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Westboro Klan Plans Anti-picketing Law Challenges


“Emboldened by Wednesday’s Supreme Court decision, Westboro Baptist Church attorney Margie Phelps said she will challenge statutes all over the country that restrict picketing at funerals.”

“I think they’re going to have a very difficult time getting them overturned,” Washington, D.C., lawyer Gene Schaerr said of the Phelpses. “What they had going for them here, obviously, was a jury verdict that directly targeted their speech and would have punished them for their speech. But when you’re dealing with a time, place and manner restriction, that’s a completely different animal. Those statutes don’t target any one person.”

“He lost; I won,” Margie Phelps said when told of Schaerr’s interpretation of the decision.

She also questioned his credentials on First Amendment issues.

“He doesn’t labor in this vineyard, by the way, he labors in the vineyard of worshipping dead soldiers,” she said. “He doesn’t labor in the vineyard of keeping a dissenting voice alive on your mean streets. He doesn’t have a clue what those issues are. Not a clue.”

Note to Shirley Phelps: Ever hear of quitting while you are ahead? Maybe some time studying American History would be in order.

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Portland Taxpayers Asked to Sign Blank Check for Teachers’ Union After Secret "Negotiation"

 A tentative agreement is reached between Portland Public School teachers and you. How much will it be? No idea. Nobody bothered to ask you. You’re just told to pass the money measures in May, shut up, and go lie down by your bowl. 
Quotes of the day from the Zero article about the secret negotiations. Two reminders: You’re not allowed to know the amount of the check you’re being asked to sign and, you don’t deserve to know what they’ve sold to the unions even as they ask for more money this May. Secret deal? Sounds like some of that money being asked of the taxpayers in May is being promised to the teachers. Why else would they keep it a secret?
  It was reached without any public discussion and without the two sides’ designated negotiating teams ever meeting to talk about contract terms.
Neither side would reveal the pay, benefits or working conditions spelled out in the tentative contract deal, as is customary at this stage. Teachers traditionally get to learn what their union and school district have agreed to before the public does.
Tyler Whitmire, director of Stand for Children’s Portland chapter, said parents, taxpayers and community members have a large stake in the contract terms and deserve to see them.
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GOP Lawmaker Mobbed by Protesters in Wisconsin! "Don’t Hurt Him!"

Protesters have to be told not to hurt him. “Don’t touch him!” one protester begs to the others. State Senator Glenn Grothman is mobbed and pushed along with the crowd. It takes another State Senator–a democrat who’s been protesting– to save the elected official from the mob.
Democrat Brett Hulsey then holds up his hand to create the peace sign and a lefty picks it up and begins lulling the others into a chant to placate them like you do with a rowdy roomful of school children.
Hmmm… the safety of the lawmakers are dependent upon the good will of this crowd. Good luck with that. Where are the cops? Oh, yeah, barely enforcing the law.  See the complete video below:

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