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Full Court Press to Kill HB 2800 PLUS Anti Columbia River Crossing Commercial Revealed

crc In THIS commercial, former State Reps Katie Eyre and Jefferson Smith tell you the essential FLAWS of the proposed  I-5 bridge aka the Columbia River Crossing. 


1. It’s too expensive. They call it ‘a billion dollar boondoggle.’ That’s an understatement. According to economist Joe Cortright (a reliable lefty), the project will cost upwards of $10 billion.bridge called the Columbia River Crossing. The left hates the bridge because the left hates cars and loves fish more than people. The right hates it because it’s fiscally unsustainable. Herewith are your CRC Talking Points:

2. It’s not high enough. Some businesses which have  been on the river forever will not be able to bring their goods down river. Why? The bridge isn’t high enough. Why would they dare build it too low? To accommodate light rail which Clark County residents have made abundantly clear they don’t want.

3. Tolling. People aren’t afraid to pay their way. They’re afraid to pay for stuff they don’t need like a too low bridge with light rail run by a public agency which is going broke. Tolling on the new bridge won’t be enough to cover costs.They’ll have to toll the I-205 Sam Jackson Bridge to help bridge the fiscal gap.

4. Squeezed. The Columbia needs a third bridge in the Metro area, preferably going to Columbia County and leading to Washington County. The planners don’t want that because there will be MORE choice for travelers. Planners plan for light rail and high density housing. Giving people the ability to travel from one bucolic place with a back yard for their kids to play in, to another bucolic burb where they work is anathema to the planner class. They want control over where you travel and want to stick you with the bill for their poor choices.

As I pointed out last night on the facebook page (please ‘like’ it!)  here, AFP is calling for a full court press against HB 2800, The CRC bill. They’re urging a call to all of these lawmakers:
Please call every Senator listed below RIGHT NOW!

Co-Chair Senator Bruce Starr 503-986-1715

Senator Herman Baertschiger 503-986-1702

Senator Brian Boquist 503-986-1712

Senator Betsy Close 503-986-1708

Senator Ted Ferrioli 503-986-1950

Senator Larry George 503-986-1713

Senator Fred Girod 503-986-1709

Senator Bill Hansell 503-986-1729

Senator Tim Knopp 503-986-1727

Senator Jeff Kruse 503-986-1701

Senator Alan Olsen 503-986-1720

Senator Chuck Thomsen 503-986-1726

Senator Dou Whitsett 503-986-1728

Senator Jackie Winters 503-986-1710




Scott St. Clair: Oakland Reality Shoots Down ‘Gun Control’ Rhetoric

Gun Oakland Residents Carry GunsWhen the police don’t and won’t do the job, what’s a citizen to do? In Oakland they take matters into their own hands, including arming themselves to patrol streets and defend their homes.

The money quote from one resident: “You have to walk around your house with a gun to feel safe here.”

While criminals illegally arm themselves to the teeth, gun-control types want to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens to defend their lives, homes and property. I’d like to see them go to Oakland and try to spread their gospel and see the response they get. This is reality. This is actually happening. Oakland is not unique.

Yet those who live in million dollar high rises or in gated communities with private security or have yet to be mugged by reality (or worse) won’t acknowledge that Oakland is not an outlier, but rather a precursor. Welcome to an inevitable and very foreseeable combination of Brave New World and Lord of the Flies.

Perhaps they should live for awhile in Oakland, have their place broken into and be forced to stare down the barrel of a gun held by someone bound and determined to cause unimaginable mayhem? What a come-to-Jesus moment that would be.

Left Pretends There’s No Increased Crime With Illegal Aliens

illegal alien flyer

The left and their handmaidens at Blue Oregon (but I repeat myself) have gone after Republican lawmaker Julie Parrish for handing out a flyer describing the rape of a girl at the hands of a man who was illegally in the country.

The left, it seems, does not want to acknowledge that by giving illegal aliens in-state tuition and other things they should not be entitled to that it serves as a magnet to other, less savory people.

Carlaaxt and Parrish

So what did the left do? Attack Julie Parrish via Twitter.  When I saw it I had to chime in. I don’t want the state rep thinking that Carla Axtman’s intentional misread and mislead of this will be the final narrative. Twitter is a free fire zone. People don’t play nice there. And the left will not have Julie Parrish’s back. On anything. Ever. She should not make the mistake of thinking they will. 



Carlaaxt and Parrish 2















Nina Rhea: Notorious Oregon Abortionist Hangs Up Stirrups

From Nine Rhea of the Pro-Life Action of Oregon:

“After 38 yAbortionist Retiresears of murdering babies and victimizing pregnant girls, infamous late-term abortionist Dr. Peter Boars et al. have CLOSED their third and final abortuary.

One could say he’s hung up his assault weapons.

Boars closed his Portland and Forest Grove abortuaries over the last two years.

Located in Eugene, Oregon, Doctor Boars it appear this abortionist has retired his abortion business for all time and gives Planned Parenthood his ‘blessing.’

Note: Effective the end of February 2013 we have retired and closed our practice. We have enjoyed our 38 years of providing reproductive health services to women and families in Oregon and will miss our interactions with all of you.
We are fortunate that Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon (PPSO) offers abortion services at their wonderful new building at 3579 Franklin Boulevard in Eugene. We feel comfortable in recommending PPSO to you for ongoing care and services.

Should any of you need a copy of your recent medical records from our office you can contact us at We will attempt to respond to your requests within one week.

W A Peter Bours MD


Dr. Boars Quote in a 1985 New York Times Magazine article, page 4:

After an abortion, the doctor must inspect these remains to make sure that all the fetal parts and the placenta have been removed. Any tissue left inside the uterus can start an infection. Dr. Bours squeezed the contents of the sock into a shallow dish, and poked about with a finger. ”You can see a teeny-tiny hand,” he said. At the sink and sterilizer, where the surgical instruments are cleaned, a nurse stood and turned on the faucet. ”I’ve been cleaning up after him for four years,” she said. ”We all wish it were formless, but it’s not. It has a form. And it’s painful. There’s a lot of emotional pain.”

Nina Rhea, director of Pro-Life Action of Oregon responds.

“Dr. Peter Bours once justified his abortion practice citing malpractice insurance premiums for delivering live babies.

“Dr. Peter Bours is nothing better than a monster who abused his God-given freedoms. May God have mercy on his soul.””

Parody Bill in Oregon State Legislature Calls for Knife Registry

H/T Laughing at Liberals for calling my attention to this one.

State Senator Brian Boquist has submitted a parody bill in the Oregon State Legislature to call attention to the absurdity of singling out guns for registry. So he has offered a bill to register knives. 

Considering there are myriad ways to hurt someone, singling out guns is an absurd and irrational response to the possibility of violence.

Here’s hoping that our friends from Buck Knives won’t be put out of business because some irrational and hysterical lawmaker thinks this is a good idea. buck-knife

Boquist, who holds an MBA from Oregon State University, is  a Bronze Star Medal recipient and a Lieutenant Colonel in Special Ops in the US Army Reserve. He runs a charter air business and is a Defense Department Contractor.  He’s also nobody’s fool. Hooah.

Knife Registry (1) by

Scott St. Clair: Argo Irony Is Obama’s Self Inflicted Oscar Wound


I don’t like awards shows, I don’t watch awards shows, so I passed on the Oscar telecast in favor of watching a Ghost Hunters re-run on the Syfy Network. But since you can’t pick up a paper, watch TV news or log onto Drudge without Oscar slapping you in the face, some news of it is impossible to avoid.

One bit is that Argo, one of the few best-picture nominees I’ve seen, is this year’s Oscar winner. I liked it – taut, pro-clandestine-effort, pro-CIA, pro-American, anti-Iranian and entertaining.

Argo is about a daring and successful CIA mission to rescue six Americans in hiding in the Canadian Embassy in Tehran during the early days of the Carter administration’s Iran hostage crisis. Admittedly, the movie doesn’t give Canada its due for hiding the six and rigging fake Canadian passports to get them out of the country, but that’s Hollywood for you – never give a sucker an even break.

So, it’s ironic in only a way that the self-possessed, self-important and self-deluded can be unwittingly clueless and ironic that Michelle Obama announced it won the Oscar for best picture. How so in a moment.

How did Tinsel Town top-tier types get her to break the news? Harvey Weinstein, the tippy-top-top-tier Tinsel Town type and undisputed boss of Hollywood made it happen. If Harvey doesn’t like you, there’s no way you’ll even get an interview for a job delivering pizzas, let alone be a corpse in one of his flicks. 

harvey weinstein

Yet since Harvey and his hangers-on are huge (in his case literally as well as financially) Obama supporters, it’s not surprising that they’re context and current-events challenged and missed the irony of President Obama’s wife announcing that the best picture of the year is about a successful CIA operation to rescue Americans who were in harm’s way in the midst of riotous activity in a crazed Islamic country, while her husband is under fire for failing to rescue Americans who were in harm’s way in the midst of riotous activity in a crazed Islamic country, this time the late Christopher Stevens, America’s ambassador to Libya, and three others in Benghazi

Ergo Argo irony, agree?  

President Obama bungled the job, and they ended up getting murdered. To add irony to irony, his first attempt to explain it all away was to blame their deaths on a movie!

You have to be a clueless doof to make Jimmy Carter look competent. Don’t the people in the White House or Hollywood think these things through?

HB 3200: Grabbing MORE Than Guns

HB 3200In one of the most sweeping attacks on civil rights in memory in the state of Oregon, 15 state legislators are sponsoring a bill that manages to maul the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights, all over an irrational fear of an inanimate object.

House Bill 3200 calls for new, secretive searches of your homes—in violation of the Fourth Amendment, limits how often you may use your rights—in violation of the First Amendment, forces you to declare items you currently own are illegal—a violation of the Fifth Amendment, forces you to keep those items under wraps and makes otherwise innocent citizens subject to a quarter million dollar fine and prison time. It does so without due process or a warrant.

 The 15 Democrat lawmakers, Senators Ginny Burdick, Rod Monroe, Mark Hass, Jackie Dingfelder, Laurie Monnes Anderson, Chip Shields, Elizabeth Steiner Hayward and Representatives Jules Bailey, Mitch Greenlick, Michael Dembrow, Carolyn Tomei, Lew Frederick, Tobias Read, Peter Buckley and Jeff Reardon have all gleefully countenanced the destruction of these basic civil rights in service of their irrational fear of guns and an obvious disdain of the Second Amendment.


 Furthermore, HB 3200 was given a hearing mere hours after Democrat legislative leadership promised bills to limit “assault weapons” and certain sized magazines would die in the legislature. They lied.

 The reanimated law would:

  • Make most modern weapons illegal. Now imagine if what previously was free speech was suddenly switched to become illegal because it became politically unpopular.
  •  Define most modern weapons as “assault weapons.” Imagine if your speech was suddenly made illegal by the use of certain adverbs, adjectives or pronouns. This is what lawmakers have done by redefining guns as “assault weapons” due to the kinds of decorations on them.
  •  Limit the number of so called “assault weapons” to one. Imagine if your First Amendment rights were limited to one utterance,  one meeting, one expression, or one church service.
  •  Allow police to search your home without a warrant anytime to determine if you are storing your now illegal weapon properly. No probable cause or due process is given to these gun owners.
  • Require citizens to declare to the government how many weapons they possess to be kept in a database in perpetuity(?).
  •  Abolish open carry by prohibiting the carrying of “assault weapons” in any place but approved areas allowed by new law such as your home or a gun range.

 Don’t fall for the ‘oh, it’s going nowhere in the legislature’ ruse. Instead think about this. These lawmakers were willing to sell out your First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, 14th and maybe Sixth Amendment rights in service of their irrational fear of an inanimate object which you have a right to own.

What else are they willing to do? 

Teacher Uses Michael Moore Movie to Tout Socialized Medicine for “Health Occupations” Class. Huh, Maybe He Gets His Political Views From His Cousin.

It wasn‘t bad enough that Al Gore’s discredited global warming mockumentary “Inconvenient Truth” was shown in classrooms across the country in “science” class. Now a Gladstone High School teacher Kevin Zerzan shows Michael Moore’s polemic, “Sicko,” to teach “Health Occupations.”


That’s like showing “Goodfellas” to teach Restaurant Management or Footloose to teach a divinity class. Next thing you know they’ll be going to the XXX movies to give kids tips about working in the Sex Industry.

Maybe Zerzan gets his lefty persuasion from his Eugene based cousin, Anarchist, John Zerzan, friend of unabomber Ted Kaczynski, who, devised the so called “black bloc” techniques we’ve seen by anarchists at Occupy and WTO.

Portland’s Pothole Problem Explained in Two Sentences

Pothole NW Hermosa deep

It doesn’t take a “brain scientist” as President Obama once put it, to figure out that Portland doesn’t take care of its roads.

It’s obvious that drivers–the main users of the roads–are not the priority. The demonization of the automobile is in full effect here. From car free zones, roads subsumed by bike paths and “bioswales,” green boxes to, as Sam Adams once put it,  “to put bikes in front of cars,” to the jackpot parking meters with new zones and extended  hours, the war on the car is evident. roads.

Fifteen minutes in NW Portland yesterday yielded most of these photos. Other photos are being held back for my Portland’s Sexiest Pothole Calendar.

But with the recent audit of the pothole problem and a new Mayor, we’ve now learned why the roads are in such disrepair. Two sentences from a KOINLocal6 report called to my attention by a friend yesterday say it all. 


Carla Castano: “Mayor Hales said former Mayor Sam Adams made some choices that are making his job now harder. Like selling off all the trucks that put down asphalt sealant on the roadway.”

Mayor Charlie Hales: “That just made me want to pound my head against the door when I heard that.”

Hear it for yourself here.



Pothole NW Johnson deep

pothole NW Johnson

Pete the Banker: Obama Shoots Down Blue Angels and Other Sequestration Stories

I am tired of Congreobama skeet shootingss being blamed in the Press for every Washington, DC transgression. I’ve heard nothing but blame cast at Congress for the alleged disaster awaiting us on the upcoming sequestration cuts, especially those directly impacting Portland’s Rose Festival like the pending elimination of the US Fleet visit and Blue Angels air show. 

Tea Party Anniversary! Santelli Rant 4th Anniversary Which Started It All!

Four years ago Rick Santelli’s words calling for a Tea Party started a movement in America!! Ten days later #breaktheirbones Geoff Ludt started the Oregon Tea Party with our first Tea Party in Downtown Portland. Tea was poured into the Willamette River the cries of FREEDOM! were heard and thus began a movement.

“The government is promoting bad behavior. In terms of modifications I’ll tell you I have an idea, …why don’t we put it up for a vote on the internet to see if we want to subsidize the losers’ mortgages or would we like to buy cars, buy houses in forclosure, and give them to people who might have the chance to prosper down the road and reward people who can carry the water instead of drink the water. …This is America! How many of you people want to pay for your neighbors’ mortgage that has an extra bathroom and can’t pay their bills? (noooooo) President Obama ARE YOU LISTENING?!!! We’re thinking of having a Chicago Tea Party in July!”