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From the 5th Listener Mail Bag: The Medford Two

Bad judgment, for exercising your constitutional rights?
I think the callers who are criticizing the “Medford 2” are exhibiting their constitutional rights as much as the two gentlemen from Jackson County were!

Brush prairie, WA
Hi Victoria: Great show: The sellwood display of gun power, while legal is so distrubing to me. At Clackamas Town Center, Jake, took guns out of his car slung him over his shoulder and headed into the shopping area. At what point do I with a conceal, pull out my gun power? I just think in Sellwood, those 2 guys are lucky someone did not fire first. It is just me or what, thanks.

So we can have Occupy breaking all rules in using the parks and protesting without permit, but a couple of guys carrying weapons legally to educate people about second amendment is a crime?  
The Obama administration is encouraging people to break our laws in everything they do, letting illegal aliens to live here as legal residents, befriend terrorist states and organizations, stomping on Constitution, and now he wants to make enemies with his own citizens by grabbing their guns. People will be willing to lie so they don’t have to register their names and their weapons, eventually we will have militia going against the White House.


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