm, the first war against terrorism in Iraq:
“There are some things worth living for. There are some things worth dying for. One of those things is freedom.”
            I pray that Americans will never again have to feel the shame evoked when the words of Matak are remembered. After all these years, I feel my own sense of shame in reading Matak’s words, in that, while I served when called in the Vietnam-era, I was never deployed; and though I could have volunteered to go to Vietnam where others were sent to fight and 58,000 to die,  I didn’t volunteer, and others died in my place in Vietnam defending liberty, there, and here.
            It must be recognized in regard to that infamy exposed in Matak’s words that it was not the American soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and women, and coast guard who caused that infamy, and “lost the War in Vietnam,” as is so often wrongfully written.
            It was the government that caused that infamy, influenced by such miscreant liars as John Kerry, Jane Fonda, and their liberal clones who vociferously opposed the war in Vietnam — slandering and libeling the Americans who fought it – with righteous indignation until then-President Richard Nixon ended the draft, and thereby took the hot air out of the utterly hypocritical liberal “Peace Movement” (sic), which was not only effectively ended but which did nothing when the atrocities, the war crimes of the communists they supported, brought death to millions in Vietnam, Laos, and the “killing fields” of Cambodia.
            That infamy in Vietnam was caused by the government in Washington, which withdrew American forces from Vietnam and turned the defense of freedom entirely over to the Vietnamese themselves—but then withdrew the funding which was absolutely necessary for the Vietnamese to defend themselves against totalitarian communism and sealed their doom, and the doom of freedom.
Vietnam War Hero, Norman Schwarzkopf
Vietnam War Hero, Norman Schwarzkopf
            If there is any doubt as to that reality, the truth of it is passionately and devastatingly detailed by one of America’s greatest living military heroes,  Rear Admiral Jeremiah Denton (USN, ret), seven years and seven months a prisoner of war in Vietnam, in the epilogue in the new edition of his classic book, “When Hell Was In Session.” (WND.books.)
            Thus, on this anniversary date of the infamy in Vietnam beginning on  April 29, 1975, I pray that my daughter’s generation and her descendents  will learn, know, and remember the words of Matak when Americans broke trust and abandoned the cause of liberty, so that my daughter and those following generations will not be “condemned to repeat” that infamy as George Santyana warned.
            May they be taught and remember, too, the simply stated but profound truth expressed by Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf in this era’s war against terrorism:  
“There are some things worth living for. There are some things worth dying for. One of those things is freedom.”
(Rees Lloyd is a longtime civil rights lawyer, veterans activist, and a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce.)

DayLight Disinfectant: S’Mack Down! “Crazy Sheriff” Richard Mack Takes it to Gun Grabbers in Clark County!

sheriff mackVideo H/T Daylight Disinfectant 

Former Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, Richard Mack, issued a rhetorical slap down of the gun grabbers at a raucous speech Saturday night at the Clark County, Washington GOP’s Lincoln Day Dinner. The man whom the left loves to mock and who comes off as if he couldn’t care less, also issued a lambaste to the GOP: You should be more like the Constitution Party. He noted Republicans walking out on his speech.

Here’s Daylight’s video and then head over to his page to see links to Mack’s full speech and his appearance at the Coffee Villa open carry event in Orchards earlier in the day.

Rees Lloyd: Two Oregon MMA Fighters–Both Patriots–Featured at UFC 159. Oregon Media Ignores.

Team-Quest-Logo Two Oregonian Mixed Martial Arts athletes from renown Team Quest based in Gresham, OR — both patriots who have long supported troops and veterans — were featured on the Main Card of United Fighting Championships (UFC) 159 on Saturday, April 27, 2013.
            Although Chael Sonnen, of West Linn, did not prevail in his quest for the Light Heavyweight MMA SONNEN JONES 4-13Championship in the Main Event against Champion Johnny “Bones” Jones, who is rated No. 2 on the ratings for greatest “pound-for-pound fighter in MMA today, Pat Healy, a native of Salem fighting out of Team Quest, defeated highly-rated Lightweight contender Jim Miller in a spectacular performance which earned Healy bonuses for “Fight of the Night” and “Best Submission of the Night,” each worth $65,000.
            The main card match of UFC 159,  which is the undisputed “Big Leagues” of MMA, the fastest growing sport in the world, was seen by a sold-out crowd in Newark, NJ, and millions on pay-for-view nationally and internationally.
            However, it may as well have been held in a locked room under black-out conditions as far as Oregon media are concerned: The “Oregonian” newspaper, for instance, largest in the state, didn’t mention a word about the fact that two outstanding, world-class, Oregon athletes were competing on the biggest MMA stage in the world, the UFC, before the match on Saturday, or after it on Sunday.
            It raises the question again: Why isn’t MMA “newsworthy” to the otherwise sports conscious “Oregonian” and other Oregon news media — even when one Oregon MMA athlete, Sonnen, is fighting for a UFC MMA HEALY TEAM QUESTchampionship, the one that really matters,  and the other athlete, Pat “Bam Bam” Healy, takes out a Lightweight contender in a grueling fight to win not one but two of the sought-after bonuses, totaling $130,000 for Fight of the Night, and Submission of the Night?
            After all, this is Oregon news media that treats as newsworthy the “sporting” antics of Portland’s ultra-liberal super-narcissist “naked bike riders” racing nakedly through the city showing off what nobody else is really anxious to see.
            So, what is it about liberal progressive Portland media that makes its editors and reporters ever so fond of Ducks and Beavers (all sports), Timbers (soccer), Blazers (basketball), High School Sports, and naked liberal bike riders, but makes them recoil from  MMA like Dracula confronting a Cross?
            Is MMA  too violent, notwithstanding that it has produced no permanently disabling  injuries comparable, say,  to Boxing, Football, or, it must be said, the injuries and deaths caused by bike riding (the pedal kind) in Portland?
            What is it about MMA that offends the Oregon media? Why the progressive  media’s curled lip/wrinkled nose distain for MMA?
            Is it the sport? The fighters? The fans? Is it a cultural collision betwixt the mostly liberal progressive elitists of the media looking down upon the mostly college-educated but non-liberal mostly outspokenly patriotic MMA fighters, many of whom devote many days and hours donating time, talent, and energy training troops in hand-to-hand combat, putting on exhibitions to entertain and educate, and generally supporting active duty troops and veterans who have served — as do Team Quest’s Chael Sonnen, Pat Healy, and, among others Oregon’s Matt Lindland, Olympic Silver Medalist in Greco Roman Wrestling, MMA legend as fighter and coach, current Head Coach of the U.S. World Greco-Roman Wrestling Team, and co-founder of Team Quest MMA who has trained both Sonnen and Healy?
            Just how many hours and days have the reporters and editors of the progressive liberal media who look down their noses at MMA spent actively working with troops and vets as have MMA athletes, fighters and coaches?
            Whatever the reason for the media’s distain for MMA in Oregon, the fact is there is little or no reportage by the Oregonian in particular, and the Oregon media generally, no matter that MMA is the fastest growing sport in America, and the world, and that some of the top athletes in America are Oregonians competing in MMA.
            Wherefore, what the Oregonian media refuses to report on Oregon’s MMA fighters Chael Sonnen and Pat Healy in UFC 159 the Victoria Taft Blog does hereby as a public service:
Chael Sonnen fought in the main event of UFC 159 for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship against reigning champion Johnny “Bones” Joes, the youngest fighter ever to hold the championship in the 205-lb division.
            Sonnen, who twice fought for the UFC championship as the top contender in the 185-pound Middleweight division, giving champion Anderson Silva of Brazil the toughest battle of his career, moved up to the Light Heavyweight division to challenge Jones.
            Sonnen and Jones were the competing team coaches in the just concluded popular television series on FX, “The Ultimate Fighter” (TUF), in which up-and-coming MMA fighters compete for a UFC contract and become “The Ultimate Fighter” of the year.
            Although the Sonnen team prevailed in The Ultimate Fighter series, Sonnen did not prevail in his championship match with Jones.
            Although most who have faced Jones have come out cautiously to avoid the long-limbed Jones long distance striking and kicking skills, Sonnen came out to fight in the First Round of the scheduled three round fight as he always does — aggressively, with a head-on, challenging take-down attempt, which generally succeeds as Chael is regarded as one of the best wrestlers in MMA.
            It did not succeed against Jones. While Sonnen fought with skill, courage and daring as he always does, the taller, lankier Jones, who appeared so much bigger than Sonnen that commentators described Sonnen as “undersized” in the Light Heavyweight division, was able to hold Sonnen down and inflict “ground and pound” strikes which caused the referee to stop the fight and declare a technical knock out.
            Sonnen, who did not “tap out,” initially criticized the referee’s decision as prematurely stopping the fight. However, he later praised Jones’ performance in victory and said Jones the better fighter on that night.
            Jones, in the post-fight press conference was asked for his views on the referee’s stoppage. Jones’ concurred with Sonnen’s first view, stating that he, Jones, thought that the referee had stopped the fight prematurely and perhaps should have given Sonnen more time to recover.
            Sonnen, in a post-fight interview, gave the impression that he may retire as a fighter after the loss, saying that it appeared he would not again have the chance to compete for a title, having lost twice to Middleweight Champion (185-lbs) Anderson Silva as the No. 1 Contender, and now to Jones for the Light Heavyweight Championship (205 lbs.).ChaelSonnen11_crop_650x440
            The retirement of the colorful Sonnen, often referred to as “the quotable Chael Sonnen,” would be a loss to the sport.  As noted, he is generally regarded as one of the best, if not the best wrestler in MMA; he is also generally provocative, and entertaining, MMA fighter or commentator, with his sharply stated opinions and quick wit.
            Sonnen has had the unfortunate luck to be the No. 1 contender and fight for the Middleweight Championship against the Champion, Anderson Silva, who is currently regarded as “the best fighter pound-for-pound in the world;” and to fight for the Light Heavyweight Championship against Jones, who is rated No. 2 after Silva as the “best fighter pound-for-pound in the world.”
            But even if he does cease to compete as a fighter, Sonnen, an All American wrestler at the University of Oregon before becoming a professional in MMA,  will be involved in MMA as a coach, and will remain very visible as an MMA presence in his role as commentator and analyst  on the weekly MMA news and commentary show on the Fuel channel on cable. He was also featured as one of two commentators on the “UFC On Fox” broadcast of the Lightweight championship last Saturday (April
  Pat “Bam Bam” Healy, another Team Quest fighter who has made a name for himself nationally and internationally, fought on the same UFC main card in a battle against Jim Miller, a top contender, whom Healy defeated in a battle royale.
            “Bam Bam” Healy has faced some of the toughest opponents in the 155-pound division in the UFC until 2006, and after that in the then-competing “Strikeforce MMA, regarded as the second major MMA venue after the UFC.  This was Healy’s first appearance since UFC bought out Strikeforce and merged some of its fighters into, or in Healy’s case, back into, UFC.
             “Bam Bam” Healy earned his MMA nickname by his exciting style, and showed why in his fight against Jim Miller, a contender for the 155-lb title.
            It was a grueling fight that would ultimately win “Fight of the Night” honors, rewarding both fighters with a $65,000 bonus.
            The first round was furiously fought, with both men scoring points, but Miller having the edge and generally believed by commentators to have won that round. Healy was battered, bruised, and bloody, but came out with ferocious determination in the second round, leading commentators to designate Healy the winner of round two.
            That made the third and last round the deciding round of the fight. Both fighters again fought furiously and with great heart. However, late in the round, Healy took  Miller down and managed managed to apply a rear-naked-choke hold and lock it in. Miller refused to tap out, and passed out. Healy was named the winner by knock out.
            Healy, in winning his seventh fight in a row, and his first on a main UFC card since 2006,  also enjoyed the rare second honor for “Best Submission of the Night,” resulting in a second $65,000 bonus.
            Healy, now with a record of 32-15, has been respected but generally underrated in his long MMA, 47-fight career. A kind of ironic indication of that is that when the two fighters stood on either side of the referee to have the winner’s hand raised in victory, the UFC’s longtime ring (octagon) announcer, Michael Buffer, made what was called the first mistake of his long career – Buffer announced “And the winner is Jim Miller…No. Excuse me: Pat ‘Bam Bam’ Healy.”MMA HEALY TEAM QUEST 2
            The crowd roared its appreciation for the battle put on by the battered warrior Healy as his hand was raised and he broke into a huge smile.
            When announcer/commentator Joe Rogan interviewed Healy inside the octagon,
Healy said first,  “I’ve waited six years to be interviewed by you, Joe Rogan.” Healy then spoke of “what I’ve gone through in my career,” and how, whatever the outcome of any fight he would “always fight with heart.” He praised the skill and heart of his opponent Jim Miller, then gave notice that he was back and ready to take on anybody in the 155-lb division.
            It was a great moment Pat “Bam Bam” Healy, 29, a native of Salem, a fighter from Team Quest in Gresham in the Portland area, a man of faith and patriotic love of country and gratitude to the veterans who have kept it free; a man who has risen from humble Oregon circumstances to become, by hard work, true grit, and a great warrior’s heart, one of Oregon’s finest athletes; a man having his hand raised in victory after a momentous battle on the biggest MMA stage in the world, on the main card of UFC 159.
            It’s too bad that the Oregonian and the other liberal progressive Oregon media didn’t notice.
            Millions of others did.
            To see Pat Healy’s post-fight interview, which the Oregon media has ignored, along with his victory, please go to: Healy post-fight interview.
Here’s anotheR interview after the bout in which the “jacked up” fighter told his interviewer, “I feel like a million bucks.”

Occupy Portland Goes Hollywood

Occupy Portland Hollywood ReporterOccupy Portland has gained the attention of the Hollywood Reporter over the closure of several AFTRA-SAG offices throughout the country, including one in Portland.  

Two Portland area Screen Actors Guild and American Federation for Television and Radio Artists union members are on the national board. Mary McDonald-Lewis and Chrisse Roccaro have combined with Occupy Portland to save the local office.

McDonald-Lewis said that losing the office would result in loss of political clout for the local. Without events and the “galvanizing force” of an office, she said members will disperse and be less supportive of the union.

“Without an office, there’s no there there,” she said. “There’s no unity.” She called having an office an essential part of maintaining unity during strikes, and added that losing the Local’s staff, including the executive director, political veteran Nathaniel Applefield, would reduce the union’s clout with state government — an especially touchy matter since a bill is currently pending in the state legislature to increase Oregon’s tax incentives.

And who better to know about than than Occupy Portland which, since it was ousted from the downtown Portland parks in November of 2012 have struggled to keep their identity beyond rabble rousers and who were recently trying to raise money to keep an office open. 

Scott St. Clair: To Arms, To Arms, And This Means You!

After the Boston Marathon bombing gun control should be swept from the table and replaced with a serious national conversation on the duty of Americans to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves and their communities.

guns st clair 7The irony of a terrorist in Boston, the cradle of American liberty and the original home of the Minutemen, shouldn’t be lost on anyone. Our country was founded in response to shouts of “To arms, to arms,” and not much has changed from that day to this.

Like their colonial ancestors and for themselves and their communities, citizens must be armed and ready to act at a moment’s notice, not hunkered down in fear in their basements wishing they hadn’t voted for politicians who stripped them of the means to defend themselves.

Until now, the gun debate has centered on the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. But with every right comes a duty, and in “the new normal,” the post-Boston cliché de jour, that duty is to take up arms where local authorities can’t or won’t get the job done.  No mere words – you fight fire with fire, not with anti-fire rhetoric.

 We’ve just seen the first successful terrorist attack – a low-tech and seemingly unpreventable effort by two disaffected guns st clair 6Muslim-inspired brothers — on American soil since 9/11 (Nidal Hasan’s mass slaughter at Fort Hood, TX is still stupidly classified as “workplace violence”). Daily we hear of expected riots in the streets of America from pundits on the left and the right that bring to mind the Korean shop owners during the 1992 Rodney King riots in Los Angeles who took to their rooftops with military-style rifles to defend their property and their lives. 

Sandy Hook and Aurora, CO evidenced the folly of so-called “gun-free zones” and what happens when only those bent on death and destruction are armed. Never again.

Local police are hammered by budget cuts that cripple their ability to protect citizens. In many cities, people pay taxes for police protection they don’t get so they’re forced to pay for private security, a fact not unique to one town – see here, here and here. The stress on cops in Chicago is so great that one recently was driven to commit suicide.

The police repeatedly tell us that they can’t protect us against predators and home invaders — between the time you call 911 and they arrive, you’re on your own.

There’s even an argument that can be made that local police – beat cops on the street, not political cops who do and say what they’re told – would welcome the help since they’re not crazy about current efforts to disarm the citizenry.

guns st clair 5On the federal level, The Department of Homeland Security is buying up every bullet and armored vehicle in sight for reasons known only to them – they won’t let Congress know why – but it must be in anticipation of large-scale civil unrest.  Heck, DHS has more ammo than the army!

With the declining ability or willingness of government to put public safety and protection first on the list of spending priorities citizens must organize their own self-protection. We have the ability to do it, history is in our favor and the legal mechanism exists, so why not?

Here’s how: Expand the existing unorganized militia of the United States to include all otherwise qualified (no felons, illegal aliens, legitimate conscientious objectors, etc.) men and women between the ages of 16 and 70 and provide that they shall be armed with handguns and rifles and trained in the use of them at their own expense.  Unless you’re specifically out, you’re in with no exemption because you don’t like guns or find minimal regimentation distasteful — we’re talking duty here.

It’s not like this is new – I floated a similar idea over a year ago on the theory that if the government can tell you to buy health insurance it can tell you to buy a firearm. And a number of American communities already mandate gun ownership, admittedly mostly small ones in the South.

I’ll bet most folks didn’t know that federal law says that all men between 17 and 45 who are U.S. citizens or who have declared their intent to become one are automatically members of the militia. So why not expand it in terms of age and gender? We’re not talking about sending people into combat, so age isn’t a consideration. If an armed 70-year-old can defend two teenage girls from a robbery, then he can be in the militia.

Since women are now allowed to take front-line combat assignments, they can stand shoulder-to-shoulder in defense of guns st clair 4their neighborhoods too.

Objections that mandatory inclusion in the militia is unconstitutional are trumped by court rulings upholding the constitutionality of the draft.  And of course, the concept of a citizen militia predates the founding of the republic.

 It was an armed citizenry – a self-appointed posse — that confronted Jesse James and his gang when they tried to rob a bank in Northfield, MN in 1876.  

The Constitution authorizes it. The Second Amendment guarantees the right of individual Americans to keep and bear arms irrespective of membership in a militia. In what are called the “enumerated powers” of Congress raising, arming, training and setting the rules for a militia is specifically mentioned. If you mandate militia membership, then the legs are cut right out from under those who argue that gun rights are contingent upon being in a militia.

In fact, the original Second Amendment notion of a “well-regulated militia” writ large is what I’m talking about.  There’s more plain-language constitutional authority for this proposal than there is for the whole lot of specious gun-control guns st clair 3measures getting kicked around at the state and federal levels.

It’s inconvenient or you don’t have time or you have plans or what about work or whatever are details you can work around. On December 8, 1941, hundreds of thousands of American men reordered their priorities and made their way to enlist to defend their country.

As in colonial times, each member of the militia will provide her own hand gun and rifle from a list developed by experts in the field drawn from law enforcement and the military. I favor the H&K P30 semiguns st clair 2-automatic handgun because it’s fully operational for both right and left-handed (me) shooters.  That I already own one factors in too.  Figure to spend $800 – 900 for a P30.

Other models at other price points may prove more suitable for other shooters – there’s a near infinite variety of them.

gun st clair 2As for a rifle, just as early American colonists and pioneers kept “Old Betsy” above the fireplace, militia members will have today’s version—something on the order of a Bushmaster Carbon 15 Carbine, with a MSRP of under $950 – locked securely in the gun safe.

Training is readily available all throughout the country. Expect to pay $1,000 on up for a week-long session each for hand guns and rifles, and anticipate three or four additional weeks, part how-to and safety and part tactical in nature. You’ll learn not only how to fire your guns, but how to safely fire them in tandem with others when called upon to serve.

Standardizing types and calibers of allowable firearms will lead to volume cost savings, and maybe a tax credit for weapons and training will cushion the blow. Whatever the tab, it pales in comparison to what we’re learning will be the real cost of Obamacare.

The diligent and conscientious citizen will independently practice and study to show herself approved. The Internet is chock full of information about gunslearn the truth about so-called “assault rifles” – and ammunition.  That will give them a leg up on some in Congress who want to legislate counter-productive restrictions on gun rights while remaining ignorant about their basic nature.

 Speaking of ignorance, because knowledge is power and the more we know of something the less we’re  afraid of it, look for the opposition to guns and gun control generally to drop like a rock even more than it has after heretofore non gun owners become accustomed to and comfortable with their weapons.

guns st clair 1Aside from being mugged by reality, nothing like practice and experience turns a gun-hating liberal into a gun-loving liberal. And wouldn’t it be amusing to see Jim Carrey on YouTube at the range taking target practice with his rifle preparing him to serve the community in which he lives rather than slime a gun-rights supporter who is dead and can’t respond?

When Thomas Jefferson was president, he said in an 1808 message to Congress, “For a people who are free and who mean to remain so, a well-organized and armed militia is their best security.”

The more there are threats to our peace and liberty, the more citizens must be fight back against them. Boston showed how at risk we are since the police can’t be everywhere at once and who knows when someone will burst into your home with mayhem in mind?

It’s a two-pronged threat since equally threatening are politicians who are always on the prowl for new ways to control the people and make them more subservient and docile. They can be held at bay for a time, but they’re always lurking about. The Second Amendment was also meant to give them pause, so an armed nation ought to do the trick.

As James Madison wrote in Federalist No. 46, when the people are armed, there’s a barrier against an encroaching government, a freedom unique to Americans that no other people on earth at the time had. One freedom the Constitution secured to them was “the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation…(where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.” 

Your right to defend self, family and property AND the increasingly obvious duty we all have to participate in the defense of community call for strong action. Misguided and counter-productive efforts to disarm the populace no longer make sense. They must stop now and be replaced by an armed and trained citizen militia – “well regulated” in the true sense – ready to answer the call and determined to get the job done.

This means you.

AG Holder: Amnesty for Illegal Aliens is a U.S. “Civil Right”

Illegals crossing borderH/T National Review

Here’s a man who is the highest law enforcement authority in the country who thinks that the civil right of citizenship should be given to anyone who wants it or can sneak into the country and steal it. 

“The way we treat our friends and neighbors who are undocumented by creating a mechanism for them to earn citizenship and move out of the shadows transcends the issue of immigration status. This is an issue of civil and human rights.”

Holder made this incoherent (but politically correct sounding) proclamation in a key note address to MALDEF (a special interest lawfare group) last night.

As the National Review says here:

So, the chief law-enforcement officer of the United States of America asserts that receiving amnesty for breaking the nation’s laws is a civil right. This is at once astonishing and surreal: the rule of law in subordination to political imperative. What other violations of law are excusable as a civil right? If the rule of law is as malleable as Holder’s statement suggests, should Dzhokar Tsarnaev be amnestied for his violations? If not, where does Holder draw the line and why?

Boston Marathon Bombers: Start Spreading the News! New York, New York!

times square bombing attemptAccording to the not-dead terrorist, the Boston Marathon bombers were headed to New York’s Times Square to set off the rest of their bombs and kill and maim a few hundred other people. The narrative of the story you’ve heard is that it was a spontaneous move.

Spontaneous? C’mon.  


This is a valuable piece of information, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why no one is talking much about the real import of the statement. 

The bombers wanted to go to Times Square because that was the scene of an unsuccessful, thwarted bombing attempt by another jihadi and Anwar Al Awlaki acolyte. 

Spontaneous? Please. 

They wanted to go and finish the job. 

Portland’s Bike Cult Take their Jedi Mind Tricks to LA for CicLAvia

ciclaviaBike cultists call last weekend’s  “CicLAvia,”  an organic, fantastical success. A movement, even. The future of bicycling in LA!

It was a success. 

Like a convention is a huge, organic success. 

Thousands of people showed up last weekend to the  event called cicLAvia  (an LA twist on the word ciclovia, as a similar event is called in Colombia) . Bike enthusiasts sent the word: Come! People drove, flew, bused and choo choo’d their way to the eventso they could bike along the streets of LA. Of course they can do this everyday, but this time the city would close the streets to cars.

Which is the point. 

The bike lobby–yes, the bike lobby– likescar free 3 to say they took the idea of the car free event from Colombia. They want to sell it as a party! A carnival! What they’re really doing is jacking up the numbers for PR purposes so they can go to the City of Los Angeles and others cities and close streets to cars. Period.  That’s the end game. They hate cars. The “party” is the blind behind which the car haters hide.

Here’s the real inspiration for the bike cultists,

The World Carfree Network is an international network that coordinates the actions of car-free advocates from around the world. It is the main hub of the global car-free movement. …Working to reduce the human impact on the natural environment while improving the quality of life for all are major goals. Car Free Days are official events with the common goal of taking a fair number of cars off the streets of a city or some target area or neighborhood for all or part of a day, in order to give the people who live and work there a chance to consider how their city might look and work with significantly fewer cars. The first events were organised in Reykjavík (Iceland), Bath (UK) and La Rochelle (France) in 1995.[20] [emph mine]

Hey, what happened to the party?! 

In fact the car haters use parties to sell their message. The bike cultists have spawned naked bike rides (go here for pictures, if you dare); critical mass, an anarchist bike group which started in San Francisco and whose sole aim is to “kill cars” (see photo nearby)bike nazi logo; ‘kidical mass,’ teaching kids how to take over the streets from cars and other ‘fun’ bike rides. They point to those events to attest to massive bike usage and use those jacked up numbers to claim more political power at city hall. The bike groups count usage during September, the warmest month of the year, to puff up numbers. Most of the people using bikes are government employees and students.

kidical mass tweet2

Bike cult capital, Portland,  started blocking areas off for bikes only on Sundays in the mid 2000’s. City officials called them what they were: Car Free Zones. But that made car owners realize the city hated them. So, the City of Portland changed the name. The Mayor began calling the car free zones “Portland Parkways.” And, like LA’s cicLAvia, people drove, bused, choo choo’d in to enjoy the free party paid for by taxpayers in the middle of the streets. Eventually the name became Sunday Parkways.

bike oregonian reporters cyclist groupAnd this political and social movement has the media as its main cheerleaders. The alt media, is on board and, in Portland, one of the main newspaper’s chief political reporters, Jeff Mapes, has written a book on bicycling and is part of the newspapers BICYCLING beat reporters. 

Mapes traveled down to LA to check out the new and improved cicLAvia, and found it enchanting,

I met my cousin, … his wife … and son at MacArthur Park and rode with them  to Culver City, where we had a picnic lunch in a nicely shady park.  With time running out to return my bike and get back to the airport, I turned back toward downtown and started to hustle, letting the L.A. kaleidoscope turn impressionistic. 

L.A. often feels like a city of disconnected neighborhoods, said Andrea Denike Martinez, a landscaper riding with her friends — the Bodacious Bike Babes.

But on a day like this, she explained, “it feels like we’re one community.”

Nice huh? Betcha that’ll get you lots of grant money from the cities for more of these political events.