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Make Mine Freedom (1948)

My how things have changed in the 60 years of my life. People once saw how our freedoms were in danger with all the government takeover. But, be it lazines or just complacency, too many willfully turn over their freedoms now.

From 1948:

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Portland Professional Protesters Vow to Put Another Fur Store Out of Business

In their own words (edited for brevity, potty talk and target):

portland is a progressive town with a lot of radical minded individuals. whydoes a shop like (removed) still exist? this makes no sense to me. (Removed)has blood on their hands and we will never back down until they close down!the cold day didnt phase the activists as they were all heated up with passionand anger due to (removed) bloody business. at about 3 pm we decided totake a lunch break. break didnt last too long, we wanted to get back to (removed)to show them that we were not backing down until they stopped the killing.

portland police decided to stop by, six squad cars to be exact. they aint sh**.
…they now know that we are not f*****g around.

…as long as there is injustice, expect resistance!
– anonymous activist
Tell ’em where you saw it. Http://www.victoriataft.com