Daily Archives: February 4, 2009

Media Proud Of Obama’s Humility

By now all know of the withdrawal of Obama nominee Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer over not paying their taxes. It isn’t the first time an occupant of the Oval Office was faced with a nominee withdrawing over some issue that was embarrassing. Nearly all have had it happen.

In one way or another each admitted their choice was either a mistake or not well thought out. Obama is no different as he stated, “I consider this a mistake on my part, one that I intend to fix and correct and make sure that we’re not screwing up again,” and “So this is a mistake — probably not the first one I’m going to be making in this office, but what I’m absolutely committed to doing is fixing it.”

I applaud Obama for admitting a mistake and that after all, he is a human too.

But, the media sees this as another symbol of greatness when all presidents have made mistakes, admitted them and corrected as they could.

The Associated Press says, “Two weeks into his presidency, Barack Obama proved that even a clearly gifted politician cannot escape the gravitational pull of Washington forces that have humbled many of his predecessors. The new president, seen by some as arrogant, was anything but on Tuesday.”

Fox News headlined, “Obama Admits ‘Mistake’ in Handling of Daschle Nomination”

CNN headlined, “Obama: ‘I screwed up’ on Daschle appointment”

Seems to me it wasn’t all that long ago that if the president said he made a mistake, that was “proof” he should resign for not making the right decision.

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