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Senate Democrats: No Budget Since…Michael Jackson Was Alive And Before the Salahis Busted Into the White House

Not since April 29, 2009 have we had an actual US budget. Think about that. The Democrat controlled Senate, “lead” by Harry Reid, has not countenanced one vote on any budget sent to him in 1,414 days. Republicans have sent budgets every year since they took leadership in 2010. This is what passes for ‘bipartisanship’ in Washington.

Put in simpler terms that’s three years, ten months and 13 days. Or, more simply 122,169,600 seconds or 2,036,160 minutes or 33,936 hours. Or how about 202 weeks. (Thank you, wonderful counter website here.)

But as I’ve said on the air before and as I did so today, there’s been a lot of water under that bridge since we had an actual budget make it to the President’s desk. michael jackson

Do you realize what has transpired since the last time we had a budget? 

Michael Jacksjon-kate-plus-8-updateon was still alive.

Kate Plus 8 was still married to that guy in the gawdy Ed Hardy T shirts.

The I-pad still had not been invented.

The Droid phone hadn’t been created yet.

Wiki Leaks didn’t exist.

konyYou’d never heard of Kony.

The BP Oil spill in the gulf hadn’t happened.

Bristol Palin was still going out with Levi.

Oasis was still together (and still dysfunctional).

Susan Boyle had JUST appeared on Britain’s Got Talent!

Steve Jobs had two years to live.

You’d never heard of the word “sexting.”

The “Yo quiero Taco Bell dog” was still alive.

The “Beer Summit” hadn’t happened yet.

“Breaking Bad” was a brand new show.

rihanna beaten up

The Salahis hadn’t yet broken into the White House. 

The “Wise Latina” hadn’t yet ascended to her Supreme Court position.

Rihanna hadn’t yet had her faced bashed in by Chris Brown. 

George Tiller was alive and still doing late term abortions. 

The “Octokids” were only a couple of months old. 

The Barnes and Noble Nook 6″ e reader hadn’t hit the market yet

The iPhone 3Gs hadn’t been launched yet.

We found out Don Draper wasn’t really the Mad Man’s real name.


George HW Bush Gets First Taste of a Flash Mob

George Bush with Jenna G-41 george bush with Jenna at Bush school flash mobThis took place at the Bush School for Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University on March 1st. Two things about I observed: How incredibly frail the former bad ass fighter pilot, CIA spook and President of the United States looks these days riding his “Rascal” scooter. The other thing is the fact that the Bush family is held is such high esteem in Texas. It’s true. Deal with it.
H/T Right Scoop and NRO