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Durbin: "Judge Scalito" er…

Kennedy: “Judge Alioto” quick get this man a toot.

Mark Levin on the Alito confirmation and he doesn’t like the way this is going one bit. He’s a smart guy. He should have known. Read below and then read the rest here.

The Race-Card Fallback Position

We knew it was coming; that is, the attempt to impugn Sam Alito by using the race card against him. You see, it’s a given in Washington, New York, Hollywood, and other liberal enclaves that conservatives are, by nature and philosophy, racist. And conservative presidents, as a matter of course, nominate racists to the bench — Bob Bork, Clarence Thomas (even though he is black, but that didn’t matter), Charles Pickering, Bill Pryor, and, now, Sam Alito. They’ve all been targeted this way. Ironically, the party that defended slavery in the 19th century and segregation for much of the 20th century is the Democrat party. The governors who stood in schoolhouse doorways were all Democrats. The segregationist senators who filibustered the 1964 and 1965 Civil Rights Acts were all Democrats. The party that elected former Klansman Bob Byrd as its leader in the Senate for a decade was the Democrat party.

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To Entrenched Leaders in Oregon: Proof of Citizenship is "Designed to Reduce Participation" in Elections.

Duh. By illegal voters, anyway.

Oh, so when John Linback, the head of the elections division of the state of Oregon told my audience last week that he couldn’t recommend changes in Oregon’s law, for instance to require proof of citizenship, he was merely saying he wouldn’t DARE suggest the change. Now we see why. In Saturday’s Statesman Journal, Linback’s boss, Secretary of State Bill Bradbury, urged his party faithful to “take a stand against proof of citizenship and other identification requirements ‘designed to reduce participation’ in elections.

He’s right. If you require citizens to prove they’re legally eligible to vote then it would result in a reduction of voters: Non citizens.

What’s wrong with this again?

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