Daily Archives: November 4, 2012

Occupy Morphs From ‘Give Me Everything’ to Anti Austerity. Video Shows Anti Police Tactics

Occupy Wall Street and hence Occupy Portland was started as a union based astroturf movement in the service of President Obama and as a foil to Mitt Romney and the Republicans–you know, the evil wall streeters.  

Now they’re setting the table for another, new offensive.

Occupiers Use “Barrier Boards” to Keep Cops at Bay

The President has spent trillions to give to his buddies in stimulus and bail outs. We haven’t even begun to pay off on those bills. Austerity hasn’t yet begun. But once again, like the blank slates they have always been, the Occupy turned PLOC-ers have now come up with a new schtick to protest: Austerity.

Put another way, the free spenders in DC have put our economy into a tail spin and now the Occupiers want to keep the tap wide open.

And now, as Laughing at Liberals shows you here, the Occupiers/PLOC-ers/Anti Austerity have now been taught from their union pay masters how to construct blockades to cops.

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