1934 Chicago Tribune Cartoon

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History repeats itself?

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4 thoughts on “1934 Chicago Tribune Cartoon

  1. I couldn’t tell who the cartoonis was, but he is dqd on with the situation we are in today. The only difference being that Uncle Joe Stalin is depicted. Today it would have been Vladimir Putin. Other that that, dead on!

  2. Actually Lew

    Those who KNOW history or Acknowledge it have learned..

    But many people would rather ignore history.. and we are going to pay for it now.

  3. To learn from History the country must reverse course in 2010 and Nobama must be voted out in 2012, to get out of this “GREAT RECESSION”. Its equal to 1934-1935. Yea the lefts policies will prolong it and they’ll just continue to regulate & “keep the country Comfortable in there poverty”. The economy must be grown which the Democrats didn’t want to do in the 1930’S (THE STOCK MARKET NEVER REBOUNDED TILL 1954 a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT WAS FINALLY IN THEN)and won’t do in the near future . Wake Up America.

    2009-2010-2012 Looking Good

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