Monthly Archives: March 2010


From Victoria’s mail bag:
I work for a non union shipping company in Oregon.  The companies [sic] policy renewal date is 3-25 each year.  I just received my new cards with a brief note from the insurance company. 

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“Due to anticipation of costs to be incurred from the recently passed health bill your fees have been changed.  Please review the information on your card, and contact your group policy holder for further details.” 

My monthly employee contribution increased from $230 to $345,  [50% increase]
office visit co-pay from $20 to $30,  [50% increase]
ER visit from $100 to $150, [50% increase]
prescriptions from $20 to $35, [75% increase]
and upper tier drugs from $45 to $65.  [55% increase]
This is cost reduction? 

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