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No Foreign Relations Experience, You Say?

Neglecting that the Democrat nominee has no experience in running anything, Democrats have launched attacks against Senator mcCain’s pick of Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin as VP, crying that she isn’t experienced should anything happen to McCain, when he wins the election.

The video below is the message delivered by Governor Palin to participants at the 2008 IOGCC Midyear Issues Summit in Calgary in May. She currently serves as Chairman of the group.

IOGCC Press Release

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My Friend Asked Me…

and I answered her. So here’s my answer to What I Think of Mc Cain’s Veep Choice:

With this pick I conclude John Mc Cain has a pair of brass ones. This is in addition to the pair I credited to his account when I learned he was going to announce his VEEP choice the day after B=HO was giving his big speech. He totally sucked the oxygen out of the obama’s big speech coverage, denying him a 24 hour news cycle. SWEET!
This choice was unexpected, flawlessly pulled off, and she’s the real deal. He could have gone safe with Mitt or Pawlenty but didn’t. He went with the pick that will actually make women say to themselves, ‘well you bastard dems you didn’t think of enough of Hill-dog to add her to ticket, so screw ya, at least John Mc Cain is giving a chick a chance!”
She’s exciting.
And conservative.
She’s a governor with executive abilities. She’s a former small town mayor. She oversaw the Oil and Gas Committee for the the state of Alaska. You think that might be important? When she got there she saw corrupt practices. She informed on one commissioner (a patronage appointment), got the Attorney General so tied up that he resigned (corruption), fought the old boys, and beat out Murkowski in 2006===she beat a sitting governor!
She had her 5th child last April and was told while he was in utero that he was down syndrome, had him last April and “saw perfection.”
It’s one thing to say you’re ‘pro life’ it’s another thing to walk the talk.
Do you think she’s feeling “punished with a baby?”
Barack Obama refused to support an act that allowed the live births of aborted babies to be given with medical treatment (that’s right, when these “induced birth” abortions didn’t ‘work’ and the babies were born alive, the hospital would put them in the soiled laundry room and let them die without intervention). Obama knew they were stuck in the soiled laundry room and left to die (Christ Hospital, Chicago, Illinois). Even NARAL supported treating those babies as human beings. Obama is to the left of even the National Abortion Rights Action League. Wow. Is there any ROOM to the left of that group??? Apparently.
Yes, there’s a difference here.
She’s also supportive of drilling ANWR.
I hope she doesn’t change her ‘plain spokedness.’
I can ‘t believe Mc Cain had the juevos to choose her.
She’s the reason I would vote for this ticket. Vote “for” it instead of “settling” for it.

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