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Portland: $100K Study to Find Out How to Attract Business

After unveiling a $1-million-dollar-a-mile bike plan, installing budget sucking “street cars,” announcing millions to be spent in items that aren’t the city’s job, cheerleading the job killing Measures 66 & 67, Portland, Oregon is now looking for guidance on how to attract business. Enormous systems development charges, two years to get a building permit, HIT squads, protesters threatening local businesses, illegal alien job centers, hot and cold running panhandlers, high taxes, garbage and water rates that are at historic highs and they don’t know what the problem is?
I am not kidding. We all knew they didn’t have a clue. For those of you who didn’t…here’s your sign.
I especially find interesting this part of the RFP (to the right) discusses that somehow Portland is always lagging behind in job creation. Gee, maybe it has to do with the fact that these people—most of whom have NEVER run a business or worked a job in the private sector that doesn’t involve the phrase, “you want fries with that?” don’t know what the heck they’re doing. Perhaps it has to do with these people who don’t know anything about business then sit around their big conference tables and pick which industries they’ll deign to have to Portland.
They’ve been so busy getting rid of businesses through their onerous charges and environmental overlays and ‘jacking of their land, that they don’t even realize THEY are are the problem.
Pete the Banker has weighed in with his suggestion:

Summary Conclusion 

Making Portland more business friendly.  Raze City Hall, habitants included!!

Invoice for payment – $100,000.

Please remit payment prior to taking above action. 🙂

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