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Portland Terrorism Redux: Portland City Water Employee Charged With Terrorism

TERROR REAZ QADIR KHAN MUG SHOT   The City of Portland has been keenly concerned about a terrorist attack on its open reservoirs for many years now. So sensitive are City officials to contamination that (now former) Council member and Water Bureau overseer, Randy Leonard actually emptied eight million gallons of water from a reservoir when a camera caught one drunk guy on a bender peeing in a reservoir at Mt. Tabor. Here’s a thought. Perhaps we could save a whole lot of grief, not to mentions future millions of gallons of water, if we’d just stop hiring terroristat the City of Portland. 

When terrorists aren’t busy PRETENDING to be City of Portland employees as Mohamed Mohamud did when he disguised himself as a City employee during the November 26, 2010 attempted Christmas Tree Bombing, the City is actually HIRING them. Take Lamumba Ford for example. No really, please take him. Lamumba Ford waJihad Portland Seven Malkins once hired by the Vera Katz Administration as an intern. Strike that. The member of the Portland Seven was a “model intern.” He negatively came onto the City’s radar when he sent a racist email to City Hall but it was only later when he tried to get to Afghanistan to kill US Soldiers that they said, ‘OK, Lamumba, it would have been different if you’d been a Jew sending racist emails to black people. We could have helped you. But dammit, you’re a black guy sending racist emails to Jews and the Mayor is a Jew and we would have overlooked that but then you had to go try to join the Jihad…’*  Oy.  Last straw. (*For the liars at Politi”fact” this is known as satire.)

Now we hJihad MO MO GUILTYave Water Bureau employee Reaz Qadir Khan.(Maybe this is the guy Mohamed Mohamud was dressing as!) Khan is a 48 year old man who came to the Water Bureau in 2007. No, he didn’t try to contaminate the water supply that we’re aware of.  This stand up American actually got up the money from his generous $63K/ yr salary we taxpayers were giving him to help a jihadist from the Maldives blow up a bunch of people at the Pakistani secret police headquarters, the ISI, in 2009.  Not quite as sexy as blowing up Americans, but the 30 killed and 300 injured were too much even in the People’s Republic of Portland. 

According to the indictment (see below) Khan had been giving material support to his jihadi buddy, Ali Jaleel, for two years by the time he was hired by the City of Portland. According to the FBI, City Employee Khan gave his buddy from the Maldives enough dough to go to a terrorist training camp.  Glad to know those back ground checks are so thorough. But on second thought maybe he was given extra credit in the City vetting process for sending an underprivileged Muslim to camp.

Khan is also believed to have given his friend the jihadi his word to take care of his wives–yes, wives–and children and to “bring them up well.” That probably got him big points with the City for taking in a refugee family. 

Khan will be in court again tomorrow afternoon. His attorneys, Larry Matasar, a well known Portland area defense attorney and Amy Baggio, who works with the Federal Public Defenders Office when she’s not working to get GITMO detainees freed, will serve as Khan’s attorneys. Ethan Knight, who just successfully prosecuted Mohamed Mohamud, is representing the United States in the case. 

A tentative court date has been set for May 5th. That ain’t gonna happen. Stay tuned for rescheduling of that court date. 



Obama Chops 11% Off Some Unemployment Benefits

obama-food-stamps-bread-line-change-poverty-jobs-101480554489It looks like the Federal long term unemployed extension is going to be nearly 11% LESS extended. From the State of Oregon Employment Department: 

News Release from: Oregon Employment Dept.
Posted: March 5th, 2013 7:56 AM

The automatic sequester of Federal funds will have an effect on unemployment benefits and job search services in Oregon.

Individuals receiving Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation, or EUC, will see a reduction in their weekly benefits of 10.7 percent.  This reduction will begin the week of March 31, 2013 and be reflected in checks mailed the week of April 7th to claimants.  Currently there are more than 28,000 individuals receiving EUC benefits.  The Oregon Employment Department will notify each claimant by mail in early April regarding this reduction.

EUC claimants are encouraged to visit www.workinginoregon.org where they can access additional information and an online calculator to estimate their payment reduction.  The website will be update regularly as more information becomes available.  Those on EUC who have questions not addressed by our website should call 503-947-1342 or 1-800-237-3710 extension 71342.  We recommend use of the website first since call volume may be high causing longer wait times for service.

Individuals receiving regular unemployment benefits will not be affected.

In addition, federal cuts to employment service state grants could result in the reduction of job search assistance and employer recruitment activities.  Those impacts will be assessed as more details become available.

Ginny Gitcherguns Burdick Heavy Lifting for Anti Gun Groups, Not So Much for Constituents

Poor State Senator Ginny Burdick. She’s been so busy at the legislature acting as bell boy for anti gun groups like Cease Fire Oregon –very heavy lifting–that she over-scheduled herself and couldn’t show up to her own Town Hall meeting last night at Portland State University.  As you know by reading my post last Wednesday (here)  Burdick cancelled the meeting “due to scheduling conflicts.” Busy, busy, busy.

Ginny Gitcherguns Burdick had many, many important things to do so she couldn’t face her constituents last night. Constituents who are just a tad ticked off that Burdick’s latest gun grabbing effort after “assault weapons” bans and “clip” limits, includes limits on how many weapons you can own, one; forcible gun confiscations and warrantless searches and seizures. Give the busy gal credit, it takes an awful lot of time to violate that many constitutional rights in one bill. See my tally here.

So, what was Ginny doing last night? More heavy lifting it turns out. Her take out, her garbage pail, her recycling bin, her mail–everything but meeting with her constituents. 

I got these stills from the following video by Citizen Journalist BareItorBearIt. 


This video by a Citizen Journalist called ‘Bare It or Bear It’ catches Burdick as she avoids the Town Hall. 

Bernie Giusto: When It Comes to Big Brother: Is Oregon Legislature Droning On…And on…and on…??

When sDRONE HAND HELDomething is sold as being a creative, forward looking and effective public policy that will serve the best interests of Oregon citizens,  I’m a show-me kind of guy. That attitude comes from 35 years of experience with Oregon lawmakers. Lawmakers often are driven by a compelling need to do something. They tell cops what they want them to enforce–think cellphones and speeding–which are fairly straight forward.  And then sometimes they get in over their heads such as when they tweak language in statutes–think crosswalks and school zones–leaving everything worse and people more confused. 
Why does this happen? Too little public policy foresight and too much regulatory testosterone.  Most public safety policy,  both at the statutory legislative and agency policy levels,  sadly lacks operational and tactical savvy. The result is bad public perception leading to poor results and bad case law. Instead of assessing what the damage of a particular program may be,  law enforcement agencies often first create the damage on the way to trying to find a fix. Despite the flaw law enforcement agencies, getting little legislative policy guidance, still turn on the enforcement testosterone without appreciating the public perception. 
But when it comes to the newest and perhaps the most potent of the all the public safety programs on the horizon, the Oregon Legislature is doing the right kind of fly over when it comes to the use of unmanned drone aircraft generally and specifically in the case of law enforcement operations.  The current Senate Bills 71 and 524 along with House Bill 2710 address the limited allowable and much broader prohibited “possession or control” of drone aircraft within Oregon or Oregon airspace .  Senate Bill 71 deals with drones operated by anyone or any agency generally. While Senate Bills 524 and House Bill 2710 deal very specifically with the law enforcement component of drone use for the purpose of surveillance, capturing both audio and video recordings for any purpose or as  weaponized air support.
So where are the winners and the losers and what’s missing?
I don’t know about the winners, but the Oregon State Police and Oregon Department of Aviation become the responsible parties under this legislation. The Department of Aviation is permitted to license drones and the State Police is charged with establishing a required “Registry” of Drones possessed within Oregon.  The penalties for certain crimes committed under Senate Bill 71 range from a Class C Misdemeanor to Class A Felony from operating a drone over the property of another without permission to taking a shot at an aircraft with a drone. Civil awards start at $5,000 in civil damages and the State Police can impose civil fine of $10,000 if you decide not to register your drone. And if my guess is right, and it will be, there will not be one penny of support for creating the position(s) to actually accomplish another mandated task assigned to an already over-committed, understaffed and over achieving police agency. That makes them a  loser but a silent one you can bet.
As far as spying on us with an eye in the sky,  it’s not that the legislature doesn’t trust the cops, it’s just that they don’t trust the cops.  Now I have no problem with curbing the powers of law enforcement and providing legislative guidance, especially in a new frontier of enforcement technology. But the statutory language contained in SB 524 and HB 2710 stomps the potential of all drones with all the enforcement negatives that can be imagined or conjured up instead of  considering the positive potential of drones surrounded by limiting language. After reading the statute one might wonder if the cops can use drones for “Search and Rescue” operations without a warrant! On the other hand, a broad enough reading of  “the risk of serious physical injury” might allow the cops to use a drone to find a child. Who knows?  drone smallAs an added bonus the legislation also takes a swipe at prosecutors, better known as the District Attorneys, by defining them into both statutes and subjecting them to the same restrictions.
It would help if the list of those who are pushing the statutory restrictions were not primarily a list of the usual suspects always ready to control– if not crush– enforcement innovation. Sadly, the cops were asleep at the drone controls.  It should have been a who’s who of Chiefs and Sheriffs who brought this legislation forward.  They should have been leading instead of asking when it was too late, “hey, what about this idea…” and bristling when the legislature asks “what idea?” 
But all in all the legislation is on the right track. It is a good idea to register drones and generally to limit their use by requiring warrants to go airborne, to adopt policies prior to implementing drone surveillance or enforcement, to limit the retention of drone recordings unless those recordings support active criminal investigation and to impose heavy penalties when the civil rights or the safety of those exposed to drone use is compromised.
The legislation needs more careful definition.  Not every airborne vehicle that flies unmanned that can record visual or audio record should be considered a drone for the purpose crushing some creative uses.
But that is for another legislative session.  For now let’s hope that the cops and prosecutors take the hint and take the lead back and that the final legislation requires the cops to do what they do best, report back.
Bernie Giusto is the former Multnomah County Sheriff, former Gresham Police Chief, former OSP Trooper, Gresham City Councillor and Tri Met Board Member. He’s also a member of the Victoria Taft Blog Force.