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Vet Asks to Make Portland "Sanctuary City" for Disaffected Soldiers

I still don’t get this considering we have an all volunteer military; that is until Charlie Rangel’s fondest dream of returning to a draft comes true. But, this guy at council today was agitating for a Winter Soldier type meeting to air out whatever grievances disaffected soldiers may have. Of course, as we learned about Winter Soldier (John Kerry’s lying coming out party), most of the “soldiers” there hadn’t served. At all. They were fakes.

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Democrats Embrace Fidel Castro

Key members of the Congressional Black Caucus have traveled to Cuba, ot to meet with Gitmo prisoners, but to meet with the Castro brothers.

Fidel is quoted as asking, “How can we help President Obama?”

Story here and here

Is there a communist the Democrats won’t embrace?

Dis long standing allies, but run to the communists?

Wake up, America.

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