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HB 3008

Finally, a good law proposed that we all should support.

Oregon Representatives have proposed House Bill 3008 which should help defray the cost of lost revenues and help maintain roadways throughout Portland.

Not all Portlanders are pleased though, as what some call a majority in the city will be responsbile for the $54 payment every two years. Those opposed argue that HB 3008 is just a way for police to keep tabs on them and they should not have to pay to traverse throughout Portland.

Story here

Pdf of bill here

This bicycling “majority” has no problem calling for and seeing others paying increased fees, taxes and what have you, but when it comes their turn, they balk.

Hey cyclists, where’s your “bi-partisan” spirit? Where’s your pride in maintaining Portland beautiful and accessible? You want not only “equal access” to the roads, you want sole access in Portland, but don’t think you should share in the cost?

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

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La Raza to get $476K from an Earmark

Let’s see La Raza:
1. Is a racist organization
2. Encourages illegal behavior
3. Costs Americans beyond this earmark
4. Opposed to American values.
5. Supports turning over some, if not most, of SW United States to Mexico because it’s really, “Atzlan”
6. What did I miss? Oh, yeah, look here at La Raza and MeChA’s adherents.

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Democrats’ Anti Rush Op Greenlighted by Axelrod

From IHT and NYT via hotair here:

The recent back-and-forth with Rush Limbaugh, for example, was explicitly authorized by Axelrod, who told aides that it was not a moment to sit quietly
after Limbaugh said he hoped that Obama would “fail.”

I’ll ask Michael Steele, the real head of the RNC, what he supposes the D’s have in store for him when he’s in town on Thursday. Maybe more Oreos?

Meantime, the Democrats are closing in on their favorite anti Rush sentiment for their billboard,

“Americans didn’t vote for a Rush to failure”
“Hope and change cannot be Rush’d”
“Failure is not an option for America’s future”
“We can fix America, just don’t Rush it”
“Rush: Say yes to America”
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That’s Why We Call it "Crime Met!" Tri Met Hires Ex (?) Gangsters to Patrol MAX.

TriMet’s solution to criminal activity by gangsters on MAX is to hire former professional thugs here. Of course Tri Met is paying for the former gang members to ride. Victory Outreach is a wonderful organization dedicated to changing lives for God (here) and I’m all about it, but I wonder if more uniformed officers would be better. After all, as pointed out here yesterday, TriMet is getting all KINDS of–what did they call it? –Oh, yes, “stimulus” money to build bicycle garages at a cost of $5145 for each bicycle. That bike tax (here) is looking good right about now.

Here’s TriMet’s description of the plan:

Victory Outreach Rider Advocates
Some of the criminal or intimidating behavior on the system is among gang members or potential gang members. To address some of the root causes, TriMet is partnering with Victory Outreach Community Services, Inc., a community-based Latino youth organization, to ride MAX and work with Latino youth to prevent gang activity. Eight Victory Outreach Advocates will provide information to riders about TriMet in
support of customer services, safety and security, as well as providing a physical presence on the transit system to serve as a deterrent for inappropriate, intimidating and illegal conduct related to gang activity. This is similar to work being done by the Rider Advocates in North and Northeast Portland neighborhoods.

Interesting, isn’t it, that Tri Met was unwilling to have the Guardian Angels
patrol Max for only the cost of a ticket? Story here.

TriMet has been promising crack downs on MAX crime for years and for good reason. When TriMet goes in CrimeMet results.The Antiplanner says here

Light rail is far more susceptible to crime than buses. National Federal Transit
Administration data
for 2004 indicate that, per passenger mile, light rail is involved with more than 3 times as many aggravated assaults, 26 times as many burgleries, 7 times as many rapes, and 10 times as many robberies as buses. The numbers for 2002 and 2003 are similar.

The Oregon Catalyst has a history of crime on light rail here.

Ortem has them here.
If you don’t believe them, see for yourself here.
See why they call it “Crime Met” (thank you 5th Listener!) by looking at the crime map here.
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