Daily Archives: August 8, 2010

BP Oil Spill: Disaster that never was

Reported by the UK Mail Online

“Then, hungry for dramatic TV footage to support Barack Obama’s announcement, that the BP – or, as he preferred, ‘British Petroleum’ – oil spill was ‘the worst environmental disaster America has ever faced’, news networks descended on their town.”

“They quickly found what they were looking for: shocking images of Pensacola’s famously white beaches thickly-coated with sticky, black crude oil and apparently beyond salvation.”

“The apocalyptic message was reinforced in doom-laden interviews with locals. ‘It’s damn near biblical. This place is done for!’ lamented 36-year-old Kevin Reed, whose family have swum and sunbathed in the area for generations.”

“Yet, as I saw this week, nothing could be further from the truth. Strolling along the beach for an hour, I found just one, pea-sized tar-ball which crumbled to nothing between my fingers.”

“When, as a young boy, I played on Morecambe beach in Lancashire, worse things often washed up from the nearby ICI refinery.”

“Moreover, if the U.S. TV news crews had returned just three days after their original visit, they would have seen that the black morass had already been removed by some of the 20,000 clean-up workers hired by BP.”

“The workers are still there – only now they are using toothbrushes to sift out even the tiniest particles of oil.”

“But, of course, after a ‘catastrophic’ oil spill, a spotless beach doesn’t make dramatic viewing and who wants to know?”

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