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Vancouver’s Anti Light Rail Activists Hold Successful Fund Raiser

H/T to Larry Patella who is one of the leaders of the group

“[O]ur “Stop Light Rail” fund raiser was a tremendous success.  Not only are we rapidly approaching our goal, we were energize by the enthusiastic support of those in attendance and the words of encouragement Provided by our outstanding speaker: 

(Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey, Senator Don Benton, County Commissioner Tom Mielke, Vancouver Port Commissioner Jerry Oliver, Vancouver City Council Member Bill Turlay, CRC info facts Team Member, Mark Engleman, Washington Initiative King Tim Eyman, and Stop Light Rail Petition Attorney, Stephen Pidgeon)
We headed into the fund raiser with a war chest of $8,712.00 and we now have $12,672.00.
Our sincere thanks and appreciation to all who have joined us in this effort to restore “We the People’s Right to be Heard”

    However our work is not yet done.  We still need your help to reach our goal. If you were not able to attend our fund raiser last night, we would appreciate it if you would please send us a check, payable to: (“Legal Defense for Stop Light Rail Initiative (Stephen Pidgeon).”

For your information any donations you make to our Legal Defense Fund ARE CONFIDENTIAL/ANONYMOUS. 

Remember ours is no longer a political effort, it is a legal effort and so contributions to attorney’s fees for a legal case are not made public.

Mail your most generous contribution to: 

Legal Defense for Stop Light Rail Initiative (Stephen Pidgeon) c/o Debbie Peterson PO Box 872204 Vancouver, WA 98687″

Scott St. Clair: DOMA Is and Should Go Constitutionally Extinct


George Will has an excellent column on why the Defense of Marriage Act violates the Constitution, but not for the reasons you think. Until 1996, it was a given: Marriage was not a subject of federal law or regulation. There is nothing in the Constitution about marriage, individual states had exclusive jurisdiction to define and regulate marriage as they saw fit and all was right with the world of federalism, or at least it was on this issue.

But in 1996 and under a liberal Democratic president with support from liberal Democrats in the House and Senate, DOMA was enacted and presumed to define marriage for purposes of federal law as between one man and one woman. It was a perfect expression of the left’s view of federalism: When the Constitution gets in your way or doesn’t give you the authority to do something, make up stuff that gets you where you want to go since the ends always justify the means no matter whose rights get shredded in the process.

Social conservatives were elated, but they gave no thought to the consequences to our federal system. Then again, they rarely give thought to any political or economic policy outside their own point of view–in that they closely resemble liberals and progressives. Conservatives largely supported DOMA because they had yet to be mugged by the reality of how an abuse of federalism would come back to seriously bite them in the ass on issues such as Obamacare. What few libertarians there were in those days were uneasy because they saw DOMA as an unwarranted reach by the federal government — let the states do it, they said. 

Now, however, the libertarian point of view is in the ascendancy on the right (cf. Paul, Rand), social conservatives have lost much of their political clout, gay marriage has attained a level of acceptance hitherto unimaginable a few years ago and several states have legalized gay marriage outright. So what’s the Supreme Court to do since it is slated to hear arguments on the constitutionality of DOMA along with California’s Proposition 8, a 2008 voter-approved measure that defined marriage as between a man and a woman, later this month?

The Obama administration refuses to defend DOMA in court. Former DOMA supporters on the left have undergone a politically correct and oh so convenient foxhole conversion (cf. Obama, Barack and Clinton, Hillary and Bill) in favor of gay marriage. They have been joined by several on the right including DOMA’s original sponsor, former Rep. Bob Barr, R-GA, and former Vice President Dick Cheney, the left’s ultimate incarnation of all things evil and Darth Vaderish who was out there in favor of gay marriage when Moses still wore short pants.

Add to this that many, if not most, Americans, especially younger ones, are simply indifferent on the issue. But does this mean SCOTUS will find a right to gay marriage per se in the Constitution? I certainly hope not since there is nothing in the U.S. Constitution mandating such an outcome.

DOMA can and should be struck down as unconstitutional because it is an intrusion of the federal government into an area reserved exclusively to the states — nothing more, and nothing less. That being said, the states are free to legalize gay marriage, ban gay marriage (38 states have done so, including California where Proposition 8 is valid and constitutional), find some middle ground on gay marriage or do nothing at all on gay marriage. If supporters or opponents of gay marriage find this unacceptable that’s probably good for federalism and bad for them — they can always move to a state more attuned to their point of view. Welcome to what it means to live in a constitutional republic.

 Scott St. Clair is a journalist, rhetorical pugilist, agent provocateur, aider and abbetor of James O’Keefe and a former competitive Highland piper. He says what he thinks, means what he says and doesn’t suffer fools. He’s also a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce. His opinions are entirely his own, and you shouldn’t expect them to mirror yours.

Scott St. Clair: Steubenville Studs Deserve Their Own Medicine

steubenville rapistsIf I hear one more whining lament about how the lives of those poor boys in Steubenville, OH have been ruined by their rape conviction and the possibility of a life-long tag as registered sex offenders, I’m going to say or do something the whiner will eternally regret. What football jocks Trent Mays, 17, and Ma’lik Richmond, 16, did — rape a passed-out 16-year-old girl — was inexcusable, reprehensible, disgusting and criminal in the worst sense, and they deserve a far harsher punishment than the one meted out to them.

They committed a heinous sex offense, so what’s the big deal about labeling them “sex offenders”? The designation should be tattooed on their foreheads with an invitation for the general public to beat upon them with hammers. Or am I being soft?

Had they raped a girl in another year or two when they were 18, then they would have faced up to 25 years in the penitentiary, which would have given them an opportunity to experience what being a rape victim is all about – a dose of their own medicine.

These two he-men had as much regard and respect for the life of another human being as did the Colorado movie house shooter or the murderer of the school kids in Newtown, CT.

And let’s just cut the drivel about them being “children” whose minds “haven’t fully formed.” They were old enough to know right from wrong, they intended to do exactly what they did and their subsequent behavior evidenced guilt and an attempt to first brag about it and then conceal what they had done.

If you can’t do adult time, don’t do adult crime. A century ago, they would have been hung, so maybe they should thank their lucky stars.

It gets worse. A lot of people who should be punished won’t be because the criminal law doesn’t stretch far enough, a pending Ohio grand jury investigation notwithstanding, to encompass complicit, indifferent and incompetent parents, coaches and school officials who looked the other way, local “citizens” who enabled all forms of illegal and gross behavior in return for fleeting high-school-football glory and much more.

Reno Saccoccia, the head football coach at Steubenville High School is in on it because he knew about the crime but didn’t object to it or report it. In fact and true to his reported history, he tried to “fix it” by covering it up and shielding Mays and Richmond from prosecution as he has for other young minions of his in the past. Just another day at the office for the coach.

One news report described Steubenville sports as “a teenage culture of weak ethics, rampant alcohol abuse and poor family structures” with the rape a result that “wasn’t strikingly different than any other night in the life of a Big Red football player.” After all, boys will be boys, right?

According to CNN, apparently so.  The cable news network has whined about the unfairness of the sentence, yet it has deservedly been on the receiving end of brickbats and bitch slaps for its pro-rape coverage. 

Candy Crawley and Poppy Harlow – how can anyone named “Candy” or “Poppy” be taken seriously? – shed alligator tears over the poor defendants whose lives are now, according to one of them, “ruined.” Well, the rape victim didn’t have a nice day either.

Steubenville is a busted town that offers no hope for anyone or anything save vicarious thrills achieved on the playground of schoolboys who then must be shielded from any sense of responsibility or respect. America is filled with Steubenville’s, large and small, with a variety of assumed names like State College, PA where sometimes the stadia are larger presumably to accommodate the number of victims or the grotesque nature of officially covered-up crimes.

Vicarious living through sports, high school, college or otherwise, isn’t living at all. Nor is it something conservatives and libertarians should endorse since it disabuses an essential tenet of our creed: individual achievement.

Sports are entertainment and fine so far as it goes, but games aren’t a substitute for life. When they become one, as they did in Steubenville or at Penn State, which, for the clueless, is located in State College, PA, then it always ends badly.  

It’s not like I haven’t said it before, but places like these should have their sports programs permanently eliminated, their sports facilities razed and their schools taken over by harsh nuns with switches.

Lorena Bobbitt, where are you now that we need you?

Scott St. Clair is a journalist, rhetorical pugilist, agent provocateur, aider and abbetor of James O’Keefe and a former competitive Highland piper. He says what he thinks, means what he says and doesn’t suffer fools. He’s also a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce. His opinions are entirely his own, and you shouldn’t expect them to mirror yours.


Connecticut Citizen to Anti Gun Lawmakers: You Can’t Control Everything, Evil Exists. Constitution Guarantees Liberty–Not Safety.

Guns testimony CtH/T CNS
He didn’t ride in on one, but Robert STEED took it to Connecticut lawmakers with some common sense observations about a flurry of gun legislation following the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting. Steed observed this is his third day he’d taken off work to testify.

“I can’t for the life of me understand how this state can have as many gun laws on the books as it does and have members of its Legislature need to take firearms 101. “

Steed calmly countered some of the snide remarks about the National Rifle Association he’d heard bandied about by the committee members saying, 

“The NRA will do more  about firearms safety this weekend than this committee will do in your careers.”

And the fall out of the school shooting and its effect on safety:

“Adam Lanza commits a crime and I’m here to grovel for my rights and explain to you that my firearms are kept safely.”

And not only does Steed have to explain about gun safety, he needs to explain the constitution,

“The reason that your jobs are becoming so difficult is because you’re coloring outside the lines of constitutional parameters. That’s the bottom line. You are trying to marriage up public safety with constitutional rights. The Constitution did not guarantee public safety, it guaranteed liberty. And sometimes what comes with liberty is tragedy, unfortunately,” he stated

Watch this video of this man’s testimony. Somebody transcribe it take it with them when they testify. He’s masterful. 

Oregon Secretary of State: ‘Voter Registration Shouldn’t be Barrier to Voting.’

 kate brownThink about these words from Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown,

“I do not think that voter registration should be a barrier to participation in voting,”

The leftist Secretary of State is now trying to convince Oregonians that the mere act of having to REGISTER TO VOTE is an impediment to actual voting. It’s an impediment to exercising your franchise, they would have you believe. Brown is calling on the legislature to allow Oregonians to register to vote using their driver‘s licenses–you know, the same driver’s licenses her comrades on the left would like to issue to illegal aliens. 

Let’s unpack this for a moment. It sounds like a laudable goal to register all eligible Oregonians to vote, doesn’t it? WHO could possibly be against it? Well I am for one. If you don’t care enough to go online and register to vote–an act that may take all of two minutes, then you don’t deserve to vote. You shouldn’t be allowed near a ballot. 

The left so dkate brown daily kosevoutly wants ballots in the hands of all eligible voters using any means necessary because, they simultaneously claim, the right to vote is sacrosanct. If it’s so special–a near act of religiosity, then why make it easier? Why not make it harder and more special? Why not make it a literal act of faith like showing up in a voter’s booth for instance, instead of  receiving a ballot in the mail, which only cheapens the process? 

But that wouldn’t help Democrats would it? 

In his post, Oregonian reporter Jeff Mapes reports, 

Michael McDonald, a political scientist at George Mason University in Virginia, said Canada created a similar system in the 1990s that produced near-universal registration. Still, actual voter turnout in that country continued to slide, he said, demonstrating that higher registration didn’t counter a trend toward lower turnout.

But Brown’s leftist grab for power must be cast as a special-ness or preciousness. 

“it will be an interesting experiment in Oregon,” said McDonald. “In some ways, we’re in unique territory here.”

Yes, uniquely partisan and uniquely fraud inviting. 



Dialing Back Oregon’s Cell Phone Law

texting driving intexticatedI hope State Senator Larry George’s bill to allow cab drivers to use their cell phones is approved by the entire Oregon Legislature. In fact, if this is the first step in the eventual repeal of this bill, it will be a good step for freedom in Oregon.

Oregon Democrat legislators began the hang up and drive laws in 2009 with the-impossible-to -enforce-law against teenage cell phone use. You could see it coming: adults were next. And in 2011 the legislature expanded the law to include hand held cell phone use by adults. Everyone had seen someone talking on a cell phone and driving. Something must be done.                                                                                     Cell phone driver distraction

But they had a problem: Proof. Early on statisticians used the fact that cell phones were present in cars as ‘proof’ they were complicit in a crash. As more people like me blew the whistle on these suspect stats, well intended law makers began to trot out anecdotal evidence of horrible accidents caused by crazies texting or talking and driving. These cases are horrible, of course. As a result of these optics, lawmakers began introducing the hands free only cell phone laws as something worth doing because it was easy, the price was so cheap and, after all, “if we can save just one life…” People like me, who saw it as a freedom issue, a slippery slope, were hissed at and catcalled, often times on my own show.

Then came the evidence that hands free cell phone use was no safer than holding a cell phone. Studies showed it was the act of talking that was the distracting aspect. What to do? Like the folks who morphed “man made global warming” into “climate change,” safety poohbahs conflated the parade of horribles from cell phones and driving under an umbrella label called, “Distracted Driving.” A gullible bunch of lawmakers from coast to coast will no doubt heed the cue and attempt to put a stop to this scourge– whatever it is.

The demonization of cell phones persists, of course. I mean, hundreds of lawmakers can’t be proven wrong, can they? A recent study purported to claim that cell phone use is worse than drunk driving. Forty people took to simulators where the pace car driver at a whim threw the brakes on. People who were on cell phones rear ended the pace car more often. I’m sure Mothers Against Drunk Driving would like to have a word with the authors of this study.

Now there’s another study showing that talking to your kids in the back seat is a distraction.

This is the wacell phone ban cartoony it starts, of course. They demonize one object, establishing a beachhead in the cockpit of your car, and then find out other things are just as dangerous. Now what will they try to ban in your car–talking to your kids? Fast food? Drinking a Starbucks? What about drive thru Dutch Brothers? 

George’s Senate Bill 294 was supported by all the Republicans and a few Democrats, including Chip Shields, Betsy Johnson and Arnie Roblan and allows hard working cab drivers use their cell phones. I hope cab drivers get the ability to talk on cell phones again. It’s good for business and it might just be good for all the rest of us of us. 




Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly Coming to Salem in April

gabby giffordsFormer Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly, plan to come to Salem for a fund raiser for a local hospital. Perhaps you saw this on my facebook page ( a few days back. No doubt they’ll use this event to talk up their new found charity against guns. Keep an eye on this one. 

From the release:

On Friday, April 26, join us and the Medical Foundation of Marion and Polk Counties for a benefit of their two groundbreaking programs, MedAssist and Project Access. This year’s event, once again held at the Historic Elsinore Theatre, features NASA Shuttle Commander Mark Kelly and a special appearance by his wife, former Congresswoman Gabby  Giffords.

Launched in 2002, MedAssist is a prescription assistance program that has provided thousands of low income residents in Marion and Polk counties access to free prescription medications worth millions of dollars.

Project Access provides a full spectrum of medical services at no charge to low income, uninsured residents of Marion and Polk Counties. Launched in 2009, the program has already provided free medical services valued at over $25 million to more than a thousand residents in our communities.

Neither of these programs would be possible without the dedication and commitment of local physicians, hospitals, support staffs and other medical facilities that donate their time, expertise and funds to make them possible.

Tickets are available at the Elsinore Theatre box office and all TicketsWest locations. For more information or to purchase tickets, call the Elsinore Theatre box office at (503) 375-3574 or at any TicketsWest location or online at


The Most Important Speech at CPAC 2013

All day long I’ve been swabbing my house and keeping me company? Hour after hour of all the speeches from CPAC 2013. I loved Sarah Palin’s speech–“step away from the telepromptr, Mr. President and lead” –later grabbing her Big Gulp cup, Ted Cruz’s fabulous exhibition, Marco Rubio’s charged up reminder of what makes America great and Phyllis Schlafley’s tales from the front lines. But I believe the most important speech of the event is one that won’t get much play. It’s the one that is the most important because of who made the speech. It was made by an author whom I’ve tried countless times to come on my show to talk about just this thing. 

eric metaxasThe most important speech was by Eric Metaxas who spoke on religious liberty. It is one speech that as an American you cannot miss. Metaxas has especial moral authority to tell this tale because he has done deep study into the last time the world saw this loss of religious liberty–under the Nazis. He tells this tale in his book Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy. 

Here is an excerpt of that speech and below is the video of his talk. Please watch it.

Okay, so where are the threats to Religious Freedom in America today? Well, for one thing, understand we are not talking about Freedom of Worship. In a speech 18 months ago, Hillary Clinton replaced the phrase Freedom of Religion with Freedom of Worship — and my hero and friend Chuck Colson noticed and was disturbed by it.  Why? Because these are radically different things. They have Freedom of Worship in China. But what exactly is Freedom of Worship?

In my book Bonhoeffer I talk about a meeting between Bonhoeffer’s friend, the Rev. Martin Niemoller, who early on in the Third Reich was one of those fooled by Hitler.  And in that meeting he says something to Hitler about how he, Niemoller, cares about Germany and Third Reich — and Hitler cuts him off and says “I built the Third Reich. You just worry about your sermons!”

There in a few words you have the idea of Freedom of Worship.  Freedom of Worship says you can have your little strange rituals and say whatever you like in your little religious buildings for an hour or two on Sundays, but once you leave that building you will bow to the secular orthodoxy of the state! We will tell you what to think on the big and important questions. Questions like when life begins and who gets to decide when to end it and what marriage is…  And if you don’t like it, tough luck! That’s Freedom of Worship and that have that in China and they had it in Germany in Bonhoeffer’s day…

But the Founding Fathers said just the opposite! They said the faith inside that church building must live on and flourish outside that building. In fact, the Founders believed the success of the American Experiment depends on it! In Os Guinness’s book — A FREE PEOPLE’S SUICIDE – he reminds us that the Founders believed Freedom of Religion was at the heart of the American Experiment.

In that book he talks about the Golden Triangle of Freedom — I’ll bet you never heard about that in school or in college. He explains that the Founders knew that Freedom and Self-Government were not possible without Virtue. Without virtue, we would simply vote to line our own pockets and elect those leaders who would line our pockets. Sound familiar? But they believed that Freedom required Virtue and Virtue in turn required Faith. It was mainly Faith that motivated citizens toward Virtue.  So Freedom required Virtue and Virtue required Faith — but Faith in turn required Freedom.  Faith requires Freedom. The whole triangle falls apart if you take away any of those three things. They support each other.  Please read A FREE PEOPLE’S SUICIDE.

Ginny Burdick Takes Cover Behind Her Office in Gun Battle

Public Records Ginny BurdickState Senator Ginny Burdick, who claimed she cancelled a March 4th citizen’s town hall meeting because of threats against her by “gun extremists,” is now stonewalling efforts to see proof of those threats. Burdick has alleged threats against her on local and national television.

As I reported here, on March 8th, I filed a public records request with Senator Burdick’s office to receive,

“…all reports by the Senator and her staff to law enforcement and recordings, written communications, including texts, facebook messages, emails and tweets, and visual proof of threats she received prompting her to cancel her Town Hall meeting at Portland State University on March 4, 2013.”

I concluded my request by stating,

Ms. Burdick has made very serious allegations against people she has described recently in interviews and on her own facebook page as gun nuts and wackos. It’s necessary for her to substantiate her claims of threats and I look forward to reporting on the veracity of those claims.

As I reported here, Burdick provided KATU news with emails she claimed were threatening but which did not appear to rise to the level of actual threats. Were they threats there would have been more prominent news coverage and criminal charges forthcoming. Here’s an example she gave to the TV station.
But instead of satisfying the request for documents to prove these new allegations, something that should have been easy for her staff to do, she lateraled my request to the Legislative Counsel Dexter A. Johnson who sent me this response which read in part,
The Legislative Assembly and members and staff of the Legislative Assembly are not subject to the public records law during periods in which the Legislative Assembly is in session.  ORS 192.410 (5).  The Legislative Assembly is currently in session and therefore will not be providing the materials you requested.
In short, Burdick isn’t required to honor requests for documents until the session is over. I asked attorney and Blog member Bruce McCain who confirmed Burdick can’t be compelled to turn over documents until the legislature is over and added, 

But even if Burdick defamed an individual (a class of unidentified persons doesn’t qualify) she could not be served with civil process while the legislature is in session. But merely describing her political opponents as crazy, nuts, or whackos doesn’t rise to actionable defamation of an individual.

And if Burdick accuses someone of “threatening” her which is a criminal offense? Should she have to prove her allegation? McCain continues,

As far as records of a member of the Legislative Assembly that may relate to criminal activity, that is an entirely different issue. Public records law wouldn’t even apply because law enforcement (not the general public) could get to those records through warrants and subpoenas. But that still doesn’t mean a member of the general public is entitled to see exempt public records just because the records may be related to criminal activity.  

If she chose to, Burdick could turn over any documents to prove her allegations of ‘threats’ against her but has not. Why not?

Here are some possibilities: 

  1. She’s planning to wait till after the session is over.
  2. She can play victim  (as she did recently on MSNBC) and cast her political opponents as criminals. 
  3. The State Police are investigating.
  4. She has no proof.

If there’s no crime, then Ginny Burdick is both a liar and a coward. One who uses the imprimatur of authority to politically marginalize constituents who have an honest difference of opinion with the State Senator on civil rights. And a coward who hides behind her office now just as she hid from her constituents on March 4th. 


Rees Lloyd’s Liberty Milestone: March 15, 1919, The American Legion, For God and Country

       American_legion_color_emblem     March 15, 2013, marks the 94TH Birthday of The American Legion, created in Paris in 1919 by American GI’s awaiting repatriation home after fighting in World War I, the “Great War, “ the “War To End All Wars,” in which some 10-million combatants “died to make the world safe for democracy.”
            Four of those WWI veterans are generally credited with initiating what was then called “the movement” to create a nationwide, non-political, democratic organization open to all wartime veterans, regardless of rank, who would continue to serve America in peace by preserving, protecting, and advancing the values for which they had fought to defend in war.
            Those four Founding Fathers of the Legion all modestly disclaimed such recognition and credited ordinary WWI veterans, then known as “Doughboys” (Army veterans) and “gobs” (Navy), collectively as the real Founding Fathers. However, the four credited as the initiating Founding Fathers are, as described by historian Thomas A. Rumer, in his “The American Legion: An Official History, 1919-1989”:
            Col. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., son of the former President Teddy Roosevelt.  A WWI hero, Col. Roosevelt is generally regarded as having been the single most significant force in organizing The American Legion. However, he modestly declined election by acclamation as the Legion’s first commander. He did so to prevent the Legion from being perceived as being created as a politically partisan organization, when it was intended to be absolutely non-political, supporting neither candidates nor parties. That prohibition is written into The American Legion Constitution. Col. Roosevelt would go on to become Brig. General Roosevelt, the first General officer to land at Normandy Beach on D-Day. He received the Medal of Honor for his heroism fighting in WWII.
            Lt. Col George S. White, editor of the “Portland Oregonian,” was a veteran of the Spanish American War, in which Theodore Roosevelt, Sr., famously led the “Rough Riders.” He later was a confidant to President Teddy Roosevelt. White left his post as editor of the Oregonian to serve in the Army in WWI, when the Oregon National Guard in which he served became the first Guard unit deployed to combat duty. White was not only one of the four key founders of the Legion, he became the first editor and general manager of “The American Legion Weekly” magazine. He later authored several books.
            Maj. Eric Fisher Wood was a brilliant young diplomatic attaché and architectural student in the American Embassy in Paris when WWI erupted, witnessing all of its horror. He went on to serve first in the British Army, and the American Army when the U.S. entered WWI. He was wounded by gun and shellfire, and poison gas. He returned to service in WWII, receiving a host of decorations for bravery, and becoming Brigadier General. As brilliant as he was brave, he published books and wrote articles for leading American magazines and other publications.
            Last but hardly least, Lt. Col. William J. Donovan, of New York City’s “Fighting Irish” 69th Division.  Brilliant, brave, and colorful, he received the tag “Wild Bill” Donovan fighting in WWI, and received the Medal of Honor for heroism. He became a legend during and after WWII as America’s chief spymaster as founder of the Office of Strategic Services, which later became the Central Intelligence Agency.
            While many self-described “movements” based on utopian aspirations to transform America have come and gone, from the utopian socialists of the I.W.W. (International Workers of the World) of the WWI era to the Alinskyite “Occupiers” movement of this era, the “movement” initiated by the four Founding Fathers, Roosevelt, Jr., White, Wood, and Donovan—who were almost immediately joined by American soldiers, sailors, and marines in the enlisted ranks — has endured.
            Today, the American Legion, which began as “a movement” dedicated to preserving America by walking in the footsteps of America’s Founding Fathers rather than transforming America, is the largest wartime veterans in the world with over 2.4-million members in more than 14,000 Posts. 
            American Legionnaires of this day continue to serve America in peace as they served in war, dedicated to protecting and preserving America as the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave” as envisioned by the Founding Fathers of America, and the Legion Founding Father veterans of WWI.
            They are all or almost all proud Patriots to every veteran man or woman in the Legion. The great contributions they have made to America give the lie to Dr. Johnson’s canard that “Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels,” so loved by progressive liberals. Patriotic veterans have proven instead that “Sneering at patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels.”
            Legionnaires continue to contribute millions of volunteer hours, and millions of dollars in donations in service to America. This they do in commitment to the Four Pillars of the Legion established by its WWI GI founders: Defense of troops and a strong national military defense; defense of veterans, particularly those suffering wounds of war; defense of children and youth; and defense of traditional American values.
            The American Legion was, among many other things, a primary force to create what would ultimately become the Veterans Administration to fulfill the promise of America to provide for those who served in the military defense of the country and were injured or disabled in war. 
            An American Legion Commander, Henry Colmery, first sketched the outline of a “GI Bill” on a hotel napkin —and the Legion went on from there to become the absolutely key force in achieving enactment of the “GI Bill,” which has been hailed “as the greatest social legislation in the history of America.” (Progressive Liberals who denigrate patriots like those of the American Legion as benighted “rightwing reactionaries” should take note.)
            Today, the Legion diligently, professionally, and unstintingly works to protect the rights of veterans before Congress, the White House, and in the courts.
             The Legion operates many programs today for veterans, such as Operation Comfort Warrior, which provides so much in aid to veterans recovering from the wounds of service—physical, emotional, and mental – and many other programs.    The Legion’s programs for children and youth are renown. They include Boys and Girls State, graduates of which have included future presidents, including John F. Kennedy. American Legion Baseball serves over 100,000 youth annually, and at least half of all the players now in Major League Baseball came out of Legion Baseball. More than 150,000 children and youth are enrolled in Legion-sponsored Cub Scout and Boy Scout troops, as well as the Legion’s own “Sons of The American Legion.” The Legion, from the Post level to the National Level, provides more than $1-million annually in scholarships in the Legion’s High School Oratorical Competition On The Constitution. 
            Almost all Legion programs for veterans and children and youth are funded by dues and contributions of Legionnaires themselves. Donations by non-Legionnaires for designated Legion programs can have confidence that 100% of their donation will go to beneficiaries of that program, not high salaries, perks or privileges of executives or bureaucrats as in so many other organizations, and, of course, in government. (See, for information on the many programs of the Legion.)
            This fidelity of American Legionnaires to purpose, to principle, to patriotism, can be traced back to Legion’s founding by their WWI comrades, to the vision and principles of its founders of selfless service to the nation
            Founder Col. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. expressed this in declining the request of his comrade soldiers, sailors, marines of WWI that he accept their nomination of him by acclamation to serve as their chairman  and American Legion First National Commander. As reported by historian Thomas A. Rumer in his “The American Legion: An Official History, 1919-1989,” Col. Roosevelt said at the first national caucus to be held on American soil after the Paris Caucus:     
            “I wish to withdraw my name from nomination for a number of reasons. The first is that I want the country at large to get the correct impression of this meeting here. We are gathered together for a very high purpose. I want every American through the length and breadth of this land to realize that there is not a man in this caucus who is seeking anything for himself, personally but that he is simply working for the good of the entire situation.”
            This standard of selfless service to advance the nation through The American Legion, rather than to use the Legion to advance oneself, has been the rule in the Legion, with few exceptions, notwithstanding sometimes hard fought internal Legion politics. There have been in fact very few acts of self-serving corruption, such as Legionnaires in high positions accepting  perks or favors like free as European Riverboat Cruises for officers with influence over contracts and their wives — bribes by any other name — from corrupting vendors; or acts of misappropriation of  funds. Woe to the man or woman who would dare do such things in the Legion. For  history shows that it is all but certain that  ordinary Legionnaires will rise up to put down such a corrupt miscreant dishonoring the Legion, no matter of high the perpetrator’s office, no matter how long it takes, out of loyalty and love for the Legion and to protect its integrity.
            The American Legion from its founding has been a democratic organization built from the bottom up instead of the top down. Policy is made by “resolutions” rising from the members through their Posts, with state and national officers having the responsibility to implement the members’ resolutions, not  lord it over and order Legionnaires about.           
            The American Legion, so constituted,  and being faithful to its founding principles, has endured while, since its founding in 1919, so many Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Communist, Syndicalist, Anarchist, Hitlerist, Leninist, Stalinist, Trotskyist, Maoist, Alinskyist, Old Left, New Left, Communitarian, Hippy, Yippee, Occupiers, and other utopian “movements” aimed at “transforming” America have collapsed, burned out and turned to ashes in the same century.
            The American Legion has remained strong because of the allegiance and fidelity of its members to the principles of the American Founding Fathers of America in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, and Legionnaires’ fidelity to the vision, values, goals, and principles of their Founders, particularly fidelity to the Ten Principles set forth in the American Legion Preamble.
            Every veteran, and thus every Legionnaire,  took an oath entering military service to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”  All Legionnaires know when that oath of duty began. They also know when it ends—it never ends.  The late Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf concisely stated a credo to which most if not all Legionnaires would agree: “Some things are worth fighting for. Some things are worth dying for. One of those things is freedom.”
            Today, every meeting of American Legionnaires begins with a reaffirmation of that their original oath as Legionnaires pledge their allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America under which they served.
            Every meeting includes placing on an empty chair the POW/MIA Flag, in remembrance that today’s Legionnaires are serving also for and in place of those the WWI founders in 1919 called “the other legion – the legion of those who didn’t come home.” 
            Every meeting begins also with Legionnaires of today reciting the Preamble to the American Legion as originally written and adopted by the WWI veterans who created the Legion in 1919. Therefore, I close this birthday tribute to American Legionnaires by citing the American Legion Preamble. I believe the words and principles expressed are of value for all Americans, and I willingly pledge my allegiance to those principles without reservation:
            “For God and Country, we associate ourselves together for the following purposes:
            “To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America; to maintain law and order; to foster and perpetuate a one hundred percent Americanism; to preserve the memories and incidents of our associations in the Great Wars; to inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the community, state and nation; to combat the autocracy of both the classes and the masses; to make right the master of might; to promote peace and good will on earth; to safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of justice, freedom and democracy; to consecrate and sanctify our comradeship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness.”
            May God and the nation they have faithfully served in war and in peace, bless and keep them as they commemorate the 94th Birthday of The American Legion, and enter their 95th year in faithful service to God, country, and freedom.
[Rees Lloyd, a longtime California civil rights attorney, is a Life Member of American Legion and a member of the Victoria Taft Blogforce]


Resist We Much: Al Sharpton Laments “Intimidation” and “Threats” Against Oregon State Senator Ginny “Gitcherguns” Burdick.

al sharpton resist we muchAl Sharpton, the man whose let’s watch “this cracker suffer” chants, protests and, dare I say it, intimidation sparked the fires that burned Jewish owned stores in Harlem; who stoked the fires of anti semitism with his lies about  Jewish people–leading to the stabbing death of an innocent Hassidic Jewish man; whose anti semitic rants are ignored by his current employer (NBC); and whose complicity in the lies of Tawana Brawley intimidated the NYPD and ruined the careers and cops and prosecutors–all under the banner of civil rights– is now lamenting the “intimidation” tactics of Oregon civil rights activists who back the second amendment.

I’d laugh if the joke weren’t so perverse.

But Al Sharpton featured Oregon State Senator Ginny Burdick on his MSNBC program this week. Burdick, the bell boy for the gun hating lobby, girlishly giggled throughout the television spectacle, pretending to be intimidated while at the same time posturing as a savior of all college students at Portland State University against “extreme” “fringe” gun and “rude” gun owners whose rights are threatened by Burdick’s gun bills in the Oregon legislature. 

As you know by now, Burdick cancelled the March 4th town hall. She avoided the town hall because she knew few people would be their to support her efforts to grab more guns and her political opponents would be there. See my posts on it here.           

guns ginny pinball wizard

Her excuses for cancelling it could put her in the pinball wizard category. She’s got crazy flipper fingers! First she claimed she had scheduling conflicts (ping!). Then she was caught on tape at home with take out during the town hall (ping, ping!) Then she claimed she’d been intimidated and bodily threatened (ding!). Then she claimed she cancelled because she didn’t want ‘the children’ at Portland State University to be subjected to her constituents, or as she puts it, the “extreme” “fringe” “gun lobby,” who would “crash” her town hall and exhibit “rude” behavior (ding, ding, ding!).

“[Her] disciples lead her in and [s]he just does the rest.”

Which brings us to Al Sharpton’s show.

Sharpton, “And outside the beltway, we’re seeing a movement, we’re seeing activism. …But in Oregon, a troubling trend is hurting the chances for real reform. Pro gun advocates are intimidating lawmakers with threatening emails and video surveillance which is forcing them to back off legislation. It is politics by intimidation! And nobody in this fight will be intimidated.” Joining me now is OryGONE State Senator who is the target of intimidation.

Burdick: (giggles like a school girl): Well I had a town hall and I got wind that the gun extremists were planning on crashing the town hall and it was ih uh it was at a university Portland State University and I did not want to subject students to uh that kind of uh event because uh when they when that happens this happened to me before when town halls have been crashed and not only are they able to legally bring in loaded guns which is very intimidating, but their behavior is extremely intimidating and when its happen…

Sharpton: (Interrupting) ‘when they’re bringing in loaded guns?

Burdick: yes.

Sharpton: And they they be..their behavior is and when you say their behavior is extreme, what do they do when they have these loaded guns?

Burdick: Uh, they’re very rude, disruptive and again, this is the fringe, this is not your regular gun owner, this is the fringe. But uh unfortunately, they are uh dominating the discussion right now and it’s uh, it’s very unfortunate.

Sharpton: Uh, let me show this extreme, uh, group uh when they came into the state capitol with guns. This is actually in the state of Oregon this extreme uh group uh who do not represent the majority of the gun owners in Oregon but they are an extreme group. Now, you cancelled the town hall meeting and then what did they do?

Burdick: girlishly giggling again, “yes and when I cancelled the town hall meeting, I didn’t want to say anything inflammatory so I just said the standard scheduling conflict. Well, they showed up at my house and they st they stayed in front of my house for two and a half hours taping everything I did, doing …and their point was that I didn’t have a scheduling conflict. So uh they thought that they would get a lot of mileage from that but they ran but they ran my address and they ran uh very threatening comments about it.

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Senate Democrats: No Budget Since…Michael Jackson Was Alive And Before the Salahis Busted Into the White House

Not since April 29, 2009 have we had an actual US budget. Think about that. The Democrat controlled Senate, “lead” by Harry Reid, has not countenanced one vote on any budget sent to him in 1,414 days. Republicans have sent budgets every year since they took leadership in 2010. This is what passes for ‘bipartisanship’ in Washington.

Put in simpler terms that’s three years, ten months and 13 days. Or, more simply 122,169,600 seconds or 2,036,160 minutes or 33,936 hours. Or how about 202 weeks. (Thank you, wonderful counter website here.)

But as I’ve said on the air before and as I did so today, there’s been a lot of water under that bridge since we had an actual budget make it to the President’s desk. michael jackson

Do you realize what has transpired since the last time we had a budget? 

Michael Jacksjon-kate-plus-8-updateon was still alive.

Kate Plus 8 was still married to that guy in the gawdy Ed Hardy T shirts.

The I-pad still had not been invented.

The Droid phone hadn’t been created yet.

Wiki Leaks didn’t exist.

konyYou’d never heard of Kony.

The BP Oil spill in the gulf hadn’t happened.

Bristol Palin was still going out with Levi.

Oasis was still together (and still dysfunctional).

Susan Boyle had JUST appeared on Britain’s Got Talent!

Steve Jobs had two years to live.

You’d never heard of the word “sexting.”

The “Yo quiero Taco Bell dog” was still alive.

The “Beer Summit” hadn’t happened yet.

“Breaking Bad” was a brand new show.

rihanna beaten up

The Salahis hadn’t yet broken into the White House. 

The “Wise Latina” hadn’t yet ascended to her Supreme Court position.

Rihanna hadn’t yet had her faced bashed in by Chris Brown. 

George Tiller was alive and still doing late term abortions. 

The “Octokids” were only a couple of months old. 

The Barnes and Noble Nook 6″ e reader hadn’t hit the market yet

The iPhone 3Gs hadn’t been launched yet.

We found out Don Draper wasn’t really the Mad Man’s real name.


George HW Bush Gets First Taste of a Flash Mob

George Bush with Jenna G-41 george bush with Jenna at Bush school flash mobThis took place at the Bush School for Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University on March 1st. Two things about I observed: How incredibly frail the former bad ass fighter pilot, CIA spook and President of the United States looks these days riding his “Rascal” scooter. The other thing is the fact that the Bush family is held is such high esteem in Texas. It’s true. Deal with it.
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