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Rule of Law Won’t Be on the Agenda at Beaverton School Celebrating "[Undocumented] Latino Pride!"

I’m sure the exercise next Wednesday will make illegal alien Latino students (it’s not directed at LEGAL Americans of Latino origin) feel “proud” but to what end?
The Beaverton Schools have announced the “Latino Pride Assembly” and activities for Wednesday, May 13 at the International School of Beaverton. Students will be taught that it’s America’s fault the that they don’t have “papers,” that it’s America’s fault they haven’t been “legalized,” that it’s America’s fault their home country is so bad that their parents had to leave it and yank them along to take advantage of jobs, welfare, and free education.
How else to explain why only the producers of the movie (made in Oregon) Papers: The Movie will be along to talk about, “the plight of undocumented youth and the work they are doing to help these students continue their education.”
11.1% of the Beaverton school students are identified as “Latino,” but 38.8% are “minority.”
There are over 90 different languages spoken by Beaverton school students.
So far we haven’t heard from Sabrina Walters at the school district on how many other “(Your Ethnic Group Here) Pride Assemblies” will be conducted. I doubt there will be any considering illegality is a prerequisite apparently.
Allowing schools to be used as pawns of the open borders folks is a misuse of tax dollars. We already pay for all the kids to go to school, throwing in our faces how illegal aliens taking our resources and are gaming the system and insist they be prideful about it is beyond the pale.
I also doubt anyone will be allowed to tell America’s real immigrant story to these students, part of which is, America is a place with the rule of law and a social contract with her citizens.
We doubt it will be explained that America lets in about two MILLION LEGAL immigrants from all over the world every year but that these folks who came illegally stole someone else’s place in line and use resources that were designed for people who followed the law and came properly.

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Witness to Sam Adams: "Hey, Dude, Your Fly is Down and Your Pants are Unbuttoned"

Police report from Sam Adams’ truck* accident from Sunday :

“I went over to check the guy in the white truck,” Joslin said. “I said, ‘Hey dude, your fly is down, and your pants are unbuttoned,” Joslin recalled. “He said, ‘Oh, thanks.’ I said, ‘Are you ok?’ He was a little dazed.’ “Joslin said he smelled alcohol on Adams’ breath, and said his eyes looked “a little glazed.”

Perhaps Sam was too busy to notice that the guy in front of him was signaling a right turn before he plowed into him from behind:

The driver of the Subaru Mayor Sam Adams hit on Sunday said his right turn signal was on before Adams’ white GMC pickup tried to pass him on the right, causing a three-car collision, according to a second special report Portland police released Wednesday.
I suppose you could ‘set up’ the Mayor if you wanted to, but none of the people around knew who he was until the cops got there and told them.

Adams told police he thought the Subaru was going to turn left and that’s why he began to pass on the right. The mayor also said in an interview that he was driving west on North Hayden Island Drive into the sun when the accident occurred.

The special police report released Wednesday was written by the first officer to respond, Officer Derek Harris, and typed two days after the accident, at his commander’s request given media inquiries.

Joslin, according to Harris’s report, told him that he saw Adams’ white pickup push the Subaru into a parked Honda Accord in the Car Toys lot, and the pickup’s tires were spinning.

*Adams’ truck emits 48 tons of carbon into the atmosphere versus the 20 ton average for other vehicles

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