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Think the Tea Parties don’t matter? Think you have no clout in national politics? Think they aren’t listening to you? You’re wrong.
Dede Scozzafava is DoneDone Scozzafava. She has PULLED OUT OF THE NY CD 23. And conservatives did it. Congratulations!
Sarah Palin: You Rock. Michael Steele,  Newt Gingrich, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell: ARE YOU LISTENING?
HotAir has the inside on why here.

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TEA Party Express Photos

Just a few photos I took from inside the crowd at the TEA Party Express visit today. Afterwards, we wanted to purchase something from Michaels to say thanks for the use of the parking lot, but the line was stretched outside the door with others doing the same.

We will return soon to make a purchase and to thank them for standing up for America.

Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://www.victoriataft.com

Tea Party Express Met By More Than a Thousand in Middle of the Day

Dear Victoria,

I’ve come back from the Tea Party Express rally at Michael’s (Sandy at Burnside).  Michael’s parking lot was packed tight with eager, handsome folks with signs and flags!  The big bus pulled in at 1:00 PM carrying the main people and parked alongside the other big bus already in place. 

We listened to the speakers, they played some good live music, they had some excellent singers, and we sang along.  People passing in the streets honked their horns in support.  People were taking photos and video and there were some pros with larger equipment there.  Some guys with cameras took up spots on a billboard next to the lot.

There were some fantastically creative hand-made signs!  All clever and to the point!  One large one said, “AXIS OF TAXES – Pelosi, Obama, Reid.”

There were dozens of Gadsden flags and American flags among the many signs of different sizes.

The crowd was well attended by veterans of all the services: Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines.

There were maybe 2 fruit loops who passed through the crowd. . .they looked like folks who’d busted out of an asylum, yelling and spitting.  The crowd looked askance at them with lifted eyebrows. Getting no traction, they faded and left.

It was very energetic and patriotic.  After it ended, all the people flooded into Michael’s to spend some money and his place was packed to the walls, and we lined up to thank him for stepping up and offering his lot!

We took menus away with us!

My best,

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Jay-Z, Michael Jordan, Bill Ayers, Steve Ballmer, George Soros, "Billy" Clinton, Andy Stern, Andy Stern, Andy Stern…

Bill Ayers (Author, Radical, Weather Underground, Obama’s Friend) x  2 
Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO) 
Angela Davis (Radical, Professor, Communist) 
Andy Stern, SEIU, Andy Stern, SEIU,  Andy Stern….
Shawn  Carter (JayZ) 
Michael (Mike) Jordan
Andy Stern (SEIU) x 
John Podesta & Family (Clintonista, Center for American Progress) 2 20+ times
Michael Moore x 8
Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://www.victoriataft.com